15 Simi Quotes About Life & Success

Simi Quotes

We bring to you the best of Simi quotes about life and success, that will inspire you to achieve your dreams.

Simisola Kosoko is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress. She started her career as a gospel singer, releasing her debut studio album in 2008.

She has transformed into one of Nigeria’s top female singers and she’s not close to stopping yet. You can learn more about Simi net worth and biography for more details about her career.

How did Simi make it this far? How did she get started? What philosophies kept her going? What can you possibly learn from her?

Here are our favorite Simi quotes about life and success.

15 Simi Quotes About Life and Success

1. “African parents, black people culture is beautiful. We have the most fun, share the magic with the sun, make amazing music, have the biggest laughs and weird parents that love us. We’re not perfect at all, but we’re so…” – Simi

Simi Quotes

2. “Women and Children are more vulnerable. Let’s fight for and protect the most vulnerable in the society.” – Simi

Quotes by Simi about women and children

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3. “We are distracted so easily. You go Wherever the wind blows. We know we have problems but we get carried away by things we know will add zero value to us.” – Simi Quotes

Simi Quotes about life

4. “Life is short. Enjoy your life. Don’t spend half of it worrying about what you don’t have, so you won’t have to spend the other half regretting not enjoying what you have.” – Simi

words of wisdom about regret

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5. “We are the problem and we are also the solution. We have highly underestimated the power of a good image and its catching up to us.” – Simi

sayings about solution

6. “The problem is not with the teachers. It’s sometimes the misplacement of priorities. The inadequacy of the educational system to cater for diversity.” – Simi Quotes

sayings about teachers

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7. “You are not paying attention to the details in your life because you are so obsessed with social media. And it’s not really even worth it Because Twitter is not the same anymore. Everything is different. So put your phone down and mind the business that pays you.” – Simi

Simi quotes

8. “A teacher is not exempt from learning” – Simi

9. “We belong together no debate” – Simi

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10. “I’m scared of falling. But I will fall a thousand miles for you” – Simi

11. “It irritates me how most of the world fights against racism until it’s against black people…and we let them.” – Simi Quotes

12. “When NEPA strike, you be my light oh. When I dey cry, you be my smile oh” – Simi

13. “Sometimes I think people don’t understand how easy and safe it is to never say anything controversial or speak out. How ‘wise’ it is to always keep your opinion or thoughts in your pocket. Nobody wants backlash. Nobody has time for insults.” – Simi

14. “I’ve been trying to write you a song for years but I’m not sure what to say.” – Simi

quotes said by Simi about love

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15. “I’m scared for the people in poverty that don’t have access to social media. That only believe what their neighbors told them.” – Simi

Simi quotes

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Summary of Simi Quotes

Thanks for checking our collection of Simi quotes about success and life. Isn’t your mind filled with the idea that anything can be achieved, with the height she’s attained?

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