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We have updated our list to include the top 50 betting sites in Nigeria as 2023 draws to a close, just as we have updated our list of the best betting apps in Nigeria, and we feel you should get informed.

There have been huge changes in the way betting works in Nigeria. It has become an important part of the country’s culture and fun. Over the past few years, the number of betting sites in Nigeria has grown along with the popularity of sports betting in the country, especially when it comes to football. This isn’t just a passing fad; it shows that people are becoming more interested in sports and the thrill of gaming.

One thing that makes the Nigerian betting scene stand out is how it interacts with the country’s deep-seated love of sports. In Nigeria, football is almost a religion, which has made it easy for the betting business to grow. On the weekends in Nigeria, millions of people bet on the results of local and foreign games, trying their luck and strategy. There are also huge crowds in the stadiums.

The numbers that show this industry’s landscape are also very amazing. According to new figures, more than 60 million Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 40 frequently bet on sports. With such a large share of the population involved, this shows that gaming is popular with people from all walks of life. According to Nairaland, it is said that the average bettor in Nigeria spends about 3,000 Naira every day on bets. This shows how important betting is to many Nigerians’ daily lives.

As more Nigerians get tablets and better internet access, the number of people using online betting sites has grown by leaps and bounds. This digital leap has made betting easier to get into, so more people can do it, from young people in rural areas to workers in cities.

Betting in Nigeria is not just a form of entertainment; it’s also a social and economic event that shows how Nigeria’s leisure, technology, and economic life are changing. Before we get into the specifics of the best betting sites in this review, this big picture of excitement, economic effect, and technological progress sets the stage for a more nuanced understanding of what makes a betting site stand out in Nigeria.

Our main goal in this review is to give you a full and fair picture of the best betting sites in Nigeria right now, in 2023. Because the betting business in Nigeria is always changing, we want to give you information that is up-to-date and relevant to the needs and tastes of Nigerian bettors. Our goal isn’t just to list the best betting sites; it’s also to break down the things that make them great and trustworthy.

Before we give you the list of the top 50 betting sites in Nigeria, here are the top 10 below:

The Ultimate List of the Top 10 Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

To place bet in Nigeria is now easy, and then, we want this review to be a reliable resource for all Nigerian bettors, whether you are experienced or new to the game. We hope to help you make smart and satisfying choices, whether you’re looking for a site with the best odds, the easiest interface, or the highest levels of safety and legality.

RankTop 10 Betting Sites in Nigeria 2023Welcome BonusOverall Rating
#1Bet9jaUp to N100,00010/10
#2BangBetUp to 100% Reward9.8/10
#3MegaPariUp to 100% Bonus9.5/10
#41xBetUp to N100,0009.5/10
#5SportyBetUp to 150% Return first deposit9/10
#6BetkingUp to N100,000 and Free Bets8.9/10
#7BetWayUp to N100,0008.8/10
#8NairaBetUp to N100,0008.8/10
#9MerryBetUp to N50,0008.7/10
#10PariMatchUp to N100,0008.5/10

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If you’ve asked yourself “Which is the best betting site in Nigeria?”, our quick review of each betting platform will give you a great insight.

1. Bet9ja Nigeria Sport Betting

best football betting site in Nigeria - Bet9ja
  • Bonuses and promotions at Bet9ja: Bet9ja is known for its many great prizes and special deals, and has been seen as the best betting site in Nigeria. New users can get a nice welcome bonus that usually matches their first payment 100% up to a certain limit. They can also get free bets to use on sports. They also run regular promotions, such as odds boosts and accumulator bonuses, for both new and current users. These make betting a lot more fun.
  • Minimum Payouts and Odds: Bet9ja’s minimum payout is very user-friendly, letting bettors cash out small wins, which is great for casual bettors. People know that the platform has good odds, especially on big sports like football. The odds are always changing, giving players value and good returns. This gives them a big advantage in the Nigerian betting market.
  • Competitive Edge: Bet9ja has an advantage over its competitors because it is well known in Nigeria and knows how the gaming market works there. There are a lot of betting markets available, and the site is known for being reliable. In addition, the site’s mobile compatibility and easy-to-use design make betting a breeze, which is exactly what the modern Nigerian bettor wants.

