Best Websites to download free latest Yoruba films online

We bring to you the top 10 websites to download free latest Yoruba films and movies for free this year! If you’re a movie lover, these sites will give you access to unlimited movies.

Despite the presence of a host of other websites claiming to provide free downloads to users, this has not been the case due to irregularities in these sites, poor user interface, and painfully too many ads where you get redirected with every single click.

Since it became a clear problem for many Yoruba film lovers to get a credible platform to download their favorite movies, this led us to do thorough research to help solve this problem by providing the top ten websites to download free latest Yoruba films.

This breakdown will help reduce the distress many Yoruba movie addicts go through while looking for a trusted website to source their films.

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Meanwhile, we have ensured to rank these websites in order to give users a clear understanding of what to expect from each of the websites available on this list.

Whichever website on this list you finally decide to go with, be sure to know that you won’t be disappointed in your quest to download free latest Yoruba films.

Here are current sites to download latest Yoruba films online.

RankMovie Download Site

10. Amonpointv

While readers might think that since this website is the least among the top ten websites to download free latest Yoruba movies, it has little to offer.

Think again, because while this website offers users a plethora of latest Yoruba films to pick from for free, it offers additional features that will definitely keep users glued on the website.

While on the site, users get an opportunity to also find the latest celebrity news, download the latest releases by different star artists in Nigeria, football news, comedy videos, and many more.

No doubt, Amonpointv is on the list of websites to download free latest Yoruba films online.

As an added element, businesses can also use Amonpointv to advertise their franchise, and its clear to see that any brand that partners with them will see a recognizable growth in their business.

Since we’re here to strictly discuss the Yoruba film aspect of the website, users can pick from a pool of Yoruba films available on the website for free.

These are not just Yoruba films with upcoming artists but also already established stars in the industry.

Before making any download, users will get a chance to see a brief introduction to what the movie is about in writing. In order to make downloads easier, multiple download links are also provided for each film you intend to download.

Visit official website: Amonpointv.

9. Naijaolofofo

Naijaolofofo is a multi-dimensional website that offer its users different features that keep them entertained, depending on user’s preferences.

While this site is considered to be a content website, with articles on numerous topics concerning Nigerian society; they also offer users access to download free latest Yoruba films.

These latest movies can be accessed either through the search icon or clicking on the movie film category.

There are lots of Yoruba movies with popular superstar artistes in the Yoruba film industry including Muyiwa Ademola, Funke Akindele, Odunlade Adekola, and many others.

Browsing on this website is quite slow due to the slow loading of pages. This fact, however, does not affect the quality Yoruba film content provided on the website.

Aside from Yoruba films, users can download the latest Nigerian music, videos, comedy skits, and other enticing and entertaining stuff that prove hard for users to look away from.

Visit official website: Naijaolofofo

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8. Wapbazeng

Wapbazeng is a popular reservoir for entertaining materials among Nigerian youths.

Contents they provide users range from most recent music release, celebrity, and Nigerian news, comedy videos that keep you engaged, as well as tips on different aspects of our lives.

This website is mainly targeted at the Nigerian audience, due to the focus placed on Nigerian content on the website, you can download free latest Yoruba films as well on Wapbazeng.

Aside all these other features of the website, Yoruba film lovers can also make use of this website to get their copy of their favorite Yoruba films for free.

While it is confirmed that the website’s database of movies is quite huge, they are however not well sorted on the website in a way that new users can easily navigate.

But then, since what they are providing users is for free, most users don’t mind taking their time to get accustomed to the website.

Visit official website: Wapbazeng

7. Codedwapng

Codedwap is just the website to visit for anything entertainment, from the news (both political and entertainment), music, mixtapes from different DJ, tech, stories, sports, and movies.

This vast content makes it one of the most visited sites on this list of websites to download free latest Yoruba films.

This website also allows users the freedom to share their content with the general public, thereby allowing varieties of engagements on the site.

Speaking of Yoruba films, users are happy to see a section of the website devoted to this feature.

This helps both new and existing users to easily navigate the site. One obvious minus of Codedwapng is the awful amount of time it takes to load pages.

However, since there are not many sites that provide rich content for free, especially free downloads of Yoruba movies; most users don’t really care about the loading time.

Visit official website: Codedwapng

6. Naijaonpoint

This is another website which can get very tiring to navigate when looking to download free latest Yoruba films.

Once users get a hang of navigating the site, however, they can easily download all the Yoruba movies they want, as long as there is enough data in the tank to support their quest.

Naijaonpoint is quite fast in their means of getting the latest Yoruba films on their website.

