Sample Rabbit Farming Business Plan Template (Download)

Sample Rabbit Farming Business Plan Template

We have for you a free sample rabbit farming business plan template. If you’re learning how to write a good business plan, and you want a real-life sample business plan template to help you get a feel of what it entails, you’re reading the right piece.

Rabbit farming is one of the small scale business ideas in Nigeria that many young youths are venturing into. This is so because rabbit farming is a lucrative business.

Rabbit farming is the commercial rearing of rabbits, primarily for sales purposes.

You can breed them to sell their meat or fur. This type of animal farming does not involve many expenses in the production of rabbits.

One of the reasons why you should consider starting rabbit farming in Nigeria is that rabbits can take care of themselves if you create nice cages for them – you can still have your regular job if you wish.

But if you intend to grow into a medium or large-scale rabbit breeding business, then you’ll need a business plan. That’s why we’ve taken the time to create a sample rabbit farming business plan template.

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Executive Summary

Owogram rabbit farm is an established small-scale farm-based in Ilorin Kwara state that breeds healthy rabbits for general consumption. The farm was newly established and is gaining popularity in the market.

The demand of white meat is on the increase as more people are learning of its health benefits day by day. It is with this in mind Owogram rabbit farm was established.

Also, we rear different breeds of rabbits and provide technical training for anyone who wishes to venture into the business. We are set to take our products to wherever we can find our target market.

We are committed to expanding our farm and establishing our own store in different strategic locations within Ilorin and its environs in the next two years.

In five years’ time, we plan to extend to additional four neighboring states. It is our great concern to provide hygienic rabbits for consumption, healthy rabbits for pets, and quality rabbit fur for textile work.

Small markets, big markets, various restaurants, outdoor events and malls within Kwara state are our targeted customers. As mentioned above, we plan to expand as necessary to other states. Arrangements are in place to serve our online customers too.

At Owogram rabbit farm, we will offer the sales of life rabbits, well prepared rabbits (killed and roasted) and rabbit fur. They will be sold at a pocket friendly price in a neat and hygienic environment.

The health and satisfaction of our customers is of topmost priority to us, which is why we do not intend to leave any stone unturned when it comes to giving our clients the very best of services.

We are aware that the majority of the people are used to red meat, we will provide sanitizations on the health benefits of white meats and increase its awareness in the populace. Our farm will open up job opportunities to the teeming youths and older ones alike and generate more income internally.

For an extension to a large-scale farm, we are looking at twenty million naira (20,000,000 Naira) for the purchase of land for permanent use, purchase of more breeds of rabbit, more housing, and their feeding including their wellbeing.


A: Business Overview

Rabbit Farming in Nigeria is one of the aspects of successful agricultural business that can be ventured into. For the entrepreneurs who are interested in animal husbandry or livestock farming, commercial rabbit farming can prove to be very profitable.

Over one million tons of rabbit meat is consumed every year. That`s a great source of income in Africa and especially in Nigeria. Moreover, rabbits can be used not only as meat, but a great source of fur, and you can even raise them to be home pets.

There are several breeds of rabbit, and some are better suited for commercial farming than others, because these ones grow into large sizes and produce faster. It is necessary to choose the right rabbit breed for the business.

One good thing about starting and running rabbit farm is that it is cheaper to establish (especially on a small scale) and it gives room for starting on a small scale and expands accordingly.

Another advantage is that when a female rabbit reaches six months old, she can breed other rabbits. Therefore, it can be placed in a buck`s cage. Female rabbits can produce up to four litters in a year with up to 10 kits or more in a litter.

Also Rabbits have the innate capacity to grow very rapidly and are known to attain maturity and market size in 6 months or less, one reason for this fast growth rate being that rabbits are efficient converters of the food they eat.

Rabbits also breed throughout the year and it takes just between thirty and thirty five days for a pregnant female rabbit to give birth to its kits.

B: Our Mission Statement

To become the leading supplier of healthy and affordable rabbit, rabbit fur and rabbit meat in Kwara state.