2. BangBet

  • BangBet Bonuses and Promotions: BangBet is a fairly new site, but its bonuses have already made a big impression, and is considered one of the top 10 betting site in Nigeria. The registration process is simple, and they give new users a big prize when they sign up, and they often have cashback deals and free bets. They do a lot of advertising to get new customers and keep the ones they already have, which makes them very famous among Nigerian bettors.
  • Lowest Minimum Payouts and Odds: BangBet has a low minimum payout level so that players on a budget can use it. When it comes to big sports leagues, the odds are competitive, which makes them a better choice than other betting sites. Their odds are changed all the time, so bettors can always get the best deal.
  • Competitive Edge: BangBet has an edge over its competitors because its mobile app is easy to use because it is streamlined and simple. This is for the growing number of people who like to bet on their phones. Their customer service is also great; they respond quickly and helpfully, which makes the experience better for users and builds trust.

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3 MegaPari

new betting sites in Nigeria - Megapari
  • Megapari Bonuses and Deals: Megapari is famous for having a wide range of bonuses and deals. For new users, they offer a good welcome bonus, which is usually a percentage match on the first deposit. In addition, they offer deals like free bets and reload bonuses that appeal to both new and experienced bettors.
  • Minimum Payouts and Odds: The platform has a fair minimum payout that works for both big rollers and casual bettors. Megapari has some of the best chances on the market, especially in football and tennis, which is a big draw for people who want to bet on games that are likely to pay off.
  • Competitive Edge: Megapari stands out because it covers a large part of the betting market and lets you bet on many sports and events. Their website is very easy to use and serves many languages, so it can appeal to a wide range of people. In addition, their live betting and streaming features make betting more engaging, which sets them apart in Nigeria’s competitive betting market.


betting sites in Nigeria - 1xbet
  • Bonuses and promotions at 1xbet: 1xbet is known for having a huge selection of bonuses and promotions. It is one of the richest betting sites in Nigeria, having some of the richest footballers in the world as its ambassadors. They give new customers a big welcome prise, which is usually a big match on the first deposit. They also offer free bets and loyalty programmes for people who use their sites often. They offer a wide range of promotions, such as cashback deals, accumulator bonuses, and special deals, which makes the platform appealing to both new and returning customers.
  • Minimum Payouts and Odds: The site has an easy-to-understand minimum payout limit that lets all types of bettors cash out their winnings. When it comes to big sports events, 1xbet is known for having some of the best chances in the business. Their odds are changed often, which gives bettors great value and the chance of big wins, which is a big part of why they’re so popular.

The main thing that sets 1xbet apart from its competitors is its huge casino, which covers a lot of sports and betting markets, even some that aren’t very popular. The site also does a great job with live betting and video, which makes betting more fun. They also support multiple languages and offer many payment options, making them easy for people all over the world to reach and use.


online sport bet in nigeria - sportybet
  • Bonuses and promotions at SportyBet: Talk about online sport bet in Nigeria and you’ll find SportBet among the leaders. SportyBet is known for offering bonuses that are specifically tailored to customers in Africa, such as those in Nigeria. As a welcome gift, they usually offer a risk-free first bet or a deposit match. Regular deals like accumulator bonuses and odds boosts are meant to make betting more fun for both new and old users.
  • Minimum Payouts and Odds: SportyBet has a low minimum payment, which is good for people who only bet occasionally. The chances they offer are known to be competitive, especially in football and basketball. Their odds are good and are always being updated, which is a big reason why people who want to bet on good values go there.
  • Competitive Edge: SportyBet stands out because its mobile app is easy to use and is especially well-suited for the African market. Their app works well and is simple to use, which fits with the growing trend of gaming on phones. Their customer service is also known for being quick to respond and helpful, which makes the whole experience better for users.

