Writing Training And Instructions

Welcome to Our writing training session.

Your Job Description As a Writer

As a writer @Owogram.com your job include the following:

  1. Writing article topics in accordance with set guidelines
  2. Carrying out thorough research on each topic assigned to you
  3. Providing suitable pictures and adding them to the final draft of articles to be submitted
  4. Submitting on or before stipulated date (usually 7 days per topic)
  5. Note: You’ll get article topics on Mondays and Submit EVERY Sundays. All writers will submit on Sundays (on or before 11:59 pm)

We urge you to write engaging piece that will get shared by readers, articles with accurate information, in-depth in nature and resourceful.

We want each article to speak more of our brand – Quality info, so we demand your unending creativity.

About Our Articles

We focus on Evergreen contents; Entrepreneurship (Marketing, Start-ups, Business Ideas, Funding, Schooling and Education, Inspiration, etc.

We like our articles to be informative, interesting, a little personal but not too personal, and positive. We want to help our readers grow and feel inspired.

Writing For Us – Explanations & Instructions

When we send you article topics to write about, you’ll get information about:

  • Focus keyword
  • Other keywords
  • Subheadings
  • Linking to other articles
  • Number of words
  • Other tips to note when writing
  • Image sample of article title and instructions
  • Submission date.

NOTE: Whatever You Do, writing in your own style while presenting non-duplicated content about topics you’re given, is Key! DO NOT COPY other people’s work, word for word!

Now, let me explain each of the listed elements above.


The Focus Keyword for any article you write is the keyword or phrase that the article centers around.

Focus keyword/phrase is what people type exactly into Google search engine to get information.

Important Note: The underlined words (written together) is the FOCUS KEYWORD i.e the search query or the EXACT words someone types into Google search engine.

So each article you’ll write will have a keyword/phrase. But why is this important you may ask..

Why Is the Focus Keyword Important?

Answer: There are thousands of people searching for information about the topics we give you to write about, and they use keywords to search.

So, when anyone searches for information using these exact keywords, our articles will come up in the search engines, leading to a click and visit to our website.

NOTE: Your Focus keyword should come up early enough in the introduction of your article. Let your focus keyword show up in the first 150 words of your article.


Articles you write should have subheadings. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with subheadings and you can also add yours.

In the topic instructions we’ll give to you, you’ll be provided with subheadings.

1. Subheading 1
2. Subheading 2

Note: There could be more than two subheadings.

Instructions About Subheadings

When you’re writing under each subheading, MAKE SURE ‘each subhead phrase’ appear under the contents of the subheading.

For example, if an article topic is: “Top 15 Food Blogs In Nigeria” and has 2 subheadings below:

1. Subheading 1 : “First Five Food blogs In Nigeria”
2. Subheading 2 : “Next best Food blogs In Nigeria”

So, how do you make each subhead phrase appear under the content of the subheading? Let’s take subheading 1: “First Five Food Blogs In Nigeria” as an example.

— First Five Food Blogs In Nigeria–

Sample Content of this subheading below:

What if I told you that the first five food blogs in Nigeria are those you’ve never heard of. Guess what! They’re owned by graduates who all have other businesses. I won’t take your time, let’ me just give you the list.

1. www.thefirstblog.com

Hope you know that this blog started not quite long. Back in 2016 when Adeyinka XYZ was still serving in Kogi state as a corps member, he.. bla bla bla……..

2. www.thesecondblog.com

I like Kelvin for his dexterity in presenting Nigerian food, recipes and more in a unique manner. This is just one of the reasons I’ve listed his blog as one of the first five food blogs in Nigeria. Not only that, According to the rankings on Alexa.com this blog is… bla bla bla…

————-to be continued——————–

Question for you: How many times did you find the first subhead phrase in the content of the subheading?

That’s twice. If you found it (underlined), you got it. That’s what we expect you to do when you write.


Other keywords are different from the focus keyword.

They are RELEVANT words/phrases one should naturally talk about when writing about the focus keyword of the article.

For example, if you’re writing about kitchen, you’ll definitely need to talk about or mention sink, stove, matches, cooker, etc. isn’t it? That’s why they’re relevant keywords/phrases.

NOTE: We will provide you with a list of “Other Keywords” when giving you each topic instruction.

SO: Let EACH of the ‘other keywords’ appear AT LEAST ONCE in the WHOLE BODY of the article you’re writing.

You’re required to link to other articles we’ve written on owogram.com and add suitable images.

Linking to other existing articles help people to learn more about your topic and it also keeps people on our website for a long time.

Adding images will engage your audience and make your article shareable. See the videos below to see how to go about this.

Video 1: How to Linking to Existing Articles On Owogram.com & Adding Images

IMPORTANT NOTE: This video was taken from oasdom.com. You’ll apply lessons here on our website – owogram.com

NOTE: Find sharp quality images, in LANDSCAPE Format and not portrait.

You can check out this post to see how I linked to over other contents on oasdom.com, and I did it in such a way that readers would want to learn more.


The number of words we require every of our writers to submit is NOTHING LESS than 1,800, more is very much welcome.


You’re required to write one article per week (7 Days). You can research an article within 4 days and submit, we’ll go through it and may require you to make some adjustments before that week is gone.


The following tips will help you write more engaging articles.

a. Paragraphing

Readers feel intimidated when they’re faced with a huge wall of texts. They get bored and may never finish reading your piece.

Short paragraphs make the article easier to read. So, paragraph your article in short sentences before you submit.

A good paragraphing example is how I’ve written the article you’ve just checked: 3 important online business skills you should learn this year.

If you haven’t, check it out and pay attention to how I’ve paragraphed the article.

b. Creativity

We like our articles to be informative, interesting, a little personal but not too personal, and positive. We want to help our readers grow and feel inspired & engaged.

Check out how Aurora one of our writers introduced this article below and engaged our readers:

8. You Should Know..

An article has 3 sections:

The Introduction: Your article should come with a unique, creative and engaging introduction. Your introduction should feature the focus keyword/phrase in the first 150 characters.

Body of The Article: This is where you’ll feature all the subheadings as you present the ideas and information in the article.

Once again, your focus keyword should appear all around the body of the article (At least, between 15 to 20 times).

Conclusion: Your conclusion should be in style, one that will last in readers minds. Also, your conclusion should feature the focus keyword/phrase.

ALSO NOTE: WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT copy other people’s content online. Present information in your own words. This is what will make your content rank in Google search.


Please write your article in Microsoft Word Document. This will help you check the number of times the focus keyword appears, and other things when you press Ctrl F on your keyboard.

Submit to support@Owogram.com


We definitely will have your WhatsApp contact to communicate with you and send you topics.

When we send you article topics to write about, you’ll get them in this SAMPLE format below:

Note: Since you’ve understood what’s required of you, you’ll only receive

  1. The Post Title
  2. Focus keyword (and number of times it should appear)
  3. Subheadings
  4. Other Keywords
  5. Number of words
  6. Submission date

If you’ve got any question, you’re free come back to this page or ask me on WhatsApp.

Thanks for writing for us.