Why Is Ransomware Increasing?

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With the rise in usage of the internet for various activities, there has been a rise of bad actors trying to infiltrate and besiege the privacy of internet users. 

One such ever-evolving form of malware is Ransomware which is designed to encrypt the user’s data and make them inaccessible without a key which is a threat to users and businesses as well. Here’s a guide to help you strengthen your online security.  The malicious actors, after that, ask the user to pay a ransom in exchange for the key to use the files.

The concept has been prevalent for over two decades now, first emerging in the late 1980s. However, it rose into action and complexity in the early 2010s. And with the perpetual penetration of internet usage, the complexity and the demand for ransom have grown exponentially.

The malicious actors threaten to leak sensitive data accessed if needs are not met. The malware is designed in a manner that spreads across the network, database, and file servers. Hence it has the potential to dysfunctional the entire organization’s network. With the growing threat of leaking sensitive information about the organization, billions of dollars are put at stake to pay cybercriminals.

Today, even people have become user-friendly with careless internet surfing, visiting unsafe sites, paying money online without checking the authenticity of the website, and online gaming without thorough research.

To tackle critical systems, and ensure cyber protection from the leaking of sensitive information from malicious digital attacks, cybersecurity is a profound practice designed to counter the threats in the network system.  As people are getting smart, hackers are getting smarter with evolving variants of ransomware to disrupt preventive technologies. 

What can be done?

First and foremost, people must be thoughtful and careful while surfing the internet. Make sure there is no discrepancy while paying through a paywall on any website. Verify the authenticity of the website you are purchasing from. While indulging in online gaming, verify the various options, especially if it involves money.

In online casinos, for example, there are dedicated sites that compile the best online casinos in India. The experts from these sites evaluate the security and licenses of each operator by reviewing the many casinos available to provide a list of the best ones and answer any concerns you may have about online casinos. Besides that, here are a few other methods of ensuring your seamless surfing protection through the following preventive measures: 

  • One must ensure data backup and recovery roadmap for all the sensitive information. Ensure to update the backups regularly in offline mode as well.
  • is important to understand that even the backup arrangements through a connected network are susceptible to ransomware. It is always ideal to have a backup in an offline mode as well, which should be updated timely to ensure no loss of data while maintaining a backup.
  • Updates are crucial. Keep your software and system updated with the latest development. Refrain from using/downloading, which are more prone to targeting or which you are unsure ofPrioritisetize maintaining updated anti-virus software, and carefully run a scan while downloading any file from the internet to ensure no malicious actors get into your system.
  •  Uninstall unnecessary software and restrict permission to download and run unwanted applications.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of following unsolicited apps, WhatsApp, emails, or pop-ups.

To conclude

Having briefly explained the popular malicious actor that can hamper your internet usage, doesn’t mean you will permanently stop using the internet, or not enjoy the ease of shopping online or playing online games, etc. during your leisure time.

The Internet is undoubtedly a one-stop destination to cater to all your work needs, leisure activities, and creative ideas to an abundance of DIYs. All one has to do is to be careful and smart use of the internet, not follow or open any skeptical sites, links, etc.  It is not possible to completely avert cyber security threats.

However, we should be conscious of internet users and not be ignorant and avoid preventive measures while securely surfing the internet and save ourselves from threats via various mediums like data hacking, phishing emails, ransomware, etc. Hackers often leverage our carelessness, enter an unsecured system, and disable access to the user.

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