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6. BetKing Nigeria

betting companies in Nigeria - betking
  • BetKing prizes and Promotions: BetKing has a variety of prizes, most of which are geared towards bettors in Nigeria. It is also regarded as one of the top 10 betting sites in Nigeria. They give you a big welcome bonus and run promotions like accumulator boosts and free bets from time to time. These deals are meant to bring in new users and keep current players interested.
  • Odds and Minimum Payouts: The platform has a fair minimum payout limit that lets a lot of bettors use it. People know that BetKing has good odds, especially on famous sports like football and tennis. Their odds are changed all the time, so bettors can always find some of the best betting values on the market.
  • Competitive Edge: BetKing has an advantage over its competitors because it has a strong local brand and knows how the Nigerian market works. Their betting platform is designed to meet the needs of Nigerian bettors by including a lot of different local and foreign betting markets. The website is easy to use, and they offer good customer service, which makes them more popular in Nigeria as a gaming site.

7. BetWay

  • Betway Bonuses and Promotions: Betway is known for having a wide range of appealing bonuses. As one of the online sports betting sites, new users can get a big welcome bonus, which is usually a match on their first deposit. They can also get free bets and rewards for being faithful. There are regular deals with odds boosts, accumulator bonuses, and cashback offers to suit all types of bettors.
  • Chances and Minimum Payouts: The platform has a fair minimum return, so both casual and serious bettors can use it. Betway is famous for having the best chances, especially on big sports events and leagues. Their odds are always changing, which gives you a great deal and the chance to win a lot of money.
  • Competitive Edge: Betway’s main competitive advantage is that its name is known all over the world and it is trusted. They put a lot of thought into the user experience and safety of their site, which has a lot of betting markets. In addition, their advanced live betting and streaming features make betting more intense and interesting.

8. NairaBet

  • Prizes and promotions at Nairabet: As one of the first betting sites in Nigeria, Nairabet offers a range of prizes that are specifically made for people in Nigeria. They have a nice welcome bonus, and they often have deals like accumulator bonuses and odds boosts. People know the site best for Monday Funding Madness, a promotion where users get extra money when they deposit on Mondays.
  • Minimum Payouts and Odds: Nairabet has a minimum payout level that is easy for a wide range of bettors to understand. They are known for having competitive odds, especially in football and basketball. The odds are changed often to make sure that bettors can get the best value.

The best things about Nairabet are that it knows a lot about the Nigerian betting business and really cares about its customers. Their tool is straightforward and simple to use, so both new and experienced bettors like it. In addition, the fact that they only cover Nigerian sports events makes them stand out in the local market.

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9. MerryBet

  • MerryBet Bonuses and Deals: MerryBet is one of the top ten betting sites in Nigeria. It has many bonuses and deals for Nigerian players that are meant to attract them. They offer a welcome bonus to new users and run regular discounts like free bets and cashback deals. Their loyalty programme gives benefits to people who use it often, which makes betting more fun.
  • Minimum Payouts and Odds: The site has a good minimum payout limit that works for all kinds of bettors. It is known that MerryBet has good odds, especially on football and other famous sports. The odds are changed often, which gives bettors a good deal.
  • Competitive Edge: MerryBet stands out because it focuses on making the betting experience as smooth as possible for its users. People know that their website is easy to use and that their customer service is good. In addition, MerryBet’s focus on live betting choices makes the site fun for bettors.

10. PariMatch

Foreign betting sites that accept Nigerians - Parimatch
  • Bonuses and promotions at Parimatch: Parimatch has a number of bonuses, including a big welcome gift for new users. They have deals all the time, like risk-free bets and accumulator prizes. Their advertising approach is meant to bring in new customers and keep old ones by making offers that fit different types of bettors.
  • Minimum Payouts and Odds: Parimatch’s minimum payout strategy is fair and works for a lot of different types of bets. Parimatch’s odds are competitive, especially for big sports events, and they are changed often to give bettors the best value.
  • Competitive Edge: Parimatch has an edge over its competitors because it covers a wide range of sports and betting areas. Their app is easy to use and has advanced features like streaming and live betting. Parimatch’s global reach also adds a level of trust and dependability that makes it appealing to players from all over the world.

These reviews look at a lot of the most popular Nigerian betting sites, focusing on their bonuses, returns, odds, and what makes them stand out from the rest. Each site is good at different things and can accommodate different betting styles and tastes.

