10 Proven Steps To Achieving Your Dreams

Great Steps on Ways to Achieving Your Dreams

We bring to you 10 easy steps to achieving your dreams.

We all have goals we aim to achieve and we strive so hard to reach that desired goal. In most cases, many people write and rewrite new year resolutions.

If you want something different in your life, you must start by setting goals. This is a common practice, and yet most people still have trouble achieving their goals.

How, then, do you go from just setting your goals to achieving your goals?

10 Easy Ways to Achieving Your Dreams Quickly

In this article, you are about to discover ways to help you achieve your dreams easily and quickly.

1. Discover Your Dream

This may seem silly. However, many people set out to achieve a dream and invest a lot of time, effort, and money into it just to find out that it isn’t worth what they wanted to accomplish, to begin with.

If you want to be rich, don’t just choose the first job that pays the most. Work smart! So get out a pen and a piece of paper and write down exactly what your dream is.

You may need to do this a few times before you discover what it is you want to do.

2. Know Where You’re Going

To start with, you must know where you are going, exactly. When mapping directions, you enter the precise address of your destination.

The same is true for achieving your goals. Have a crystal clear picture of what that goal looks like when it is achieved.

One good thing about knowing where you’re going is that it helps you visualize that big picture and orchestrate your plans to achieving your dreams.

3. Make the Necessary Solid Plans

In one of the inspirational Lionel Messi quotes, he said; “You have to fight to reach your dreams. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.” – Lionel Messi

A plan is a bridge between now and the future. The popular saying that failure to plan is a plan to fail, is always true.

So many of my friends have started a business and failed. Before they started their business, I had told them there are things they need to learn as well as things they need to master.

They responded with weightless confidence as they proceeded to wing it. Their businesses no longer exist because of it. I also thought I had a solid plan when I started my first business, but I failed and realized the opposite.

This part may be more difficult to do than the first step; however, in the long run, it will undoubtedly be worth it! You have to plan it!

Create a Blueprint step-by-step on how exactly you will get to where you want to be! So, keep that pen in your hand and grab a new sheet of paper and do this with full concentration.

4. Set A Time Frame

When achieving your goals, it is essential to have an exact time frame within which the goal must be achieved.

Set time frame when reaching your goals

I find that most people, myself included, have short attention spans. There is no real urgency for a goal that is five years off.

Achieving your dreams that have a six-month deadline, however, is going to be higher on your list of priorities. Ask yourself where you would like to be in 6 months and then make plans accordingly.

I’m not saying that you won’t have a larger picture that your goals are fitting into. That is most definitely a necessity.

The bigger picture is the dream that you want your life to be. It consists of everything that you want in your life and nothing that you don’t. Goals take the big picture and breaking it down into achievable steps is crucial.

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5. Evaluate Your Progress

Next, take a good look at where you are currently. You must know where you are on your way to achieving your dreams.

Take the time to determine where you are now compared to where you want to be. Driving from Paris, France to Barcelona, requires an entirely different route than if you were beginning in Prague in the Czech Republic.

Evaluating your progress, by knowing what you’ve done so far, and what’s next to be done, will give you a clear sense of direction.

6. Take Stocks

When taking stock of where you are currently, also be aware of what resources are available to you in achieving your goals.

What is your financial situation? Who do you know that has done what you want to do? Where can you go for advice, information, and encouragement?

In one of Andres Iniesta’s quotes, he said; “When you need help, you have to look for it: at times, it’s necessary. People are specialists; that’s what they’re there for. You have to use them”. – Andres Iniesta

These are all points to consider in achieving your goals.

7. Clarity Is CrucialAsk Yourself Why

Additionally, be clear about why you want to have your goals in your life. Is achieving your dreams something that you deeply desire? What is the point of achieving your goals?

What is reaching your goals going to do for you? Get rid of any goals that you feel like you should do. Choose the goals that you get to do instead.

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The most important question to ask when achieving your goals is if your ‘why’ is strong enough for you to take the needed action. Be honest with yourself.

If you tell yourself all the reasons why you think you should do something and deep down, you don’t care if you do it or not you are setting yourself up to fail.

Nothing is more stressful than having a goal hanging over your head all the time. Your why must be strong enough to keep you in motion through the good and the tough in life.

Your ‘why’ must be strong enough to push you to put your heart and soul into achieving your desired dream.

8. Be Sure About How to Achieve Your Dream

Now is the time to determine how you will reach your life’s dream. The biggest thing I see that keeps people from achieving their dreams is jumping into action far too quickly.

You have something you have decided you want. You jump into action on the first thing you see that might work to get you there. If you are lucky, it does work, and more than likely, it doesn’t. You then find yourself setting the same goal over again and repeating the same mistake.

You can avoid falling into that trap quite quickly. Wait to take action until you’ve come up with at least ten different ways to achieve your dreams.

Typically, people choose the first strategy that comes to mind when they start working on a goal. The best strategy for you may be number 10 on your list. Take the time to brainstorm and do your research.

Stay flexible even after you have your list of 10 strategies. Maybe you haven’t come across the best method for reaching your dreams yet.

After you’ve chosen the strategies you like best from your list, you may still find methods that work better for you. Don’t get stuck with a strategy that you miss when the opportunity arises and strikes elsewhere.

9. If It’s Not Fun, Don’t Do It

I cannot overemphasize this point. Achieving your dreams shouldn’t be a chore.

It is meant to be an exciting and satisfying process. Choose only the strategies from your list that you would like to implement.

You are more likely to act on your goals if these actions are fun for you.

If achieving your dreams doesn’t excite you, if it doesn’t spring out that joy of fulfillment, then you may have to do a rethink on what your dream really is.

The truth is, if your dream is something you get to do, there is a fun way of achieving it.

10. Get Started

People are celebrated for their actions and not for their intentions. The best plan in the world means nothing if you don’t act on it.

In one of the inspirational life lessons from Lionel Messi, getting started, and being dedicated to your cause is important.

You have all the groundwork done. You know where you’re going, where you’re coming from, how to get there, and why you are going to.

It’s time to get yourself into motion. Break your dream down into simple steps. What are you going to do today, tomorrow, and the next day?

Do something every day to move closer to that goal, and you’ll be achieving your dreams in no time.

Conclusion – No Road Block in Achieving Your Dreams

In most cases, we all have to be on the learning curve when aiming to achieve your dreams. It’s not as easy as many people say it. You just have to put in the work.

Fortunately, the Internet plays an essential role in our lives, whether for communication or to seek information on a particular subject.

The widespread reach of the internet has made it possible to source any form of information with ease and within seconds.

More that enough famous people are a testimony that you can reach your goals, only if you plan, and work hard.

Did you find this piece helpful? Let us know what you think.

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