Uruguay 8-0 Bolivia

Uruguay 8-0 Bolivia

Many football fans claim that the South American FIFA World Cup qualifiers are the most difficult in the entire world. At the 1xbet.ng/en website it is possible to wager on those exciting matches. The best teams from that part of the world include:

  • Brazil;
  • Argentina;
  • and Uruguay.

However, the other teams from this continent are also quite tough. In fact, it is not rare to see those aforementioned teams being defeated by any of the other national teams from South America. At the 1xBet platform people can wager on the best national teams from this part of the world and elsewhere too.

An impressive result

Yet, despite this relative parity, huge results can also happen from time to time. This is exactly what happened in the 1950 FIFA World Cup in a match between Uruguay and Bolivia. At this moment the 1xBet app for iOS is available to wager on these major competitions too.

The match in question was played on the 2nd of July 1950 in the city of Belo Horizonte. It is true that the Uruguayans were by far the favorites for winning the match. However, the final result that came from it was something that surprised quite a few individuals. This was because Uruguay absolutely crushed Bolivia by a final score of 8-0. The 1xBet app for Android and iOS is now available to wager on matches played by all those teams too.

The goalscorers were Óscar Míguez, Ernesto Vidal, Juan Alberto Schiaffino, Julio Pérez and Alcides Ghiggia. It is also worth noting that Ghiggia and Schiaffino were the heroes of the final match of the tournament.

A result overshadowed by an even bigger shock

Uruguay defeating Bolivia 8-0 was a shock in its own right. However, this result has been largely forgotten because of what happened only a few days later. There are profitable slots 1xBet that can be used before the next match played by the Uruguayans too.

This is because Uruguay, against all odds, defeated Brazil in the final match of the tournament. It should be remembered that Brazil was hosting the competition. In fact, all the country was already celebrating even before the match had been played. The goalscorers of that match that ended 2-1 in Uruguay’s favor were scored by Alcides Ghiggia and Juan Alberto Schiaffino. This event is known as the Maracanazo.

The profitable slots provided by 1xBet are excellent forms of entertainment that everybody can use nowadays while waiting for other shocks that happen in football.

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