10 Best Tech Blogs In Nigeria [Tech Influencers] 2023

Best Tech Blogs in Nigeria

Today we bring to you the latest list of the top 10 best tech blogs in Nigeria 2023.

Experts in various fields of technology (gadgets, devices, goods, and companies) in Nigeria can now share their insights and experiences with the wider public through technology blogs.

Many Nigerian experts in various technological fields write blogs in which they instruct readers with reviews, prices, specifications, tutorials, and how-written to’s in plain English.

Many new technologies in Nigeria find an additional audience thanks to the marketing efforts of some Nigerian tech blogs, which help establish names for products and get them in front of more people.

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Many Nigerian technology blogs share common themes and topics, but these blogs also vary greatly in terms of structure, resources, title, style, and a few other distinguishing features.

By analyzing their articles, pageviews, and overall quality of service, we’ve compiled a list of the best ten technology blogs in Nigeria.

In this article, we’ll go over the top ten tech blogs in Nigeria, ranking them based on content, views, and service quality.

10. Android Nigeria

The focus of Android Nigeria, as its name suggests, is on all things Android related: devices, accessories, products, and services.

The primary purpose of this blog is to have a discussion about Android devices in Nigeria and other related products and information.

Here, Nigerian users can get answers to their questions and fulfill their needs for any and all Android products and services.

This technology blog’s strength is that it is unidimensional; it is devoted solely to covering Android gadgets, accessories, prices, specifications, and so on.

In addition to general Android device advice, the blog covers topics such as game hacks, quick fixes for common problems, and more.

This blog has been around for nearly a decade, making it an excellent resource for learning about Android devices in Nigeria.

Visit official website: Android Nigeria

9. Wizytechs

Wizytechs is a smartphone-focused blog, whereas Android Nigeria caters exclusively to Android users.

The terms “smartphone” and “smartphones” refer to both Windows and Apple products.

It’s easy to see that Wizytechs is superior to Android Nigeria due to the wider range of topics it covers. The blog will be able to reach more people if it focuses on a more general topic.

As a bonus service, Wizytechs delves into the realm of personal computers by providing advice, technical details, and more.

However, they lack extensive information about PCs and have some major gaps in their coverage. Evidently, the blog’s forte is not in covering cutting-edge tech products.

The simple tricks, cheats, and fixes offered on the blog are a big draw for many readers because they address common issues with smartphones.

Visit official website: Wizytechs

8. Geek.ng

The name of the blog precedes it as one of the top tech blogs in Nigeria through the excellent expertise in technological advances and devices available in Nigeria on display.

The series of content available on the blog is quite wide, as it covers a well-diversified number of topics and devices related to anything technology.

These topics range from Mobile which has subcategories of Android, Apple iOS, wearable tech, windows; Computers with subcategories including windows, Internet security, and Mac.

Other additional discussion topics and threads on the blog includes Gaming reviews, technology-based business ideas, Crypto-Currencies, design and data infrastructure.

Many top technological brands also utilize this tech blog for marketing and advertising purposes.

Visit official website: Doncarpio

7. Ogbongeblog

Ogbongeblog is a popular tech blog in Nigeria.

Not only is the website’s tech blogging excellent, but it also has many other interesting and informative features on the blog, all of which are laden with content about Nigeria.

While mobile devices and electronics comprise the bulk of the topics covered here, many of the apps available for these devices also get extensive attention.

There, you can learn what’s new in a wide variety of app categories, like games, social networks, utilities, and more.

The blog also features how-to guides for readers in the hopes of increasing their profile views and following.

Blog advertising, Blogspot, WordPress, and small and medium enterprise (SME) advice are just some of the topics covered in these tutorials.

Visit official website: Ogbongeblog

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6. Techpoint

Techpoint is also another top tech blog in Nigeria whose main goal is to enlighten the Nigerian public of recent advancements in technology, including local tech content.

This is evident in their numerous contents regarding the INNOSON motors which is an automobile manufacturing company in Nigeria, the first of its kind.

Contents about tech on this blog are presented in the form of Newsletters, podcasts, videos, as well as reports.

These contents are well presented in a way that user can get all the important information needed in such content.

Techpoint also provides content on the technology community, featuring important events, shows, awards in the tech industry.

Users looking for startup ideas can also gain a lot of information in this aspect under their Startup section. You can get advice on investments, get tips on where to invest your funds with a better rate of return.

Visit official website: Techpoint

5. Techcity

This blog provides education and entertainment at the same time, while users can strictly select what parts they prefer to navigate.

