Top Three Cheap Market Ideas

top three cheap marketing ideas

Balancing the books is hard enough, make it easier by spending a little less on these marketing ideas.

It’s a tough job managing your own business, and what’s more, it can be pretty expensive. Getting the word out is essential for the success of your company, but often the cost of the necessary can make it seem unobtainable.

Thankfully there are plenty of initiatives that you can take that don’t cost the earth and do deliver results.

We’ve gathered some of the best thrifty marketing advice for you right here, so that your business can get the publicity it deserves, without affecting the bottom line too greatly.

Get a Professional Review

Getting reviewed should be high on the list of any business, but not just getting reviewed by happy customers. A professional review can really help your business to stand out from the crowd, particularly in competitive marketplaces.

A good example of a sector that rely heavily on professional reviews is the iGaming sector. As there are so many different varieties of online casinos, customers rely on professionals to give them a simple overview of exactly what each casino offers.

Sites like this one post regular casino reviews for all sorts of different online casino sites. They include the key information like the variety of games available, the way customers can make deposits, and what offers and sign-up bonuses are available at the time of writing.

Whilst a customer review is certainly a great thing, a professional review will be sure to point out all the key attributes of your business. Having your strengths delivered in such a concise manner is a good way of showing your customers what your business is all about.

Create a Prize Draw

People love getting something for nothing and quite often, they’re happy to shout about it. Make use of that instinct by creating a prize draw for your business.

If you sell products then this will be very straightforward, simply decide on a product that you can afford to give away and begin. The way that you make the prize draw work for your own personal business will be, well, personal.

Some businesses need more sign-ups to their mailing list, some need a better conversion rate, and others need more followers on social media. Decide which camp you fall into and set to work getting the message out about your prize draw.

If you need more mailing list sign-ups, then offer instant entry into the prize draw when a customer signs up to your mailing list. If you need a better conversion rate, then offer an instant entry into the prize draw when a customer checks out their basket on your website.

If you need more followers, then create a social media post with instructions on how to be entered into your prize draw on it. It could be to like, comment, and share your business’ post, it could be for the customer to take a photo of themselves using one of your products and tag your business in it.

You could have a caption competition, a tag your friends’ post, or any number of different things, so find the social media contest idea that fits your business the best. Don’t forget to share lots of posts of the happy winner once the prize draw is announced.

Become Press Release Worthy

We can achieve so much more when we use our profits for good and work together with others

There are plenty of great business ideas out there, but only some of them truly deserve press releases. The fact of the matter is, you can write and send as many press releases as you want, but unless your business has something truly unique and newsworthy, people won’t publish them.

If your business operates in a space where there’s a lot of competition and not much opportunity to differentiate yourself, then you need to get a bit creative. People love to see businesses that are doing good, so aligning yourself with a charity can be a great way to make your business interesting to people and publishers.

Find a charity that it would make sense for your business to support. for example, if you are a winter clothing retailer, then consider donating your old stock to homeless shelters.

If you run a personal training company, donate a percentage of your profits to charities fighting childhood obesity, or donate your old gym equipment to a local school.

If you’re an accountant, then donate a day of your time each month to helping a non-profit with its books. Every business can easily find a cause that resonates with their work.

Of course, donating to charities can cost money, but looking at it in terms of a cost-benefit analysis, where the benefit is not just the press, the PR, and the stronger brand image that your company gets, but also the good you’re doing for others, might make the whole equation seem far more balanced.

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