Top 10 Best Estates In Lagos 2024 [Review!]

Best estates in Lagos

Which are the top 10 best estates in Lagos State, Nigeria?

Estate living is here to stay in Lagos, particularly on the island. Today’s estate developers are incorporating additional luxury features such as golfing, fishing schools, and hospitals into new estate developments.

That is why we are looking at some of the top estates in the state in this article.

While there have been considerable modifications in Lagos-based estates in recent years, they are unquestionably more expensive than our traditional residential dwellings.

If you prefer the lifestyle of estates over that of normal homes, you should certainly look into the top estates that are luxury to the core.

What is A Residential Estate?

A residential estate, in its most basic sense, is a vast land area used mostly for housing. There may be townhomes, apartments, houses, and other residential structures in this planned community. It may also refer to a more ill-defined region with a high density of homes but no official infrastructure or planning.

residential estates in Lagos

Key features:

  • Focus on housing: Regardless of the specific type, residential estates are primarily dedicated to housing, with a high concentration of homes compared to other land uses.
  • Planned or unplanned: Some estates are carefully planned and built as a single project, while others may grow organically over time with less centralized planning.
  • Amenities: Depending on the type and location, residential estates may offer various amenities like parks, schools, shops, and community centers.

List of Estates In Lagos 2024

Below are the top estates, based on facts, figures, and features available in each of these properties.

10. G CAPPA Estate

Gcappa estate

G Cappa PLC Is one of the top construction companies in Nigeria today and they are well known for the execution of big projects across Nigeria including roads, bridges, and buildings.

So, their building standard is expected to set the pace for other estates properties in Lagos State.

G Cappa estate features many special landmarks including natural scenery with green fields among a picturesque background.

The estate is surrounded by other huge estates which makes G Cappa a peaceful place to live without any fear of razzmatazz that is always attached to living in areas like the mainland.

The estate provides residents with their own private stables and garden. Properties in this estate range from a plot to hectares depending on your specification.

The estate is in close proximity to the popular computer village which is a hub to get technological gadgets such as phones, laptops, and accessories.

9. Shonibare Estate

Shonibare estate

The shelter is one of the best estates to live in Lagos. It is listed among the top basic needs of people in order to live healthy and protected.

As people evolved with time, people tend to add luxuries to homes they live in for maximum comfort and satisfaction.

This is one of the features Shonibare estate has on offer for its residents.

Shonibare estate is located in a serene environment, with luxury one of its focal and selling point.

Though the cost of homes here is quite pricey, if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth the cost.

The estate is also a great place to have fun with a lot of outdoor amenities to keep its residents engaged and alive.

Another plus is that it is near the Ikeja army cantonment, so what could ever go wrong? It ranks as the 9th best estate in Lagos state.

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8. Lekki Gardens Estate

Lekki Gardens estate in Lagos

The mere fact that Lekki is included in the estate name should make you know what you are in for.

Lekki is one area in Lagos that everyone knows is a habitat just for the rich and high class of society.

Lekki gardens estate is not an exception because if you want to acquire a property there, your bank account has to be solid.

Lekki gardens has a lot of real estate structures such as luxurious apartments, duplexes, detached homes, commercial centers with emphasis laid on maintenance in order to keep up the standards of the estate.

The Lekki gardens have been open since 2012 and gradually, they have earned their position by building their reputation of offering one of the best real estate services in Lagos.

Though most of the properties in this estate are expensive, they have many plans on offer in order to make it easier for average income earners to be able to acquire their dream homes.

They have installment payments for home fees. This fact however does not affect the quality of homes or other properties available in this estate.

7. Living Gold Estate

Living Gold

This estate is located in the renowned banana island of Lagos State.

Living Gold estate is undoubtedly one of the top estates in Lagos State through its photogenic scenery, with its own natural lagoon and forest.

This estate is haven for many species of birds like the kingfisher, louries, owls and so on.

The presence of all these birds add an extra spice to the beauty of the estate and the classic luxury on display in the surrounding area.

Without surprise, Living Gold estate has one of the highest amounts of top homes concentrated in an estate for sale.

If I were you, I’d go for this, as long as all the finances are covered. From home theatre, elegant marble floors, outdoor pools, luminous chandeliers; you name it.

As of 2024, it is ranked the 5th best residential estate in Lagos.

6. Friends View Estate


Developed by Aircom Nigeria, which is a property development company located in Lagos, it is obvious that Friends view estate is one of their best work yet.

The estate is also located in Lekki, Agungi area to be precise.

Friends View estate is neat, has well-maintained homes and properties, quality roads and drainage, and uninterrupted power supply.

The estate’s developer, Aircom are responsible for other top estates in Lagos such as Bourdillon estate and Napier Gardens.

The residents of the Friends view estate pay a subsidized monthly fee which is solely used for the estate’s maintenance like 24 hours security patrol, waste management, fumigation, and other maintenance costs.

The estate has well connected roads which makes it easier to be accessed through Agungi or Osapa.

Prices of some of the properties are:

  • 5 bedroom Fully detached duplex – ₦4 million (rent), ₦70 million – ₦90 million (sale)
  • 4 Bedrooms Semi-Detached Duplex – ₦4 million (rent), ₦70 million – ₦80 million (sale)

5. Grenadines Homes CitiView Estate

Grenadines homes citiview

Another on the list of the top estates in Lagos state is the Grenadines homes Citiview estate.

