Smålån Uten Sikkerhet – Pros of Unsecured Small Loans

Pros of Unsecured loan - Smålån Uten Sikkerhet

The decision to always solely rely on out-of-pocket funds for the execution of projects is not always the best idea. The rising prices of commodities are one of the reasons for this. For example, the price of a real estate property can increase before you save enough to buy it. It makes sense to take out loans for reasons such as this.

However, you also need to choose the right one given how some are better suited than others in certain situations. For example, some options are not ideal for people who only need to borrow a small amount. You can read this article for information on some of the various loan types.

Speaking of loans for people who only need to borrow a small amount, Smålån Uten Sikkerhet, which is the Norwegian translation for unsecured small loans, is one of the best options. It is quite prevalent in places like Norway as it enables borrowers to quickly execute various projects.

Some of its advantages will be discussed after briefly explaining what unsecured small loans are. So, keep reading to find out more.

Unsecured Small Loans

Unsecured loans

Two things stand out with these kinds of loans. This is regardless of the lender that offers them to borrowers. The first is that they are small credit lines. This means that they are not an option for people who need to secure large amounts of money.

There is usually a maximum credit limit. More often than not, the maximum limit is set at around 70,000 Norwegian Kroner and the minimum is around 5,000 Norwegian Kroner.

The second major thing to know about this type of credit line is that they are unsecured. This implies that they will be granted to borrowers without collateral. Of course, the borrower needs to check out as eligible. Age, income & employment status, credit score & history, and residency status are some of the yardsticks used by lenders to determine who qualifies as eligible.

It can be granted by several financial institutions. Traditional banks, online lenders, and credit unions are well-known examples of financial institutions that grant such to eligible applicants.

What Are the Pros of Unsecured Small Loans?

Pros of Unsecured Loans

Uncomplicated documentation, flexible use, quick loan processing, zero need for security, and a short-term repayment plan are a few of this credit line’s advantages. More about these advantages and a few others are discussed below:

Uncomplicated Documentation Process

There is not too much paperwork required before this loan is granted to eligible applicants. Of course, this is a reason its documentation process is not as complicated as some other credit lines.

The fact that it is only used for securing small amounts is a major reason for this. As a rule of thumb, verification & documentation is usually extensive when large amounts are involved. This is not the case with this option.

Flexible Use

Borrowers are not obligated to use the secured funds only for specific reasons. They are at liberty to use the funds as they please. For example, it could be used for paying for driver’s training, examinations, and license. Other examples include home repairs, equipment purchases, and payment for medical expenses.

This is not how it works with some loan types that require that funds are only used for specific purposes. An auto loan is a typical example as the automobile may even serve as some sort of security for the lender.

Quick Processing

Some loan types are not ideal for emergencies. This is given how they have lengthy processing time. Fortunately, this is one of the options that can come through during emergencies given how quickly they are usually processed.

The needed funds may even be disbursed på dagen (on the same day). At the very least, you can be certain that you will be checked out and the processing will start on the same day you apply.

By the way, there are some tips to help you secure such funds as quickly as possible. One such would be applying as early in the day as possible. This would give the lender enough time to process your loan application and increases your chances of having the funds disbursed the same day you apply.

No Need for Security

This is quite evident in its name – Unsecured small loan. This means that there is no need to present lenders with collateral. This is great news, especially for people who do not have collateral to present to lenders. There are many such individuals and so unsecured small loans offer them a financial lifeline.

Some people can afford to get secured loans but have serious reservations. This credit line is an alternative for them.

The question from the lender’s standpoint would be “What are the chances that a borrower will repay and fulfill other loan terms and conditions?” Well, that is why it is an unsecured credit line. The best that lenders can do is to critically assess prospective borrowers based on their proven creditworthiness.

For one, this is why you need to work on your credit score and history as a whole. It largely determines how eligible you are for such loans. If you are, it also largely determines how much interest you will be charged and generally how mild or harsh the terms and conditions will be. So, work towards improving your credit profile, especially if it is not good enough.

The possibility of getting loans without collateral certainly benefits a lot of people. However, interest rates on unsecured loans are typically higher than on secured loans. This is to make up for the significant risk taken by the lender.

This kind of credit line is unsecured and so borrowers have to pay high interest rates. Be that as it may, massive competition among creditors that offer this kind of loan can make up for things.

Competitive Market

Unsecured loans (especially this kind) are well known for their high-interest rates. However, smart borrowers can use the competition in the credit market to their advantage. This is by checking out several options and only settling for the best of them all.

Fortunately, this is a lot easier with the help of online platforms that compare the rates of lenders in the market. Some of these platforms even have special tools that allow you to make customized comparisons of various lenders. This leaves you in a better position to make an informed decision when choosing your lender.

Using a loan broker can also serve the same purpose. Some people prefer it because it takes away the stress of searching for lenders on their own.

Short-Term Repayment Plan

These loans typically have to be repaid within a short time frame. The maximum period is usually 1 year, although there could be a few exceptions.

The obvious downside of short-term repayment plans is that larger amounts would have to be paid within a short period. However, the advantage is that they significantly lower the loan’s cost. Long-term repayment plans are more expensive when you consider how much would be paid back besides the borrowed principal amount.

Short-term repayment plans also make it possible to quickly improve your credit profile. This is provided you do things right. For more information on the advantages of short-term repayment plans especially when compared to long-term options, you can visit:

So, this can be considered one of the many advantages of unsecured small loans as they are meant to be repaid within a short period.

Suitable for Small Amounts

This is one of the ideal credit lines for when you need small amounts. By small amounts, we mean funds not exceeding 70,000 Norwegian Kroner.


Borrowers of unsecured small loans or any other kind of credit line need to borrow responsibility. This implies only taking out what they are certain they can repay, among other things. As also pointed out here, borrowers must choose the right lenders as this can seriously impact their experience as borrowers.

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