The Incredible USA Final 1967

The Incredible USA Final 1967

The United Soccer Association, also known as USA was a short-lived football competition in the United States and Canada. The best online betting Nigeria is only on 1xBet, and punters can visit this website in order to wager on multiple other sports taking place in this part of the world.

The competition had a single season, which took place in 1967. During this instance, the teams were divided into two groups, and the first of each one of them played against each other in a final match. This final contest was a very entertaining event, and it took place on the 14th of July 1967. Currently, only on 1xBet Nigeria it is possible to find the best online betting on modern football tournaments from all around Earth.

Wolverhampton vs Aberdeen

The competition had a curious aspect. The teams were not made of local players. Instead, the squads “imported” teams from abroad. The two squads that contested this final were the Los Angeles Wolves and the Washington Whips. The application 1xBet download iOS can be used to wager on other great football teams from North America.

“Importing” a team basically meant that the USA team took all its players and staff, meaning that it was basically the foreign team but playing under a different name. The Wolves and the Whips were actually Wolverhampton and Aberdeen, from England and Scotland respectively. Yet, this didn’t prevent the teams from delivering an incredible final. Punters can download the iOS 1xBet application now, and use it to wager on those two squads.

How did the match go

The rules of this match were slightly different to the ones applied to other final contests. Two halves of 45 minutes each were played. If the draw persisted, two extra times of 15 minutes were played. Up to that point, nothing too different from what is seen on other finals. The online bookmaker is available for wagering on the most important finals of world football.

However, the difference was that, if the draw still persisted after 120 minutes, then a golden goal period would be played. Here the teams would play for as long as it was necessary until a team scored a goal.

The contest was won by the Wolves 6-5, and the goalscorers were:

  • Peter Knowles;
  • Dave Burnside;
  • Derek Dougan;
  • James Smith;
  • Frank Munro;
  • Jim Storrie;
  • and an own goal from Ally Shewan.

Incredibly, the match ended 4-4 in the 90 minutes. Then, both teams scored a goal each in the regular extra time. In the first minute of the golden goal period, Ally Shewan from the Washington Whips scored an own goal that gave the title to the Wolves. For wagering on other exciting matches like this, you can go to the 1xBet online bookmaker.

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