This estate offers properties with luxury that comes in various ways or forms. They offer everything ranging from forested, stylishly designed structures to top mansions in a serene environment.

So long you have the funds required, this option is always among the viable ones. The estate is located off Olubunmi Okojie road, Off the Lekki-Epe expressway, Lekki.

It is strategically located close to the Novare mall, Shoprite, Game store, Genesis (Cinema) which all are places you can have fun, shop, and entertain yourself.

You can also find the Lagos business school around the estate.

In this estate, a block of terrace covers over 422 square meters, mostly with a 3 bedroom duplex, all rooms en suite balcony, parlor with enough space, store and other extras in order to help settle in well.

4. Parkview Estate, Ikoyi

Parkview estate, ikoyi

Uniqueness, style, taste and flawless meticulous attention to details characterize this Italian-style manor in Parkview Estate, which additionally flaunts clearing views.

The immortal home invites you with an emotional passage hall, with fantastic views proceeding all through.

Homes in Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos accompanies a marble staircase, home theater, official study, six luxurious air-conditioned twofold room suites, an edge flow pool, and considerably more.

Mere visiting the estate is enough to convince its eligibility as the 4th best estate in Lagos state.

Parkview Estate is well connected by roads most notably by the Gerrard Road and close to the Banana Island.

The estate is significantly private, with companies and guest houses in the estate. It is viewed as one of the most costly places to live in Lagos.

3. Orchid Court Estate, G.R.A Ikeja

Orchid Court Estate, G.R.A Ikeja

Orchid Court, GRA Ikeja is a mix of rich condos worked to top exceptional structural features with European-standard finishing materials.

You should check out the full list of all the Nigerian 36 states and capital to learn more about Nigeria’s diverse people.

There are 7 distinct kinds of private units to look over at “Orchid Court”, each with its interesting view and tranquil spatial plan.

Recreational offices incorporate a set delightful outdoor arrangement, kids’ play territory, pool, recreational center, and liberal patios and security highlights like electric wall, radio, and video entryway telephone.

The property developers, RT Briscoe are one of the most respectable due to their track record of very good, quality construction of private and business properties.

2. Chevy View Estate

Chevvy view estate

As its name implies, Chevy View estate is located directly opposite Chevron Nigeria Limited, one of the top oil and gas companies in Nigeria.

The estate is obviously not only to provide homes and shelter for those who can afford it but also has some private businesses, some of which function for the Chevron Nigeria Limited.

Other structures visible in the estate are schools, medical centers, hotels, and other social infrastructure for the entertainment of residents of the estate.

Homes within the Chevy view estate are mostly bought or rented by the rich, high class of the society.

It majorly contains duplexes  (semi & fully detached; terraces) which are mostly constructed by the developers.

Typical property prices are:

  • 3 Bedroom Flat: ₦1.7 million – ₦2.5 million (rent)
  • 3 Bedroom Duplex: ₦3 million (rent) ₦45 million (sale)
  • 4 Bedroom Duplex: ₦3.5 million (rent)  ₦45 million – ₦65 million (sale)
  •  5 Bedroom duplex: ₦4 million (rent); ₦65 million – ₦130 million (sale)

1. Pinnock Beach Estate Lekki, Lagos

Pinnock beach estate in lekki Lagos

Pinnock Beach estate is the best estate in Lagos. It is a well-secured estate accessible through the Femi Okunnu road.

The cost of living in this estate is very high and it is obviously for high-income earners.

The yearly fee of N450,000 is paid by each resident for the maintenance, electricity, water supply, and waste management.

The quality of life afforded residents of this estate is second to none.

Elegant structures built not just for comfort but also taste, tarred roads all through, uninterrupted power and water supply, and so on.

In this estate, it’s all about security. You can see security personnel from the entrance gate to almost every block you come across while touring the Pinnock Beach estate.

Cost of properties in this estate includes:

  • 4 Bedroom semi-detached – ₦100 million (sale), ₦4 million (rent)
  • 5 Bedroom fully detached – ₦160 million – ₦200 million (sale)
  • Land  – ₦105,000 – ₦120,000 per sqm

Other Popular Estates In Lagos

  • Oral Estate
  • 1004 Estate
  • Bench land Estate
  • Okupe Estate
  • Wemabod Estate
  • Ilupeju Estate
  • Punch Estate
  • Apapa GRA
  • Ikeja GRA
  • Bourdillon Estate
  • Nikon Town Estate

Estates In Lagos (Summary)

Here’s a quick recap of the top residential estates in Lagos:

  1. Pinnock Beach Estate, Lekki
  2. Chevy View Estate
  3. Orchid Court Estate, G.R.A Ikeja
  4. Parkview Estate, Ikoyi
  5. Grenadines Homes Citiview Estate
  6. Friends View Estate
  7. Living Gold Estate
  8. Lekki Gardens Estate
  9. Shonibare Estate
  10. GCAPPA Estate

If you are looking to the market to get a home in one of these estates, this breakdown will guide you.

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