Solo Prediction Today Website Review

Solo Prediction Today Site Review

Here’s a quick review of solo prediction today website.

Everyone all over the world who plays bets is always looking to profit off their bets. No one plays a bet to lose from it, that’s why everybody always looks for the best options or prediction for a game, not only that, they also look for the best options which give the best odds.

People often go online to search for prediction websites with high accuracy in-game predictions. Interestingly, Solo Prediction Today website is one of the top 10 hot soccer prediction sites.

We have so many types of bet prediction websites that most have a very low prediction percentage.

Look no further, let me introduce you to solo prediction. Logon to for your best predictions on different leagues in the world.

Solo prediction is a website that gives you precise football predictions and football betting tips to help you hit that cash you are aiming for.

Why Solo Prediction Today Website Works provides the best booking options for popular leagues all over the world, such as the Bundesliga and the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 to name but a few.

Solopredict site for correct score

Solo Prediction Today site provides a very high accuracy ranging from 85 – 90%, and most days give a 100% prediction. 

The solo prediction uses a sophisticated statistical and analysis platform to help give you your daily predictions.

We all know that they are no such thing as accurate predictions simply because we are all humans also betting on humans on the field, and anything is bound to happen, but with solo prediction, you will have predictions with a very low risk of failing.

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Solo Predict Services

Solo prediction provides blogging on soccer bets and tips, and also they provide the latest information and news in the world of football.

  • Accurate predictions daily
  • Free daily 5odds
  • And also the option of talking to them one on one on WhatsApp.

The solo prediction was the best prediction website in 2019 providing high-precision tips day in day out every week.

Solo prediction today gives score predictions on the latest games also providing tips on the following options BTTS, OVER 2.5, UNDER 2.5, HT/FT, FIRST HALF RESULTS/GOALS to mention a few.

SoloPredict User Interface

Solo prediction has a simple user interface which makes it very easy to navigate around the site.

The website has pleasant colors that please the eyes when going through the site, with buttons on places that are very easy to locate.

Although the website is not fully responsive to all types of mobile screens, it still has a good user interface. The site management can improve the website’s responsiveness to all screen sizes.

Upon login to the site, on the top right corner, you have the registration button. The registration on Solo Prediction Today site is very easy. It comes with a field for name, phone number, email, and password with a captcha system.

The registration process lacks the option to confirm a password. This option is always important because people sometimes make mistakes when putting in a password as a result of their keyboard or their phones hanging, they need that confirm the password to help them spot that mistake.

After registration, solo predict offers different membership options for its users.

Solo Prediction Membership Options

Below are the numerous membership options provided by solo predict.

  • 7 days Membership Option:

This option gives you access to all the predictions on the site for just 7 days and it is valued at #3,000 This plan gives access to 2-5 odds weekend tips and also other categories.

  • 1-month Plan

This gives you access to 2 to 5 odds weekend tips for a month. This plan is valued at #5,000

  • 3 Layered Super Investment Tips

This daily tips for 5 days gives you odds ranging from 1.5 to 2.05 high accuracy odds for 5days. This plan is valued at #5,000

Super investment tips 10days, offering tips with odds ranging from 1.5 to 2.05 odds for 10 days valued at #9,000

Super investment tips 15 days, offering tips with odds ranging from 1.50 to 2.05 for 15days. This package is valued at #13,000

Solo Prediction Disclaimer

Here’s a disclaimer directly from is not one of the many bookmaker or betting sites in Nigeria and does not collect bets. Our predictions, our techniques, guides, help, and recommendations as we try to make them as accurate as possible are subject to errors.

Predictions must be considered as recommendations and not incitement to bet, even Solopredict remember that gambling should be considered as entertainment.

The visitor and Solo prediction today site users are solely responsible for his actions and his decisions and in no event shall the site and its employees can be held responsible for the information included.

Solopredict is not liable for any loss of money or anything else that may result from the use of the information on Solopredict.”

What Makes Solo Predict Correct Score Better?

Solo Predict operates offers premium or VIP predictions and also offers free tips.

Solo predicts goes through vigorous analysis and comparison before posting any tip on their site or sending it to their premium users.  For VIP users, they will get a detailed description of the various reasons why the pick is accurate.

Solo Prediction Today website uses a certain risk management system to analyze the picks before finally being posted.

They also give a better money management system to their VIP users. This ensures that their VIP users put their money to good use.

The Solo Predict covers so several football betting demands. Generally, you would expect this type of site just to cover the three-way betting (1X2) market since it is the most popular among punters. But the service covers more, in addition to 1X2.

Solo Predict always provides tips that help make it easier for you to infer the possible result of football matches.

How accurate is solo predict?

Solo Predict contends to have an accuracy of between 85% and 90%. With this percentage, it will put solo predict amongst the best prediction sites in the world. Even with this, we should always remember in football anything can happen. Always bet responsibly.

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Summary of Solo Prediction Today Site Review

As we conclude this quitck review, let’s take a look at the VIP tips given by solo predict service.

The accuracy of the picks depends on the football market. The Double Chance tips have a higher winning rate and are the best for Solo predictions for football games. On average, their accuracy is around 85% as claimed by the service.

After all review, the solo prediction today site is one of the best sites for football predictions. They give prediction accuracy of up to 90%, and over the years have proven to deliver as they have said.

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