Top 15 Apps for Downloading Movies 2023 [Android & iOS]

Apps for Downloading Movies

As the year 2023 unfolds, the landscape of the best apps for downloading movies continues to evolve, offering users a plethora of options to satisfy their cinematic cravings. Offline movies have become increasingly popular in this fast-paced digital landscape where streaming movies and TV shows have become the norm.

Whether it’s for long flights, camping trips, or simply to save on data usage, there are times when you might prefer to download movies for offline viewing. Thankfully, the app market is brimming with choices for both Android and iOS users, offering convenient options to download and enjoy a vast selection of films.

From classic blockbusters to indie gems, these apps boast extensive movie libraries to cater to diverse tastes. In this article, we’ll delve into The Top 15 Apps For Downloading Movies In 2023, exploring their features, user interfaces, and compatibility across different devices.

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This comprehensive overview will help you make an informed choice about the app that best suits your needs, whether you’re an Android enthusiast or an iOS devotee. Join us as we embark on an exploration of the exciting world of movie downloading apps and discover how they can revolutionize your mobile content consumption experience.

Top 15 Apps for Downloading Movies 2023 [Android & iOS]

The top 15 apps for downloading movies in 2023 for both Android and iOS are:

  • Netflix
  • Viki
  • FilmRise
  • Crunchy Roll
  • Popcorn Flix
  • Vudu
  • Tubi TV
  • Crackle
  • Tubemate
  • Pluto TV
  • Amazon Freevee
  • Red Box
  • Vidmate
  • Plex
  • Snaptube

1. NetFlix

Netflix, a pioneering force in the movie streaming industry, is renowned for its innovative features. Among these is the ability to download videos for offline viewing, cementing its status as one of the top apps for downloading movies.

This feature, while highly efficient, hinges on the availability of ample device storage. Yet, there are notable constraints to consider. Depending on your subscription, you can download it on a limited number of devices.

Password sharing within your household is permitted, permitting account usage across multiple devices. However, only the original account holder can download films on a basic account with ads, while standard and premium accounts grant download privileges on two and four supported devices, respectively.

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2. Viki

Rakuten Viki, also known as Viki, is an American video streaming platform specializing in Asian content, much like other free video streaming platforms that also feature Originals.

Viki offers free movies in multiple languages, allowing you to add subtitles in your preferred language after signing up and verifying your account.

Additionally, Viki provides a watch-party feature that enables you to chat with fellow viewers while streaming – all in one convenient app for downloading movies.

3. FilmRise

Unlike most other apps for downloading movies, FilmRise offers a hassle-free viewing experience without requiring sign-up.

You can access hundreds of free TV shows and movies in HD quality on their app, with easy navigation through categorized titles to find your favorites. While streaming, expect to encounter ads as part of their revenue model.

4. Crunchy Roll

If you’re a fan of anime, especially Japanese anime, Crunchy Roll is the ultimate all-in-one application for you: an anime streaming service offering various anime content you can freely stream, including movies, episodes, mangas, and more.

Available for free on both the Play Store and App Store, its well-structured interface ensures easy navigation to find movies and mangas. While there’s a free plan, paid options unlock more content and features. Note that accessing Crunchy Roll from the US may require a VPN.

5. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is one of those free movie streaming apps for downloading movies that provide instant access to thousands of popular titles and episodes. The app boasts a user-friendly design, making navigation a breeze.

On Popcorn Flix, you’ll discover renowned titles featuring stars like Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp, alongside a diverse range of genres, from action and romance to horror, sci-fi, and documentaries.

What sets this platform apart is its 100% legal status, although enabling a VPN might be necessary for full access to the content of this exceptional free streaming app.

6. Vudu

Vudu is a free movie streaming application accessible only to Americans, making it necessary for those living outside the US to connect to a virtual US server using a VPN app.

Owned by Fandango Media, it focuses on providing on-demand movies at up to 4K resolution. Additionally, you can rent and buy movies from the Vudu app, which boasts a vast library of over 17,000 titles for limitless entertainment.

Available for both Android and iOS users, Vudu features an intuitive interface that simplifies finding your preferred title among its offerings: apps for downloading movies.

7. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the best free apps for downloading movies in clear HD quality on any device.

The Tubi TV app is available for free on Android and Apple app stores, and all movies on the Tubi TV app are 100 percent legal for unlimited streaming. Plus, you don’t need to sign up or pay to start streaming on Tubi TV.

