59 Victor Moses Quotes About Football & Success

Victor Moses Quotes

We bring to you 59 interesting Victor Moses quotes about football and life. You’ll find words of determination from the professional footballer.

Victor Moses is a Nigerian professional footballer who plays as a winger on either flank for Russian club Spartak Moscow on loan from Premier League club Chelsea. He has also been deployed as a wing-back at times during his career.

For someone who has a very tough background as he had lost his parents at an early age, Moses paid the price for success. Don’t worry, that’s one of the things you’ll find in this article about quotes by Victor Moses.

While with his foster family in the UK, he played football during extracurricular activities and was soon spotted by scouts from Crystal Palace which was just a stone throw away from his school.

He impressed the scouts of the football club, and that was how his football journey began to unfold, and today, Victor Moses net worth is a topic of interest among his fans.

How did he keep going to attain such a height of success in his career? See these sayings and words of determination in our quick collection of Victor Moses quotes about football and success.

Victor Moses Quotes About Football & Success

1. “I’m sad to leave Palace because they’re a great club and gave me my chance in football, and I want to say thanks to everyone there. – Victor Moses

2. “I’d like to put on record my sincere thanks to everyone at Wigan Athletic for the tremendous support they showed me during my time there. – Victor Moses

3. “It’s the best feeling, representing your country, and I always want to perform and give 100% for the team. – Victor Moses quotes

4. “It was Cosmos who actually told Crystal Palace about me. Palace came to have a look, liked what they saw, and they took it from there. – Victor Moses

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5. “When I started going to school, I started getting used to things, like the language. After that, I started adapting to school, friends, and everything. It was really difficult, to start with, but I survived. – Victor Moses

6. “It’s tough, as Chelsea’s a very special place for me, and I’ve always had a great relationship with the fans, but it became very obvious that I was not in the manager’s plans. I have achieved great things there, but I just needed to play football, and that’s why I got the move to Fenerbahce. – Victor Moses quotes

7. “My ambition is to contribute my quota to the overall success of the team. – Victor Moses

8. “I have always believed in myself. As a footballer, it is essential to have that belief. – Victor Moses

Victor Moses quotes about belief

9. “It’s a big step up for me, coming from the Championship to the Premier League, and, at the end of the day, it’s up to the gaffer when I play and what role I take up. – Victor Moses

10. “If I get my chance, then I’ve just got to go out there and take it and help the team to do as well as possible. – Victor Moses

11. “As a young boy in a new country, you had to make new friends, and that was really difficult. – Victor Moses quotes

12. “It’s a massive experience: playing against Galatasaray and Besiktas, you can feel the atmosphere. It feels like the stadium is going to fall down due to the fans singing and bouncing. – Victor Moses

13. “Every season, I want to be the best I can to be Africa’s best player. I will do the best I can. – Victor Moses

14.”The position I am playing at right wing-back, I know I can score goals there. – Victor Moses

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15. “He is a legend – not just Africa and Chelsea but the whole world. Didier is a great player. – Victor Moses

16. “He scores goals, assists, and he’s got everything that you’d ask for in a striker. We, as African players, are all proud of what Didier achieved as a player. The way he holds himself is unbelievable. – Victor Moses quotes

17. “I can play on the right, from the left, behind the main striker, or upfront – it depends on where the coach wants me to play.

18. “As long as I can help the team achieve its objective, then I am happy playing anywhere upfront. – Victor Moses

19. “What I can confirm is that I will always give a 100 per cent for Nigeria like I do at my club. – Victor Moses

20. “My footballing idol is Zinedine Zidane; he was an amazing guy on and off the field. – Victor Moses

21. “I just want to keep on working hard and helping my team-mates out. – Victor Moses

22. “I have always believed in the ability that I have got. – Victor Moses

23. “I have always known that I’ve got the ability to play in a big club like Chelsea. – Victor Moses quotes

24. “I want to play in every match, score goals when the opportunity presents itself, and help players in good positions to also score goals. – Victor Moses