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List of The Top 50 Betting Sites in Nigeria

Below are the 50 list of betting sites in Nigeria:

  1. Bet9ja: 100% Up to ₦100,000
  2. Betway: 100% Up to ₦250,000
  3. N1bet: 300% Up to ₦1,000,000
  4. PariPesa: 100% Up to ₦100,000
  5. 1Xbet: 1xBet300% Up to ₦145,600
  6. MelBet: 200% Up to ₦100,000
  7. Betano: 100% Up to ₦100,000
  8. 22Bet: 100% Up to ₦105,000
  9. Wazobet: 110% Up to ₦55,000
  10. BetWinner: 200% Up to ₦100,000
  11. Afribet: 100% Up to ₦100,000
  12. SportyBet: No Welcome Bonus
  13. NaijaBet: No Welcome Bonus
  14. BetPawa: No Welcome Bonus
  15. BetBonanza: 200% Up to ₦100,000
  16. ZEbet: 100% As Free Bets Up to ₦50,000
  17. MSport: 130% As Free Bets Up to ₦13,000
  18. Interwetten: ₦200 as Free Bet
  19. Betika: No Welcome Bonus
  20. Bangbet: 200% up to ₦500,000
  21. BetKing: ₦100 as Free Bet
  22. Merrybet: No Welcome Bonus
  23. iLOT: ₦1,000 as Free Bets
  24. Frapapa: 100% up to ₦50,000
  25. Starbet: 100% Up to ₦100,000
  26. Winners Golden Bet: 255% On First 3 Deposits up to ₦100,000
  27. Parimatch: 100% Up to ₦150,000
  28. Maxibet: No Welcome Bonus
  29. YangaSport: 500% On First 4 Deposits up to ₦50,000
  30. Gobet247: 100% Up to ₦100,000
  31. FS-bet: 100% Up to ₦120,000
  32. Oyawin: No Welcome Bonus
  33. SureBet247: 150% Up to ₦150,000
  34. Gorillabet 365: 100% Up to ₦50,000
  35. Koretbet: 130% Up to ₦2,000
  36. 150% As Free Bets Up to ₦7,500
  37. BetCorrect: No Welcome Bonus
  38. Mozzartbet: 200% As Free Bets Up to ₦2,000
  39. Livescore Bet: 100% As Free Bets Up to ₦100,000
  40. Cloudbet: No Website
  41. Bet24hrs: No Website
  42. Booster 99: No Website
  43. BetMojo: No Website
  44. OgaBet: No Website
  45. Odds96: No Website
  46. Kibobet: No Website
  47. OrbitBet: No Website
  48. Win Sapa: No Website
  49. ZoomBets: No Website
  50. MonieBet: No Website

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New Betting Sites in Nigeria

Nigeria now has new betting sites. The National Lottery Regulatory Commision (NLRC) is always approving new bookies. Here are the new betting companies in Nigeria today:

  • Oyawin – November 15th, 2022
  • – January 7th 2023
  • KoretBet- March 28th, 2023
  • MozzartBet – July 1st, 2023
  • BetCorrect – August 1st, 2023
  • Betano – March 28th, 2023
  • PariPesa – March 27th, 2023
  • SureBet247 – February 6th, 2023
  • Gorillabet365 – December 5th, 2022
  • FS-bet – November 28th, 2022

Best Arbitrage Betting Sites

Online platforms known as arbitrage betting sites give bettors the means to locate and take advantage of possibilities for profit in the sports betting market.

In order to ensure a profit regardless of the result, arbitrage, sometimes referred to as sure betting or miracle betting, is putting bets on every potential outcome of a sporting event across several bookies.