Users can get different genres on the website, from action, drama, crime to comedy, and so on.

Emphasis is also placed on the Yoruba tradition and culture in most of the films you find here, with the regular presence of Yoruba herbalists, cults, masquerades, and many more. There’s just something for anyone here.

Visit official webiste: Naijaonpoint

5. Gltrends

Gltrends is a superb website which provide users with carefully selected contents through their well sorted website.

This allows for easy navigation of the website, making users get access to whatever they want as fast as possible.

Contents on this website range from music, videos, movies, and so on. Users who love music can also get the lyrics of many of their favorite songs here, as well as DJ mixtapes.

As one of the top ten websites to download free latest Yoruba films, users can easily get movies of choice or go through their base consisting of diverse Yoruba films and make a random selection.

Whatever selection you make, be sure to expect some tough, intense, top quality content from it.

Users also get the chance to stream these Yoruba movies without the need for downloading, for those without enough storage space on their devices.

An important information user’s should note is that the movies on Gltrends are downloaded through YouTube.

Visit official website: Gltrends

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4. ss among the richest website available on this list of websites to download free latest Yoruba films.

Contents here are most attractive to Nigerian youth through contents ranging from entertainment, lifestyle, technology to Jobs.

Many businesses also use this platform to advertise their different businesses for better sales and exposure of brands.

Most importantly, is a website that provide contents in Yoruba films for users with interest.

These movies are clearly arranged in alphabetical order for fast and easy tracking for users. Downloading the most recent Yoruba movies here is totally free and straightforward.

Users can also get a chance to provide and check reviews of movies through the comments section available for each movie.

It’s a place where you can get something close to a rating before you go ahead to download Yoruba movies that catch your attention.

Visit official website:

3. Stagatv

Among the top ten websites to download the latest Nigerian Nollywood Yoruba films here, Stagatv is the only one specialized in providing the best in movies, and strictly movies.

As it’s name suggests, it’s clear to users that this website has no other function than to provide users with the latest movies, either Yoruba, Nollywood, Hollywood, and all the other woods you can think of.

Features on this website will easily make you understand why they are ranked third on this list.

These features includes subtitles to Yoruba films, English films, trailers for yet to be released films and many others.

Users can also get to choose which formats they want their movies before downloading. These range from 3gp, Mp4, 144p, 720p, 1020p and so on.

Visit official website: Stagatv

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2. 9jarocks

Immediately users get access to the first page of 9jarocks, users cannot but have the feeling that they are in the right place to get anything they want in terms of access to download free latest Yoruba films.

9jarocks is all about movies, videos from beginning to end; you will find nothing else here.

Users have all the freedom in the world to explore their obviously large database of movies ranging from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood; especially Yoruba films.

I truly have no doubts about the fact that users who download Yoruba movies on this website will be satisfied.

The website also offers new users a chance to learn how to download movies on the website through a well-placed guide.

Yoruba films here are top and popular among its favorite fans, and many of these films are provided in different formats to suit the needs of users.

Visit official website: 9jarocks

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1. Netnaija

Netnaija is the name that comes to the mind and mouth of anyone when asked about a website to download movies in Nigeria, especially among the youths.

The website has established itself as a credible source for movies of all calibers. Here, you can find the most popular movies and series from anywhere around the world.

What’s more, their speed of updating their website with the latest movies is second to none in Nigeria. The interface and design of the website are also one that easily attracts users to find this site when it comes to movies.

Netnaija most definitely tops our list of top ten websites to download free latest Yoruba films due to the top class features available for the users.

It’s popularity among Nigerian youths is no fluke as it provide up to date movies with subtitles, reviews, comments and any other information you need concerning a movie of choice. On Netnaija, you just can’t get it wrong.

Visit official website: Netnaija

Summary of Sites to Download Free Latest Yoruba Films

This list of top ten websites to download free latest Yoruba movies is comprehensive enough to show prospective users the best platforms where they can get access to Yoruba films, while they are also ranked according to the quality of service they provide to users.

Each of the websites represented on this list have their own specific characteristic which makes them rank in the different positions you find them.

You will also find out that Netnaija which tops the list incorporates all of the features spread across the other websites, to make its own.

Yoruba movie lovers will definitely have no issues with websites where they can download free latest Yoruba films after going through this well-defined article.

You can as well share the article with other lovers of Yoruba movies, to spare them from all the difficulties they might have come across while trying to download their favorite films.

Quick recap:

  • Stagatv
  • Gltrends
  • Naijaonpoint
  • Codedwapng
  • Wapbazeng
  • Amonpointv

Did you you find this helpful? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

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