15 Inspirational Sauti Sol Quotes & Sayings About Success

Sauti Sol Quotes

Hello! We bring to you 15 interesting Sauti Sol quotes and sayings about life, hustle, and success.

Sauti Sol are a Kenyan afro-pop band formed in Nairobi, Kenya by vocalists Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis Chimano and Savara Mudigi in 2005. Initially an a cappella group, guitarist Polycarp Otieno joined before they named themselves Sauti.

The band has had several successful tours in Africa and Europe, topped Kenyan charts and gained international attention with shows in Europe and the US, as well as television appearances and various accolades and nominations, including their 2011 concert performance in Kenya.

Taking the top spot on the list of richest musicians in Kenya, Sauti Sol net worth is proof that they’re successful.

What has made the band remain successful despite challenges they must have faced when starting out? We share with you wise sayings by members of the band in our collection of Sauti Sol quotes about life and success.

15 Inspirational Sauti Sol Quotes About Life & Success

1. “Minimal art went nowhere.” – Sauti Sol

2. “You shouldn’t be a prisoner of your own ideas.” – Sauti Sol quotes

3. “When people don’t want to come, nothing will stop them.” – Sauti Sol

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4. “Every generation renews itself in its own way; there’s always a reaction against whatever is standard.” – Sauti Sol quotes

5. “The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head.” – Sauti Sol

6. “If they’re not temperamental, I don’t want them. It’s in the nature of a great artist to be that way.” – Sauti Sol

7. “Buying music was a way anyone could acquire a work of art for very little.” – Sauti Sol

8. “Minimalism wasn’t a real idea – it ended before it started.” – Sauti Sol quotes

Sauti Sol Quotes about limitation

9. “The artist is seen like a producer of commodities, like a factory that turns our refrigerators.” – Sauti Sol

10. “During the ‘90s I was interested in words and meaning as a way of making art.” – Sauti Sol

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11. “When artists make art, they shouldn’t question whether it is permissible to do one thing or another.” – Sauti Sol quotes

12. “The thinking of John Cage derived from Duchamp and Dada. I was not interested in that.” – Sauti Sol

13. “Artists of many diverse types began using simple forms to their own ends.” – Sauti Sol

Summary of Sauti Sol Quotes

You’ll agree with me that if you look closely at each of these quotes from Sauti Sol music band, breaking boundaries and pushing beyond limits is their inspiration.

What limits have you set for yourself? What boundaries are limiting your progress? Learn from these talented Kenyan musicians and set out to achieve your dreams.

Which of these Sauti Sol quotes resonates more with you? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below and don’t forget, to like and share this post.

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