C: Our vision statement

We strive to establish a network of rabbit farm across the nation.

D: Our goal

It is our goal to be a well-known rabbit producing farmer locally and internationally

E: Target market

This shall be covered in the marketing plan. We plan to extend to those yet to be lovers of white meat and increase the use of rabbit fur in Nigeria.


A: Our Products & Services

You can either rear rabbits for meat, the fur or both. There are many health benefits of eating rabbit meat. Products that can be gotten from rabbits include high quality skins which can be used to make fur production in making materials such as garments, clothing, hats and boot.

At Owogram farm, we are set to give you the best of rabbits, hygienic rabbit meat and quality rabbit fur. As much as we can we will rear different breeds of rabbit and extend to the stage whereby any known breeds of rabbits available for rearing will be sold and can be gotten in our farms.

B: What we will offer

It has been noted that a lot are unaware of the health benefits of eating rabbit meat. We also noticed that the opportunity of establishing a rabbit farm is not well tapped into.

We are set to make presentations to acquaint the general public through professionals in different fields how to tap into this great business idea for interested ones and provide tutorship along the way. Also we will strive to make our products and services pocket friendly.

Home delivery will be available to any part in the city of Ilorin for the first 2 years of operation. It will be extended accordingly to other cities and towns within Kwara state as the business expands.

When our referral program starts our customers will be rewarded greatly for referring us to other prospective customers. The reward is something worth getting involved in the referral program.



A. Product strategies

Our products will be well packed in cost effective and well branded take-away having our stickers and labels on each and every product’s packages. We want to position our business in such a way that it will be a force to reckon with.

B. Pricing Strategies

Our pricing will be based on the kilogram of our products – the live rabbit, the processed rabbit and the rabbit fur. We will sell per kilogram. Any live rabbit weighing 3 kilogram will be sold for 3000 and as the weight increases so will the price too.

For the processed rabbit, (killed and roasted) it will be sold for 4500. The price of the fur will be subjected to negotiation upon request.

We will not offer credit transactions. It’s going to be cash transaction right on the spot (or on our mobile app) before service.

C. Market Analysis

We do not intend to place any limit to the scope of our target market and these are the places / locations where we intend operating the sales of our rabbit farm products with the aim of maximizing sales:

  • Tourism locations
  • Shopping malls
  • Carnival ground
  • Stadiums and sport centers
  • Community Outdoor Events
  • Open air shows and programs
  • Restaurants
  • Textile industries

Please refer to the document titled Market research studies for more information

D. Market size

We plan to focus on these three targeted audiences at the launch of our products to maximize profit and expand later in the future to others. They are restaurants, shopping malls and online presence.

E. Competition

Our major competitors will be a few other involved in the sales of what is commonly known as bush meat and the fish farmers scattered around the community.

However with our unique well branded delivery system, we have a competitive edge (Preparing meat with the best recipes, neatly packed, quality customer service, healthy animal and most importantly, convenience of our customers as we get the products delivered to them at the comfort of their homes, hostels, offices, etc.)

That there’s competition for this type of business makes it an interesting potential business.

F. Promotional Strategies 

The first day of launching the business will be an additional free live rabbit or processed rabbit for the first 100 customers that make an order physically in our store.

Also it will feature the first 100 to download our app and make an order of either the live or processed rabbit. This will be preceded after a thorough publicity of launching Owogram rabbit farm weeks before.

We will also launch our referral program 6 months after the launch of Owogram rabbit farm. Our complimentary cards will be included in each package with the name of our first time customers written on it.

Our marketing strategies will also include the following:

  • Business website
  • Print marketing materials (brochures, flyers, posters)
  • Radio
  • Cable television
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Trade shows
  • Networking
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Referrals

Refer to document appendix Ai to Aiv for samples of Advertising/marketing materials

G. Post Launch Marketing Idea

  1. We will submit proposals to event management companies to deliver white meat at events where it is requested
  2. We will submit proposals to shopping mall to become their official rabbit meat vendor
  3. We will send proposals to schools and corporate organizations to become their official rabbit meat vendor
  4. Sponsor relevant events, such as cooking competitions, and cultural events, or events related to animal husbandry etc.

