Teniola quotes and sayings

We bring to you 15 Teniola quotes and sayings about life and hustle.

Teni Apata popularly known as Teni is a fast rising singer, songwriter, drummer, stage performer, recording artist and an entertainer.
She is super gifted, skillful, creative, and talented.

As one of the popular rising Nigerian musicians, she is breaking grounds and Teniola net worth is no doubt a proof of this.

How did she get this far? What has kept her going despite the fact that she lost her dad when she was very young?

In this collection of Teniola quotes, you’ll find sayings and words of motivation that will inspire you.

Teniola Quotes and Sayings About Life and Hustle

1. “Get your bags ladies and gentlemen! Don’t let procrastination stop you.” – Teniola

2. “I pray you to reach a certain level of happiness! The one in which you need no validation. Just casually living your life, knowing tomorrow isn’t promised.”

3. “Fear is a bigger obstacle than the obstacle itself — a lesson from Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist”. – Teniola quotes

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4. “The journey is the destination, embrace it” – Teniola

5. “Mistakes are not fatal, and failures are only battle scars” – Teniola

Teniola quotes

6. “Consistency is the ultimate hack to success in life” – Teniola quotes

7. “Giving is the easiest way to building lasting wealth” – Teniola

8. “Never back down, keep getting back up” – Teniola

9. “If it is true, it will always endure” – Teniola quotes

10. “Your life is for many, not yours alone” – Teniola

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11. “Embrace your struggles! We’re all just working to be better. It’s okay to have struggles, it’s a part of life, it will all get better…” – Teniola

12. “If you strive hard, you can be just what you want.” – Teniola

13. “If you know who you are, you won’t let what anyone say to you affect you.” – Teniola

14. “When you have positive energy, everyone wants to be around you.”

Summary of Teniola Quotes

Which of these quotes got your attention the most? For me it is “Embrace your struggles! We’re all just working to be better. It’s okay to have struggles, it’s a part of life, it will all get better…”

Teni is a force to reckon with and she’s going even higher places.

Is she your favorite artiste? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

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