These are the important things to think about:

  • Odds discrepancies: The core of arbitrage betting is taking advantage of the variations in odds that different bookmakers provide. Seek out websites that regularly provide odds that are considerably different from those provided by other bookmakers. It is this volatility that makes arbitrage betting profitable.
  • Betting Limits: A few sportsbooks impose maximum bet amounts, which may limit your ability to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. Sites that enable significant betting limits are necessary for successful arbitrage betting since they enable you to increase your stakes when a favourable opportunity presents itself.
  • Fast and Trustworthy Odds Updates: In sports betting, odds can fluctuate drastically. Because you have to move fast to take advantage of the odds before they change, arbitrage may not be appropriate for sites that take a long time to update their odds.
  • Variety of Markets and Events: Finding lucrative arbitrage opportunities is more likely when there is a greater variety of markets and events. Websites with a large range of sports and betting markets have greater opportunities for odds differentials that could lead to an arbitrage opportunity.
  • Financial Stability and Dependability: Verify the betting sites’ stability and dependability. Since you will be interacting with numerous accounts and making frequent transfers of monies, it is imperative that these websites have a strong track record of financial integrity and security.
  • Fees and Transaction Speed: Take into account both the transaction speed—particularly for withdrawals—and any related costs. You might regularly need to transfer money between accounts and websites when you engage in arbitrage betting. High fees or sluggish transaction times can reduce your earnings.

Check out our list of the top 10 arbitrage betting sites in Nigeria.

Free Betting Sites In Nigeria

You can place a wager on a free betting site without having to risk any of your own money. The stake is often deducted from your profits while the net amount is credited to your primary account if your free bet is successful. After that, you can either utilise the funds to place a new wager or withdraw your profits from the primary account.

NOTE: Keep in mind that free bets can only be used to place wagers and cannot be withdrawn.

Crypto Betting Sites

best Nigerian betting sites that accept cryptocurrencies

There are interesting betting companies that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies:

  • 1Xbet
  • CoinBet24
  • 22Bet
  • 1xBit
  • BetWinner

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We address the most common queries regarding the top betting sites in Nigeria in this area.

Which Nigerian Betting Site Has the Cheapest Minimum Deposit?

In Nigeria, the lowest minimum deposits can be found at BetKing and Betano. There is a ₦50 minimum deposit on both platforms.

Do Nigerians Have Access to Free Betting Sites?

Registering for an account is free on all Nigerian betting websites. There are even free competitions on some websites where you can win money without having to invest. Take Bet9ja’s Super9ja tournament, for instance, where you may win ₦10,000,000 without having to make a deposit.

Which Nigerian Betting Site Processes Withdrawals Fastest?

Bangbet is the Nigerian betting site that processes withdrawals the quickest. Bangbet guarantees to release your funds within five minutes.

How Many Betting Sites are In Nigeria?

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) has issued legitimate sports betting permits to fifty organisations in Nigeria as of right now. Not every one of these businesses has an operational sports betting website. 39 legitimate and operational sports betting websites are available in Nigeria, according to our most recent investigation. Remember that licences are granted for a maximum of five years and that the NLRC routinely accepts new bookies.

What is the best betting site in Nigeria? (Conclusion)

A competitive and lively market is revealed by the in-depth evaluations of well-known betting sites including Bet9ja, BangBet, Megapari, 1xbet, SportyBet, BetKing, Betway, Nairabet, MerryBet, and Parimatch.

Every platform offers something special to the table, be it extensive betting markets, competitive odds, big bonuses, or easy-to-use interfaces. These features make for a more interesting and maybe profitable betting experience in addition to satisfying the wide range of tastes of Nigerian gamblers.

The range of incentives and promotions that these websites provide is essential to improving the betting experience. So, which is the best betting site in Nigeria? How about we allow you do the bidding? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

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  1. MELBET ARE FRAUDSTERS. They have robbed me and my friends severally. This they do by declaring false results on score and refusing to divulge the source of their results. In other words, they publish the result that suits them and make them pay out less and they do not reveal the source of their statistics. An example is what happened today 28/08/2022 with the AROUCA vs BRAGA match. While the official site of the liga portugal puts the result at 10-14, MELBET published 12-15 to make customers lose while they gain. When I reached out to them they said the result was put together by their “calculation team”. I sent them a link to the official website of the portugal league which made no difference as they didn’t respond to my complaint or provide a link to their source of information. My advice is that you RUN away from MELBET OR GET ROBBED!!

  2. You should also talk about their cash out, if any. Some don’t which makes it difficult to get some funds instead of loosing all. Do throw more light on this.

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