13 Wande Coal Quotes & Sayings About Hustle & Success

Wande Coal Quotes & Sayings

We bring to you 13 Wande Coal quotes and sayings about life, hustle, and success, that you can learn from.

Speaking of some of the most iconic figures who have graced the Nigerian music industry, Wande Coal is a name not too Far from the thinking of Nigerian music lovers.

Having spent more than a decade in the Nigerian music industry, he has built a portfolio that many upcoming young guns in music would envy and desire.

Although he’s not listed as one of the richest musicians in Nigeria, Wande Coal net worth is proof that he is a successful Nigerian musician.

How did he make it this far? What kept him going during the tough times? Check out these 13 Wande Coal quotes and sayings about life, and success.

10 Wande Coal Quotes About Life, Hustle, and Success

1. What makes a man ready? money or mistakes? – Wande Coal

2. Boss up, cause they’ll try to keep you under regardless – Wande Coal

3. Everything you desire is within you – Wande Coal quotes

4. I focus on what I want to attract into my life – Wande Coal

Wande Coal Quotes

5. Mind over matter – Wande Coal

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6. Whatever you do, stay positive in your mind and thoughts – Wande Coal

7. They say you die twice, first time when you’re buried. Second time is the last time somebody mentioned your name – Wande Coal quotes

8. Everybody needs to get it, if you don’t get it then loose it!! – Wande Coal

9. Shout out to the person who advised me to express my anger through my music. – Wande Coal

10. Because everybody talks don’t mean you should talk – Wande Coal quotes

11. No be everybody wey go school lo mo way!! – Wande Coal

12. I learn from my mistakes, and make sure I become a better person… Wande Coal

13. Everything in life teaches you a lesson, you don’t let your guards off. Wande Coal

14. In the game, there is going to be friction at some point, people have to understand that music is competitive. Wande Coal

Summary of Wande Coal Quotes & Sayings

There you have it; things Wande Coal once said about life, hustle, music, and success. Which of these Wande Coal quotes and sayings resonates more with you? Let’s have your comments.

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