H. Distribution channels

We will use the following methods of distribution to sell our products and services. These include:

  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Direct sales
  • Inside sales force
  • Outside sales representatives

In the near future we plan to introduce the use of E-commerce too.

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A. Key Personnel

The following individuals are the key team of Owogram farm:

  1. Managing director
  2. General manager sales and marketing
  3. General manager operation
  4. Financial manager

The aforementioned names are all vast and experienced in the areas in which they handle.

As the managing director, I have gathered enough experience in various agricultural farming and I have worked in different sections like farms, production, accounting, marketing and procurement, etc.

Steve Oke studied marketing in the university and has 5 years’ experience working for a reputable organization as the marketing officer before now.

Michael is another key member of the team. His experience during his undergraduate days as an operator makes him irreplaceable. He studied animal husbandry in the school and has successfully managed a goat farming business. He has vast experience in the care of domestic animals.

Ebenezer will handle any finance related work. He has two degrees in financial accounting and marketing and a master degree in accounting.

Refer to document appendix Bi, Bii, Biii and Biv for the resumes of the above team members

Other staffs needed for functional operation of the business

  1. 20 workers in charge of feeding the rabbits
  2. 2 staff for procurement
  3. 5 Mobile carriers
  4. 2 security men
  5. 4 cooks
  6. 2 accountants
  7. 2 drivers
  8. 2 store keepers
  9. 2 staff in charge of online orders

B. Startup Cost

  • Business Name (Owogram farms) Availability Check: Completed
  • Business Registration – Completed.
  • Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts – completed
  • Opening Online Payment Platforms for the mobile app (₦350,000)Not Completed
  • Application and Obtaining Tax Payer’s ID – Not started
  • Obtaining a 5 branded tricycles for delivery: ₦2,225,000 (₦450,000 each) – Not started

NOTE: 2 tricycles can be gotten first and the other 3 purchased at a later time

  • Purchase of 2 trucks 7,000,000 (3,500,000 each) – Not started

NOTE: a truck can be gotten first and the other one purchased at a later time

  • Purchase of 5 plot of land for our facility: ₦5,000,000 – Ongoing (site gotten payment remaining)
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies – Completed
  • Writing of Business Plan – Completed
  • Staff’s Training – Not started
  • Design of The Company’s Logo – Completed
  • Purchase or construction of more cages, feeders and drinkers – Not started
  • Purchase of more breeds of rabbits – Not started
  • Graphic Designs (on the body of the tricycles and trucks) – Not completed
  • Printing of Marketing / Promotional Materials – Not completed
  • Recruitment of other key employees – Not started
  • Purchase of Kitchen Utensils, plates, cups, cutleries, Refrigerator and other accessories – Not started
  • Creating Official Website for the Company – Ongoing
  • Creating Awareness for the business both online and in the neighborhood – Not completed

Refer to document appendix C for a complete list of equipment needed with their various prices.

In this sample rabbit farming business plan template comes the Financial Projectsion.

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C. Financial Projections

Here is our financial projection from sales forecast for the first 12 months with a target of 50 orders of live rabbit and 100 orders of the processed rabbit. Attention is given to sales of live rabbits and processed rabbits.

A month’s projection

i. Live Rabbit

20 orders per day @₦3000 on the average

20 × ₦3000 = ₦60,000

60,000 × 25 working days = ₦1,500,000

ii. Processed Rabbit

50 orders per day @₦4500 on the average

50 × ₦4500 = ₦225,000

225,000 × 25 working days = ₦5,625,000

Total Projected Revenue for a month

₦1,500,000 plus ₦5,625,000 = ₦7,125,000

12 month’s projection

For a year projected revenue, the total revenue for a month will be multiplied by 12, that is:

₦7,125,000 × 12 = ₦85,500,000

The above figure is what is expected as revenue each year from the sales of rabbits alone.

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