The Legendary Undertaker


The name Mark William Calaway might not ring too many bells for wrestling fans. Probably it will sound familiar only for those who are more passionate followers. However, when talking about The Undertaker, probably most followers of the WWE will immediately pay attention. The 1xBet betting site is the best platform to wager on all events organized by this franchise.

Many people consider The Undertaker to be one of the best professional wrestlers in the history of the sport. From his beginnings, he started to quickly show that he was no ordinary performer. Even after his retirement, his name continues to be immediately associated with the WWE. Right now, the 1xBet betting site is still the best place to wager on everything that the incredible WWE has to offer for all its fans.

Beginnings of an illustrious career

The Undertaker began competing in various professional wrestling organizations in 1987. Obviously, back then he was simply known by his birth name. Football can also offer great events, and the online bookmaker can be used to wager on them in addition to great wrestling matches.

Some of the organizations where Calaway participated while being a junior wrestler were:

  • the World Class Championship Wrestling;
  • the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Wrestling;
  • the WCWA Texas Heavyweight Wrestling;
  • and the World Championship Wrestling.

On the 1xBet online bookmaker it is also possible to find other great wrestling events in addition to those organized by the WWE. He had remarkable performances in all those instances, and this paved his way into the WWF.

Becoming a legendary character

In 1990, Mark Calaway joined the WWF. He adopted the name The Undertaker, which looked like a dark and sinister character. He immediately became one of the most popular names in the entire WWE and WWF. In addition to his great performances, his character received multiple awards and praises by itself. You can now go to the website – profitable wrestling betting can be made on other fantastic characters from the WWE.

The performances of The Undertaker in the ring were also incredible. He won multiple competitions, including the World Heavyweight Championship and also the Royal Rumble. He was also one of the stars in many editions of WrestleMania.

Despite his retirement in 2020, The Undertaker will always be remembered by fans and followers of the WWE. In order to win with it, it is always possible to make profitable wrestling betting through the 1xBet online bookmaker.


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