6 Tips to Help You Step Up Your Holiday Marketing Tactics

6 holiday marketing tactics

The Christmas season is always around the corner for small companies, regardless of the period of the year. It’s not just the season for gifts but also the busiest time of year for many business owners. The holiday season has the potential to make or break your fiscal year and, ideally, put you in a position to succeed in 2023.

It’s no secret that when the prices are this low, customers go crazy with purchasing frenzy. Indeed, there are several excellent bargains, and seller rivalry is fierce. However, despite the intense competition, the holidays also present the opportunity to gain new clients. As per the NRF, internet sales during the 2021 winter holiday season generated $218.9 billion in revenue, while in-store sales reached a remarkable $667.8 billion.

Here’s a look at how you may boost your Christmas sales and have your greatest holiday season yet.

1. Plan Your Holiday Advertising in Advance

Start preparing your Christmas marketing efforts and advertisements today if you haven’t already! Don’t put off creating your Black Friday and Christmas advertising until the last minute. American customers are astute buyers. They understand that companies compete for clients and are constantly on the hunt for discounts and bargains.

Plan ahead and develop strategies to attract your clients’ appetite for great offers. For example, to attract bargain hunters, provide a single, meaningful discount, or create several short-term discounts that change weekly, providing shoppers a reason to return. You may also utilize discount codes to increase e-commerce purchases.

2. Make Gift Recommendations

As the holidays approach, your consumers’ lives will become increasingly stressful. Consider simplifying Christmas shopping by creating email marketing ads with gift suggestions. Incorporate a call to action, like “Buy Now,” as well as shoppable links that take your clients straight to the product pages on your website.

Personalize holiday gifting suggestions based on prior purchases, highlight unique gift ideas, and illustrate how to combine many things into one amazing gift. Offer discounts on gift packages as a bonus and incentive.

3. Appeal to Consumer Emotions

The holidays elicit a range of feelings, from happiness to nostalgia. A good Christmas marketing approach will appeal to these feelings, inspiring customers to include your brand in their Christmas shopping.

Pay special attention to the emotive impact of your content while developing your holiday marketing strategy. To elicit strong emotions, share inspiring words on social media or offer a behind-the-scenes peek at how your organization celebrates the holidays.

4. Maximize Mobile Marketing

SMS and mobile advertising have grown more important for e-commerce in recent years. During the 2021 Christmas season, Adobe discovered that mobile devices generated well over $88 billion in sales. And, on six days – Thanksgiving, 18th December, 19th December, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and Boxing day – mobile devices accounted for more than half of all internet transactions.

Develop mobile-friendly email campaigns and mobile-optimized web stores. If you opt to utilize broadcast text messaging for Christmas marketing, your clients will be able to effortlessly click on a hyperlink and be taken right to your product pages on their smartphones.

5. Concentrate On Customer Retention

Even though you’re keen to recruit new clients, don’t forget about your existing customers. Repeat consumers account for roughly two-thirds of your revenue, so maintaining in touch with them is worthwhile.

Take advantage of the chance to give your top customers a special present, such as a good discount or an exceptional first peek at a new product. You may also send handwritten Christmas cards in the mail to your valued consumers through the old-fashioned method. This method will pique your clients’ interest and demonstrate that you care.

6. Go Big On the Christmas Spirit

Shoppers are also looking for Christmas spirit as well as holiday gifts. Decorate your shop front, landing, and home pages with festive Christmas pictures and lots of glitz.

Consider providing Christmas gift-wrapping services online and in-store, or promote a unique, limited-edition product accessible just during the festive season. If your business undertakes charitable activities around the holidays, post images on your social networks to show clients that you’re not simply saying nice things about the season.

Bottom Line

Creating a Christmas advertising campaign is similar to creating an advertising campaign throughout the year. The key distinction is in the topics and offerings you develop. Even though the procedure is identical, these campaigns normally have distinct objectives and expectations because consumers are more ready to convert at this period of the year.

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