The Suspected Pact of Lima

The successful pact of Lima

In all sports, including football, it is expected for players and teams to make their biggest efforts in order to claim a victory.

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However, in some circumstances, it might happen that the two teams in a football field may discover that a specific result helps both of them.

This is exactly what happened on the last matchday of the South American qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The 1xBet platform is the best website to visit in order to start wagering on those qualifiers.

All those matches were played on the 10th of October 2017. Here the contest between Perú and Colombia, which was played in the Peruvian capital of Lima caught all the attention.

Focusing Attention On Two Fronts

This is where the infamous Pact of Lima comes into play. In total, there were four teams that were involved in it in a direct or indirect way. A great bet live on 1xBet website can be made on all those squads, which were:

  • Brazil;
  • Chile;
  • Perú;
  • and Colombia.

Before those matches, Brazil was already qualified for the competition, and they needed to play against Chile. The Chileans were in fifth place with 26 points. It is possible to make a live bet on the 1xBet website on all matches played by Chile.

The Colombians were fourth also with 26 points, and Perú was sixth with 25 points. In South America, between the first to the fourth ranked teams qualify directly to the FIFA World Cup. The fifth plays an intercontinental play-off, while the rest is eliminated.

An Apparent Agreement

Chile needed to secure at least a draw in Brazilian territory. However, this seemed an almost impossible task. Eventually, the Chileans lost 3-0 against Brazil. The great 1xBet apk free download to phone can be obtained right now, and it can be used to bet on South American teams.

With that defeat, the Chileans needed Colombia to defeat Perú in the other match. However, in Lima, things were 1-1. It should be remembered that both matches were being played simultaneously.

By the 80th minute, it was clear that Chile had no chance to rescue a point from Brazil. With that result, the Colombians and Peruvians knew that the 1-1 was a good result for both of them. It is possible to download the 1xBet apk to a phone for free, and wager on all those squads.

Colombian forward Radamel Falcao was seen approaching the Peruvian players and saying something to them. He covered his mouth so his lips couldn’t be read.

Coincidentally, both squads stopped attacking after those dialogues, and the match finished 1-1. It was later admitted by Falcao himself that he told the Peruvian players that Chile was losing, and that the draw benefited both.

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