Using Positive Body Language to Become a Better Communicator

Using positive body language in business

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Are you a person with big business ideas for your future job employment, or maybe you are a parent looking to become the best version of yourself for your teenager? Either way, you can benefit from good communication.

A person’s ability to communicate can be the deciding factor between a proposal, interview, or discussion. We must learn the best way to communicate so that we can effectively explain our thoughts and ideas.

Without good communication, others may find it difficult to listen or understand you. A big part of communication skills is body language! Discover more about body language and how you can use it in your everyday life. You can also learn examples of positive and negative body language!

What is Body Language?

Body language is a form of nonverbal communication. While most people can use their mouths and speech to convey their thoughts and words, they can also do this without speaking.

By using body language, individuals can tell people how they feel without saying a single word. We may not even realize that we are using our body language to communicate, but everyone does it more than they think.

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Why Is Body Language Important?

Body language is critical because it can assist us in communicating and accidentally give away what we are feeling. If you are trying to explain something to your son or daughter and they do not understand, they can tell you this without having to speak a word.

This is valuable because many children may become embarrassed by admitting that they do not understand. With body language, you can recognize this and assist them. 

In other cases, you may not want someone to understand your body language. It is important to know about this form of communication so that you do not accidentally offend someone.

For instance, if you are around a loved one who is irritating you, you may want to roll your eyes and sigh heavily. Many of us know not to do this because it will hurt the feelings of our loved ones.

Examples of Positive Body Language

A daughter comes up to her mother and gives her a big hug with a huge smile on her face. This is showing that the daughter loves or appreciates her mother.

If your brother scores a huge goal at his football game, you might give him a thumbs up! He will know that you are happy and proud of him.

A coworker sees you in the grocery store and waves excitedly at you. They are trying to show you that they are happy to see you.

Examples of Negative Body Language

If your father crosses his arms and frowns, it is safe to assume that he is unhappy with you or something you have done.

An individual interviewed may look off into space or yawn frequently. As the interviewer, you may think that they are distracted or uninterested in the interviewing process.

If you see a bar patron clench his teeth and ball up his fists, it is safe to assume that he is angry towards someone or about something.

Benefits of Using Positive Body Language

If you regularly and actively add positive body language into your everyday life, you may notice a big difference. For example, it could help lower your stress and boost your mood! We can often implement the “fake it til you make it” mentality with our body language.

When you practice positive body language regularly, it can help you feel more positive and less stressed. Consider this: you’re not having a good day.

Instead of frowning and getting mad at those around you, you smile and hold the door for strangers. By doing this, they are more likely to show their appreciation for you and are more likely to feel happier!

Another benefit of adding positive language is in your social life. It has been shown that those who show nonverbal positivism can make friends easier than those that don’t! When you appear more open and approachable to others, they may want to get to know you more. People are also more drawn toward a smile than a frown.

You can use your positive body language to communicate effectively, boost your mood, and make more friends!

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