When the Spanish U-21 Needed to Fill-In for the Senior Team

Spanish U21 fill in for senior team

The Euro 2020 was celebrated in mid 2021 due to external circumstances. As it always tends to happen prior to these major tournaments, the participant squads play many friendly matches to prepare themselves.

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Spain was no exception. There were high expectations about what Luis Enrique’s squad could do in the competition.

Before the beginning of the competition, the Spanish squad had arranged two friendlies. The first one was against Portugal and the second one against Lithuania.

However, the second match was more difficult than expected, but not because of football-related reasons.

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Problems appear

After the match against Portugal there was some bad news for the Spanish squad. Due to health problems of Sergio Busquets, the entire Spanish senior squad was ruled out of the following match against Lithuania.

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Delaying the match was not possible, since Euro 2020 was only a few days away. Also, due to the commitments involved in a friendly match, it was not possible to cancel the match without suffering some kind of penalty.

However, the Spanish football federation was able to find a suitable solution. The U-21 team had been eliminated from the 2021 UEFA U-21 on the 3rd of June.

The senior squad match against Lithuania was scheduled for the 8th of June. For this reason, the U-21 squad coach Luis de la Fuente was asked to keep his players with him, and to be ready to fill in for the senior team.

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A promising young generation

Finally, it was agreed that the Spanish U-21 squad would fill in for the senior team in the aforementioned match against Lithuania.

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The match was played on the 8th of June 2021, as it was originally scheduled. Spain won 4-0 with goals scored by:

  • Hugo Guillamón;
  • Brahim Díaz;
  • Juan Miranda;
  • and Javi Puado.

The squad coached by Luis de la Fuente showed an attractive and dynamic game. In fact, they could have scored a few more goals.

However, the way the team performed and the quality of the players shows that Spanish football has a brilliant future ahead.

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