Tips on Starting a Blog and Making Money

starting a blog

Starting a blog doesn’t just involve writing down everything that comes to mind and then hoping that people will flock to read your thoughts.

There is planning and learning involved in making it successful. A blog that captivates an audience will be one that starts to bring you in an income, and if you are good enough, perhaps you might be able to give up that day job.

Interested to hear more? The following are five tips on how to get started on making an income through blogging.

Secure the Needed Funds

Creating a platform that is successful is a difficult prospect and the only way to succeed is to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Investing in a good website and courses that teach you how to get to the top of the blogging world are worth paying money for.

There are also the costs of advertising to think about. You should consider taking out a personal loan from a private lender to pay for startup costs. The success generated in the long term will make the initial investment worth it.

Know What You Want to Write

This may seem obvious but the details of it are often overlooked when people embark on their blogging journey. You must narrow down your niche so that you don’t become distracted by other areas and topics that may seem relevant to you, but not to others who are coming to read what you write.

If you choose to write about sports, choose a specific sport as it is too wide an area of interest to draw people in and keep them coming back.

One person may like football but hate baseball for example. If you write about football and then baseball, you may lose your audience.

Learn to Write

Writing a blog is very different from writing in other areas. What you write has to captivate your audience and keep them coming back.

A style that is too plain and boring will make reading a chore. Using vocabulary that is too academic (unless it is an academic subject or blog) will come across as pretentious or there may be words people don’t understand.

Take the time to read and learn how to write a blog properly and, if necessary, take classes. It will only benefit you and your writing.

Plan Ahead

Without a plan, you are doomed to fail. Ensure you know what you are going to write about and when you are going to write about it.

Most people like to have a schedule and they find comfort in knowing something they like is going to happen on a particular day.

Plan your writing so you have defined days and specific times when you will release new posts. If you don’t, you may lose readers because they don’t know when they can read your work.

Planning also helps to keep you to a schedule and makes the process manageable and easier.

Learn to Drive Traffic

This will be one of the more frustrating parts of your journey but worth it in the long term. If you put a blog on the internet, people are not going to automatically arrive in hordes to read what you have to say.

They won’t know it’s there, and you are competing with all the different blogs worldwide. Take the time to study and learn how to use social media to drive traffic to your blog.

As people become interested, visits will come more organically but without the initial push to find an audience, nobody knows you exist. Traffic is vital for the earning potential of your blog.

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