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scrader review

The business world has been evolving, ever since the advent of technology.

Gradually, the mode of which business transactions are executed today is being moved from the physical shops/marketplace to the digital space.

These changes have been brought about by the countless benefits it brings to business for both buyers and sellers, as well as the rapid technological growth which is sweeping across all sectors of human life.

While there is an apparent rush to bring their businesses to the digital space, there are lots of merchants out there who have no clue of the ideal platform to do this. is your ideal option in the market today, having offered users the best in opportunities and services which help move businesses closer to their objectives.

Scrader is the online marketplace that is ideally set up for entrepreneurs who have goods and services to offer to their target market.

The integration of your business to the digital space is made seamless through the state-of-the-art technology employed by the platform through digital apps and websites.

Through Scrader, merchants have the liberty to create a digital business that their target market from across Nigeria can access.

This article will give you a unique insight and review of, and the scrader ap.

Everything about the site will be analyzed and you will have a recommendation at the end of the article which will express reasons why you should join for your e-commerce transactions, either as a buyer or seller.

What Is

Scrader is a social e-commerce app that makes it easy for shoppers and vendors to connect.

It’s like social media but for buying and selling. Shoppers can make payments with peace of mind because of buyer protection.

Vendors also can reach more customers and have the tools like inventory, online store, and logistics to power their business.

Scrader is the perfect digital marketplace and business transaction medium where buyers and sellers across Nigeria meet to perform transactions that serve as the link between both parties in the business.

This marketplace gives customers a feel of home away from home in terms of buying and selling. Though business is conducted online, Scrader possesses features that make business transactions no different than in a real-world market.

This brings a lot of advantages to merchants as they can easily reach their customers without having to move goods around physically.

This also makes executing business transactions faster, since customers can place orders for products on the platform from the comfort of their homes.

This way, merchants have a better chance to reach business objectives, boost sales through a wide range of marketing programs, reduce running costs, and finally improving the growth rate of the business.

Scrader offers features that make it the ideal environment for many businesses to grow. This app provides the best experience for buyers who wish to get available products on the platform.

While business is conducted in the digital space through apps, features of the platform make buying and selling feel as though you are in an actual market.

How Does Scrader Work?

On Scrader, merchants get access to an admin panel where they can input data, create products, add products, process orders and so on.

Scrader is quite easy to use for starters with sufficient guides on how to use the platform effectively.

The guides have a little learning curve that helps you set up your own store on the platform and get it running as quickly as possible.

Scrader review - advantages

Additionally, setting up your store with Scrader will ensure you have a secure and reliable web hosting, as it employs state of the art, modern technology.

This protects your store against crashing due to high traffic, as well as transaction hijacking.

Part of your entitlement on Scrader is the availability of customer support at your disposal 24/7. With relative ease, you will be able to make contact with support through means like email, phone, or live chat.

Scrader possess all you need to start selling your products as soon as you register, which is why it is an all-in-one solution.

For buyers, you can simply visit the platform through either the app or the website to purchase any of your favorite fashion items for male, female, and other related products.

Users can simply place orders for products at their own convenience, pay for them, and the goods will be shipped down to their preferred location.

What Can I Sell/buy On Scrader?

As an online marketplace, you can find virtually anything on the platform.

Since different kinds of businesses have a presence on Scrader, you will find different varieties of products available to cater for the needs of many diverse users on the platform.

The range of products you will find on Scrader includes:

  • Male Fashion
  • Female Fashion
  • Fashion accessories for Men
  • Fashion accessories for Women
  • Beauty products

 If you are having doubts as to what you can sell on Scrader, you can contact them for more information on eligible products which can be sold on the platform, as well as the ineligible products. .

Features of Scrader

As already outlined in this article, different features available to merchants and users on Scrader makes it one of the best e-commerce platforms in Nigeria.

It’s unique feature which focus on the social aspect of business brings a different touch to daily transactions compared to what you will find on other regular e-commerce sites in Nigeria.

There are many advantages associated with signing up with Scrader as either a buyer or a merchant on the platform.

These provide you with benefits that you cannot enjoy elsewhere, thanks to the innovative team behind this great company which works around the clock to give users the best in service and delivery.

Some of the advantages of using Scrader includes:

  • Ease of Use: No one wants to be in a position to purchase or sell goods online, but are deterred due to slow loading, confusing interface, and complicated designs.

Everyone wants the smoothest buying and selling experience at their disposal for faster and smooth shopping. Scrader offers all in one app and site.

With a well optimized website and app, shoppers and merchants can easily go about their business with relative ease through quick loading pages, user friendly interface, well sorted options, and zero external ads.

  • Security: Since business transactions on this site involve finances, security is a top priority for Scrader. To prevent transaction hijacking, data theft, and hacking; Scrader employs the best security and firewall service available. This guarantees the safety of transactions on Scrader, thus earning the absolute trust of their users.

Additionally, Scrader makes use of the Escrow system to protect buyers funds until the transaction has been finalized.

  • Low Startup Cost: When compared to owning an in-situ shop, setting up shop on Scrader is way cheaper as you can easily avoid running costs like rent, electric bills, and other bills that keep your business running.

On Scrader, merchants spend quite lesser to set up shop and start running their business with relative ease.

  • Beautiful Themes: Subscribing merchants can choose from a variety of free, mobile-responsive themes.
  • Lots Of Support Options: You can access technical support every hour of the day through phone, live chat, or email. Self-help options are available as well.

Customers like the fact that Scrader’s support is available outside of regular business hours.

How Do You Start With Scrader?

Having come to this point in this article, I assume you are already convinced that Scrader is the most viable e-commerce option for your business.

Are you wondering what is the next step you need to take to be part of this platform? Look no further, and register your own store at From there on, you can begin personal customization of your store using all of the options made available to you by Scrader.

After successfully creating your own digital store, move a step further by creating products, adding products, inputting details of your products, specifications, product descriptions and other information which your target market might be looking for on your products.

You can create your new account on the web version or on the mobile app version of the platform.

The platform is optimized for mobile devices through their official app which can be downloaded for smartphone devices like Android and Apple devices.

Android users can download the Scrader official app version through the Google play store while Apple users can download on the Apple app store.

The mobile app version of the platform makes it easier for surfing through Scrader, with faster loading pages, friendly user Interface, improved customer support, and so on.

Summary of

Scrader is absolutely a great choice of online marketplace for merchants who intend to enjoy the many benefits that e-commerce offers.

With a user-friendly interface, subsidized pricing, quick customer response, and ease of use, Scrader is a widely recommended e-commerce solution you can always trust.

Meet your business goals, match and exceed your monthly yearly projections, reach more target markets from across Nigeria, and gain a competitive advantage by joining Scrader today.

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