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25. “As a footballer, if you work hard, then everything else falls into place. – Victor Moses

Victor Moses quotes

26. “It is good for a manager to believe in the ability that you’ve got and give you the confidence to go out and enjoy your football. – Victor Moses

27. “Chelsea is one of the biggest football clubs in the world. – Victor Moses

28. “Changing position comes naturally to me, to be honest. – Victor Moses quotes

28. “I don’t really mind where I play – left, right, upfront on my own, or with another striker. I’m just versatile like that, and I don’t mind playing anywhere in attack. – Victor Moses

29. “I’m looking forward to every game that I’m going to be involved in, whether it’s the Champions League, Premier League, or anything else. – Victor Moses

30. “The main thing is to be on the pitch and enjoy my football. – Victor Moses

31. “That’s always been on my mind – to play games. – Victor Moses

32. “There was only a little spell at Wigan when I first signed there when I wasn’t in the team every week. – Victor Moses

33. “By playing, you learn. – Victor Moses quotes

34. “You’ve got to keep on going up and down the wing for the whole game in that wing-back role, so you obviously need a lot of stamina to do that, and I think I’ve got that. – Victor Moses

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35. “I enjoyed it very much, my first Champions League game. – Victor Moses

36. “I’d like to thank the chairman, Dave Whelan, and all of the staff at Wigan for giving me the chance to play in the Premier League. – Victor Moses

37. “It feels great being in the Champions League. – Victor Moses

38. “The opportunity beckoned me to play for England, but I chose Nigeria because it has always been my ambition to play for the Super Eagles. – Victor Moses quotes

39. “I don’t regret turning out in the colours of Super Eagles. I love Nigeria, and I was prepared to come and play for the nation. – Victor Moses

40. “I waited for the opportunity to be invited to play for the national team of Nigeria, and immediately, they found me worthy; I did not waste time to honour the call. – Victor Moses

41. “Nigeria has always been my choice if called up, and when they did, I was happy. – Victor Moses

42. “I played for England Under-16s, 17s, 18s, 19s, the 20s and then 21s… then… I just decided to make the decision to play for Nigeria.

43. “When you’re playing, you enjoy yourself. – Victor Moses

44. “I’m proud of being a Nigerian international and am always committed to playing for my country. – Victor Moses

45. “It’s a massive thing to win the African Nations. It will go down in history. It was my first tournament with Nigeria, and winning it was a bonus for me; it was a good experience for me. – Victor Moses quotes

46. “When I play against a winger, because I’m a winger myself, I understand what they are going to do before they try and go past me, so it makes it a lot easier for me. – Victor Moses

Quotes from Victor Moses

47. “The more games I play, the better I get. – Victor Moses quotes

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48. “I really admire Zinedine Zidane and Frank Lampard. They are really skilful, and I like the way they shoot from distance. – Victor Moses

49. “It’s good to score goals, but my teammates are fantastic – they really support me – but the opponents just want to tackle me hard!

50. “They watch the Premier League everywhere in Africa. – Victor Moses

51. “For a club to come and get you, they are going to use you at some stage. – Victor Moses

52. “Every preseason, I feel I’ve done well, and it’s just about being given a chance. – Victor Moses

53. “I want to do the right thing and also to enjoy myself on the pitch. – Victor Moses

54. “I want the fans to be able to recognise I am doing something good for the club, but at the same time, I want to work hard for the team and make sure we win games. – Victor Moses quotes

55. “I just want to enjoy my football. – Victor Moses

56. “That is my position, really: staying out wide and, most of the time, going into one v. one situations, which I am good at. – Victor Moses

57. “As a winger, you want to get at defenders and make it hard for them. Instead of them going forwards, they have to defend against you. – Victor Moses

58. “As long as I’m helping the team, I just want to play football. – Victor Moses

59. “As long as you work hard, the manager will see it, and he’ll give you an opportunity. – Victor Moses

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