Users here get news about Gadgets, tech giants, Telecommunications networks and software, social networking, Gadget reviews, and other latest introductions in the tech market.

Users on TechCity also get a chance to view documentary series on different new technologies, as well as the trends which technologies are following with time due to different changes in the community.

Tech businesses can also get a good review of how the tech market in Nigeria is operating, thereby getting a good hang of the widely utilized technology products in the country.

While a lot of the contents on this blog are focused and targeted at the Nigerian audience, many other contents also focus on the international audiences.

Visit official website: Techcity

4. Techtrendsng

Many users on Techtrends usually wonder if Techtrends is really a Nigerian blog.

This is due to the well-defined outlook of the blog, which is very unique especially when compared to other websites in Nigeria. This obviously makes them one of the best ranked in terms of tech blogs in Nigeria.

On Techtrends, everything technology is available. From mobile devices like Android, Windows, Apple iOS; to applications from top tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

You just name that top tech app, you will find contents concerning this app on Techtrends.

Techtrends also discuss a lot concerning Crypto-Currencies for users interested in the digital business world.

There are as much contents on these digital wallets due to the financial trends following that path. It is no wonder that Techtrends is well ranked here.

Visit official website: Techtrendsng

3. Gadgetstripe

GadgetStripe is owned by one of the most innovative male bloggers in Nigeria, namely Charles Oke.

His experience in blogging for over 5 years shows his expertise in discussing thousands of technologies, ranging from Gadgets, electronics, and mobile devices.

While not many bloggers of his age in Nigeria can boast of prowess in the tech industry, Charles has established himself as a proficient blogger in this category in Nigeria.

As an icon recognized for his work in blogging concerning the tech industry, he is also trying his best to inspire other youths to start something online.

Users on the blog can easily notice how he places focus on making content concerning techs that a lot of people are talking about.

This ensures his blog is well ranked, as well as one of the places you can get the latest tech news in Nigeria.

Visit the official website: Gadgetstripe

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2. Naijatechguide

Are you an individual interested in the current trends in mobile devices? Naijtechguide is the blog just for you.

This is a blog centered on everything mobile, from apps, games, social networks, utility, to eCommerce.

Its centralized focus on mobile devices ensures that content on the blog is rich and well detailed, covering everything users need to know concerning the subject of discussion or review.

Users get prices, specifications, updates, new about already known mobile devices, laptops, and accessories on Naijatechguide without breaking a sweat.

Due to the high volume of content available here, it may get confusing for new users. However, this problem of navigation to what you want is eliminated through the search box provided.

This will list you all the contents concerning the topic you are looking for.

Whatever device you want to inquire about, you will find it on Naijatechguide. This is why they take up this spot among top tech blogs in Nigeria.

Visit official website: Naijatechguide

1. Tech Cabal

You can assume that Tech Cabal covers every aspect of technology in Nigeria and beyond, given its position at the top of this list of the best tech blogs in Nigeria.

Your expectations for what Tech Cabal can do are low, but the blog goes far beyond those expectations. The name alone should give you an idea of the blog’s quality.

To begin, know that this site has information on every aspect of technology.

The sheer breadth of coverage that can be seen from just the blog’s front page is astounding.

Users who don’t have a specific topic in mind often become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content. Although, as long as you have a specific topic in mind, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Users are not limited to a single topic, as there are many specialized technological contents to investigate.

Tech Cabal also delves into reports, events, startups, and people, and has in-depth discussions on a wide variety of topics.

You need only join this site to learn everything there is to know about it.

Visit official website: Techcabal

Summary of Best Tech Blogs In Nigeria

There are a plethora of Nigerian technology websites available to the country’s many users, but the blogs here are the best bet for finding reliable information.

You won’t find a more comprehensive collection of tech blogs than the ones we’ve compiled here.

Techendowed.com is one of the websites that deserves your attention.

The vast majority of these blogs have been around for long enough to consistently deliver the best and most up-to-date information in their respective fields of technology.

Many of these bloggers have extensive experience in their respective fields, lending credibility to the content they post.

Quick recap of the best tech blogs in Nigeria:

  1. Techcabal
  2. Naijatechguide
  3. Gadgetstripe
  4. Tech trends
  5. Techcity
  6. Techpoint
  7. Ogbongeblog
  8. Geek.ng
  9. Wizytechs
  10. Android Nigeria

I’m sure you’ve really found this to be helpful. I’d appreciate it if you consider sharing the posts on your favorite social media platform.

Don’t forget to drop your comments as well as you tell us which of these tech sites appeals more to you.

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