8 Tools to Always Have Handy as a Home Repair Contractor

8 Tools to Always Have Handy as a Home Repair Contractor

Every home repair contractor knows that there are a handful of tools you should have handy, no matter what the job. Whether it’s to give you more leverage when you need to maneuver through a tight spot or to protect yourself while doing an abysmal reach job, tools can be beneficial as long as they’re ready. So, here are some of the tools you should have on hand at all times.

PVC Coated Fabric

A common problem for contractors is that they are always running out of tape or have to run back and forth to the store before they can continue with a repair. However, a PVC-coated fabric roll is a durable substitute that can be used as tape, straps, or string. There are advantages to using a PVC fabric strip roll instead of tape.

They’re more hygienic and can be used on various surfaces where tape can’t be. But the question you still have is why a contractor would consider this proprietary product over commercially-available tools.

The answer lies in the fact that PVC-coated fabrics are ideal for in-home repairs, where most contractors are forced to improvise sometimes because of a lack of proper tools.

Tape Measure

A good tape measure is essential in any job. It’s also one of the most used items on a tool belt. It’s easy to grab a hammer and think you can judge the length of wood you’ll need for a shelf by holding it, but all too often, that works out poorly. When working with new materials, it’s important to measure precisely so that your finished project fits in every way.

Stud Finder

Finding studs and other structural supports is sometimes a game of chance. A stud finder can save the day, allowing you to locate hidden support beams and know if the wall you’re about to run your new wiring through is a load-bearing wall. These handy little tools come with a variety of options.

Some models beep when they sense the edges of a stud. Others work by emitting an electromagnetic field that can detect metal nails or screws in the wall. Still, others work by taking an electrical reading of the wall and detecting where there are differences in current.


Levels are great tools for mounting shelving, installing tile or flooring, or even hanging a picture on the wall. A good level will help you stay true to your measurements and ensure that your project is on point. There are different types of levels, including torpedo level, screed level, and magnetic level, among others.

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is something you can’t go without in your toolbox. From hanging a picture to installing drywall anchors, the cordless drill will always be handy. Not only is it safer, but using the drill when installing something so far off the ground makes your job so much easier.

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is a multipurpose tool that’s an absolute must-have for any home repair contractor. In addition to being able to be adjusted for different sizes, an adjustable wrench can also be used when you’re tightening or loosening bolts and screws. As it’s so versatile, the adjustable wrench is one of those tools you’ll use throughout your entire project.


Whether you need to take the screws out or replace them, a screwdriver is handy to have on hand. Plus, if you own a quality screwdriver kit, it’ll come with extra bits and tools that are perfect for different situations. You can also use it to pry up floorboards or lift tiles when necessary.


Whether you need to tighten a bolt or remove a nail, pliers are almost always handy. You may even have to use them for things that aren’t necessarily related to home repair, such as cutting the wire. Also, you should have different types of pliers, including a needle nose, which is ideal if you need to work inside tight spaces.

Bottom Line

As a home repair contractor, you will find yourself needing one of these tools in almost every job. From taking off the old tile and installing the new to hanging a picture or measuring for a patch, you’ll need to have a good set of tools on hand to get the job done.

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