8. Crackle

Crackle, an app by Sony Entertainment, has been offering movie streaming in select regions since 2004, accessible on various platforms like Android, iOS, and smart TVs. While it’s free, it doesn’t boast an extensive lineup of blockbusters.

Nonetheless, it features some popular titles and Crackle Originals—making it a must-try among movie streaming apps for downloading movies.

9. TubeMate

Tube Mate stands as a well-received app for downloading movies, granting users the capability to download videos from YouTube and other similar platforms for video sharing.

Its main focus is on mobile devices, providing an efficient means of preserving videos for offline consumption. Tube Mate affords users the choice to pick the video quality and format for downloads, alongside a user-friendly interface that facilitates download management.

It’s essential to be aware, however, that downloading copyrighted material without proper authorization could potentially breach YouTube’s terms of service and copyright regulations in specific areas. Prior to downloading and utilizing internet content, it’s crucial to confirm that you possess the required rights.

10. Pluto TV

The Pluto TV app for downloading movies is a versatile application accessible on smartphones and smart TVs. It provides a seamless cross-platform experience for enjoying your beloved movies and shows.

This free ad-supported video streaming service, offered by Paramount Streaming, not only allows you to keep up with your favorite content but also serves as a viable cable TV replacement, offering live TV streaming.

With a plethora of convenient features and tools, Pluto TV guarantees a fantastic streaming experience.

11. Amazon Freevee

The unbelievable truth about Amazon Freevee, formerly known as the IMDb TV app, is that it’s one of the best free movie streaming apps for Android and iOS devices, making it one of the top choices for downloading movies.

This app offers users the ability to stream premium blockbuster movies for free, along with a wide selection of popular shows, on-demand movies, and live TV events. Additionally, Freevee Originals are available for you to catch up on.

While the app does display some ads, they are not overly intrusive, ensuring a smooth streaming experience. Furthermore, Freevee offers a diverse library of both new and old movies, and you can even cast them to your TV for an enhanced viewing experience.

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12. Red Box

The Red Box app is quite a multipurpose media app for downloading movies: you can rent, buy, or stream on-demand movies for free. It is intuitive and easy to navigate, with a wide selection of free movies.

Red Box is compatible with older iOS versions, so you can enjoy popular titles without spending a dime, and it’s also available on iPad.

13. VidMate

Apps for Downloading Movies - VidMate

VidMate, a widely used application for downloading movies, has gained prominence for its utility across various online platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and more.

This app offers a user-friendly interface for searching and saving videos for offline consumption in different formats and resolutions. However, it’s essential to note that the legality and moral implications of using such apps for downloading copyrighted content can be complex and vary by jurisdiction.

Additionally, the app’s current status, features, and reputation may have changed since my last update, so it’s advisable to verify details with more recent sources for accuracy.

14. Plex

Plex is one of the oldest media platforms that offer a ton of features, including media management and free on-demand streaming.

There are thousands of movies you can stream on the Plex app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In addition to the on-demand titles, Plex also offers over 200 live TV channels for exciting shows for free. While Plex offers some paid features, sticking with the free version will limit your experience, but you’d surely have a great time.

It’s one of the top apps for downloading movies.

15. SnapTube

Snaptube serves as a versatile multimedia tool, specializing in apps for downloading movies, which simplifies the process of acquiring both videos and audio from various online platforms.

This app provides a user-friendly interface for effortless exploration and downloading of content in different formats and resolutions. Its popularity stems from its ability to access content from numerous sources and offer diverse video quality preferences.

However, it’s crucial to respect copyright regulations and platform policies when downloading content through Snaptube or similar applications, ensuring you have the necessary rights to do so.

Top Apps for Downloading Movies – Conclusion

Our journey through the top 15 apps for downloading movies on Android and iOS has showcased the innovation and convenience that these applications bring to the world of entertainment.

From user-friendly interfaces to vast libraries of movies spanning various genres and languages, these apps have redefined how we consume content on our mobile devices. Whether you prefer the simplicity of one-tap downloads or the ability to customize your viewing experience, there’s an app tailored to your preferences.

Once again, here is a quick recap of the best apps for downloading movies for both Android and iOS in 2023:

  • Netflix
  • Viki
  • FilmRise
  • Crunchy Roll
  • Popcorn Flix
  • Vudu
  • Tubi TV
  • Crackle
  • Tubemate
  • Pluto TV
  • Amazon Freevee
  • Red Box
  • Vidmate
  • Plex
  • Snaptube

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