Sean Tizzle Net Worth, Age, Career & Biography 2023

Sean Tizzle net worth and biography

How much is Sean tizzle net worth?

Sean Tizzle Net Worth:$800,000
Born:December 15, 1989
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Education:University of Ibadan
Source of Wealth:Music, Endorsements
1st Hit Project:“Sho Le” 2013

Let’s take a minute to talk about an artist who’s made an incredible impact on the African music scene – the one and only Sean Tizzle.

Born Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele on 15th December 1989, this Nigerian singer-songwriter has truly been a beacon of Afro-pop, continually pushing the genre’s boundaries with his catchy rhythms and lyrical depth.

If you’ve ever danced to the vibrant beats of a Nigerian party, chances are, you’ve found yourself moving to a Sean Tizzle tune. From his breakout hit, “Sho Lee” in 2013, to other chart-toppers like “Mama Eh” and “Loke Loke”, Tizzle has managed to create an unforgettable musical footprint in a relatively short span of time.

Born and raised in the hustle and bustle of Lagos, Nigeria, Sean Tizzle’s journey to stardom is nothing short of inspiring. His upbringing played a huge role in shaping his sound, which beautifully marries traditional Nigerian beats with contemporary pop influences.

His lyrics, often touching on themes of love, struggle, and ambition, have resonated with fans across Africa and beyond.

Although he is not listed as one of the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria, one might wonder how much is the current value of Sean Tizzle net worth, what other things he does to earn money, and so on.

This article is here to answer any questions you may have concerning Sean Tizzle’s early life, career and more.

Sean Tizzle’s Net Worth and Highlights

As of today, 2023, Sean Tizzle net worth is approximately $800,000

  • The Headies 2013 Next Rated award Won
  • African Social Awards for International Act Of The Year  Won
  • 2014 Caribbean African American Nations Award for Best New Musician Of The Year Won
  • Nigeria Media Award for Next Rated Artiste Won
  • Nigerian Music Video Award Best New Music Video (Sho Lee) Won


Born on December 18, 1989, in the bustling city of Ikeja, Lagos state, Sean Tizzle, birth name Morihafen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, actor, model, and stage performer of notable repute.

While his roots are in Ondo State, Nigeria, no one could have predicted the trajectory of his career and the resulting increase in his net worth.

Splitting his formative years between Lagos State and Ibadan, Sean Tizzle was brought up alongside his siblings in a Christian household. He is the fourth of five children in his family.

His primary education was undertaken at the Community Grammar school located in the Majidun area of Ikorodu, Lagos state. Later, he concluded his secondary schooling at Command Secondary school in Ibadan.

Following his secondary education, Sean Tizzle furthered his academic pursuits by enrolling at the well-respected University of Ibadan.

Here, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts, thereby supplementing his musical talent with a solid theoretical background.

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Sean Tizzle’s musical journey kicked off as a rapper in a trio called the ‘3-Way Band’. After realizing his vocal talent, he made a pivot, leaving the group behind.

He joined a record label, Naija Ninjas, but unfortunately did not manage to produce significant music during his time there, which kept his net worth rather modest.

His career took a positive turn when he joined Difference Entertainment. There, he collaborated with notable producers such as D’tunes, known for the hit song Kukere by Iyanya.

His breakthrough came with the release of the hit single ‘Sho Le’, masterfully directed by Unlimited L.A.

This immediately catapulted him to fame within the music industry. Prior to ‘Sho Le’, he had released eight tracks, and he followed his success with ‘Kilogbe’ and its remix featuring Olamide and Reminisce.

On April 17, 2014, Sean Tizzle launched his debut album, ‘The Journey’. The album, featuring 17 tracks including hits like “Loke Loke” and “All the Way”, encapsulates his rise to fame. Later in 2014, he left Difference Entertainment to establish his own label, Tizzle Nation.

Sean Tizzle has showcased his talent on many stages and at various events nationwide, such as the Etisalat Easy Cliq Campus Tour, Ay Live, and Star Music Trek, among others. Besides his musical endeavors, he has also tested the waters in acting, with notable appearances in films like ‘The Dazzling Mirage’, ‘Moving Forward’, and ‘Astray’. His screen performances have been well received.

In addition, Sean Tizzle secured lucrative deals with MTN and Bacardi Breezer in 2014, providing a substantial boost to his net worth.

In one of Sean Tizzle quotes, he said; “Suffering is not holding you, you are holding suffering.

What is sean tizzle net worth

His discography entails:

Studio albums

  • The Journey
  • EPs
  • Moving Forward


  • Kilogbe
  • Kilogbe Remix ft. Olamide & Reminisce
  • Komole(Produced by Aje Filmworks)
  • Mama Eh
  • Boogie Down
  • Sho Lee
  • International Badman
  • Abeg
  • Kpata Kpata (2016) (As featured artiste)
  • Perfect Gentleman
  • Loke Loke (featured 9ice)
  • Igi Orombo (featured Tiwa Savage)
  • Abiamo
  • Eruku Sa’ Ye Po
  • Jalolo
  • Like To Party
  • Hit and Run (featuring Tory Lanez)
  • Thank You
  • Telephone man
  • Roll up
  • Dide
  • Alhaji Abass
  • Latin Lover ft. Daxmpire
  • Arawa ni
  • Wasted
  • Best For you
  • Kpro Kpro
  • Kpro Kpro remix ft Davido
  • Belinda
  • Pempe
  • Lotto
  • Contagious
  • Abena
  • Chargie
  • Know Person
  • Know Me
  • Oreke

You can download any of Sean tizzle’s songs on any of these best Nigerian music blogs.

Sean Tizzle’s rise to fame wasn’t a stroke of overnight luck; it was the result of relentless effort, dedication, and a sense of responsibility.

This serves as a vital lesson for entrepreneurs, underlining the importance of persistence and commitment in business pursuits.

Identifying his strengths and refining them has been a crucial part of Sean Tizzle’s journey. He is among the select group of Nigerian hip-hop artists who incorporate Yoruba in their music.

This underlines the importance of striving for excellence in any field we find ourselves. As we navigate through life’s ventures, aiming to be the best in what we do is a principle that can guide us towards success.

Summary of Sean Tizzle Net Worth

Sean Tizzle, born Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele, has experienced a thriving career in the Nigerian music industry since his breakthrough.

With his knack for producing hit singles and albums, acting, and lucrative endorsement deals, Tizzle’s financial standing has grown substantially over the years.

The artist’s net worth, largely derived from his music sales, performances, label ownership, and brand endorsements, reflects his successful journey in the entertainment industry.

While his exact net worth isn’t publicly disclosed, it’s clear that Sean Tizzle’s career in music and entertainment has established him as a prominent figure in the industry.

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