10 Samuel Etoo Quotes About Life & Success

Samuel Etoo Quotes

We bring to you Samuel Etoo quotes about life and success.

Samuel Eto’o is a famous Cameroonian football player, investor, entrepreneur and a philanthropist

He has retired from playing for his country Cameroon national team.

He was a former forward striker for English premier league club Chelsea and Everton and was also a former forward striker for Spanish club Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid.

What can you learn from Etoo? Here are great Samuel Etoo quotes about life and success.

Quotes From Samuel Etoo About Life and Success

1. “No one wants to work for little money, otherwise, they would be living on the streets.” Samuel Etoo

Samuel Etoo Quotes About life

2. “Anything can happen in life, but you have to be a man and sometimes say certain” things.” Samuel Etoo

In one of the inspirational quotes from Yaya Toure, he said; “We can all be weak, but we all have to make a conscious decision to be strong” – Yaya Toure

Samuel Etoo Quotes

3. “It is important to feel the support of my family. Mentally, I can get away from everything that is football when I come home to be with them. Yes, work is a pleasure, but there will always be a family” – Samuel Etoo

Quotes from Samuel Etoo

4. “Football is beautiful. Football is beautiful because whether you win, draw, or lose, you can go and shake your opponent’s hand, whether they’re white or black or red or blue” – Samuel Etoo quotes

Etoo Wise sayings

5. “Anything can happen in life, but you have to be a man and sometimes say certain things” – Samuel Etoo

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6. “In all things, you need a good organization. You can have the best player in the world, if you do not have the best team, you will not win” – Samuel Etoo


7. “You have to understand that football is just a reflection of what we have in society, it’s not that football is here and society is here — no, it’s a reflection of what goes on in society” – Samuel Etoo

Quotes by Etoo

8. “It’s the most important, it’s something that affects us all and to recognize the little work that I’ve done, the truth is that I’m very, very happy because you can win the Champions League, you can win championships, you can score goals, but represent a fight that affects millions and millions of people… it’s one of a kind” – Samuel Etoo quotes

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9. “If one of my own makes a mistake, they judge us all. Tomorrow, if a white man in Africa makes a mistake, we should judge all white people? No! – Samuel Etoo

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10. “If they want to treat me like a monkey then I’ll dance like one” – Samuel Etoo

Samuel Etoo Quotes about racism

Samuel Etoo Quotes (summary)

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