4 Fail-safe Strategies to Promote Your Seasonal Salon Offers

Promote seasonal salon offers

Special occasions and holidays are a godsend for beauty salons. Especially when people have parties and dinners to attend and dress up for.

If you’re running a beauty salon, you need to take advantage of these special occasions and let people know that your salon is the go-to place to get ready.

Whether it’s the wedding season or holiday season, a dedicated seasonal campaign can do wonders for your business. Make exclusive offers and use your online and offline presence to promote them. Don’t be afraid to get creative and offer your customers something your competitors can’t.

However, coming up with fun and effective seasonal marketing ideas can be a difficult task. Luckily, we’re here to help. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of strategies for you to conquer your seasonal marketing this year and bring in some new customers.

1. Sell special, limited edition gift cards

Print out some gift cards that your customers can purchase and give to their friends and family. This way, you’ll not only gain exposure for your business, but you’ll also see greater foot traffic in your salon.

Let people know that your gift cards are for the season. For instance, during the wedding season, you can create special gift cards for brides looking to get their hair and make-up done.

The gift card can include a special bridal bundle or offer. The money you spend on the gift cards will be worth it because not only will you get a new customer, but when the bride shows up at her wedding, people will be asking about her look as well. This will give you more exposure.

2. Put up flyers in your neighborhood.

Your customers will largely consist of people who live around the area, so it makes sense to put some effort into marketing in your neighborhood.

Print out some flyers advertising your special seasonal sale or offer. Then distribute them around your neighborhood and paste them in windows and alleyways.

You can even go door to door and hand out flyers to people. This can be very effective because it allows people to put a face to the business.

When designing your flyer, make sure to include seasonal graphics. For instance, if you’re promoting winter season sales, add some snowflakes or a snowy border. If you’re promoting wedding season sales, add some flowers or maybe some gold lettering.

If you have no design experience, don’t worry. Sites like PosterMyWall have tons of salon flyers that you can browse through and customize according to your specific campaign. You can add seasonal graphics and make your flyer look eye-catching and professional.

Try to send out flyers about two to three weeks before the season starts so that people have plenty of time to decide and plan accordingly.

3. Host a seasonal party at your salon

A seasonal party is a good excuse to get your target audience into your salon, even if they have no intention of spending money.

The goal of a party is to familiarize potential customers with your services and to let them know that you have a special seasonal promotion going on.

Make sure to organize your party at the start of the season so that you can take full advantage of the rest of the season. Your party doesn’t have to be too fancy or difficult to plan.

Use flyers and social media to spread the word. Arrange some food and music. Ask people to dress up according to the seasonal theme. Once people are at your venue, run a lucky draw and offer a makeover to a few lucky winners. Or run a demo of your hairstyling services.

Ihloff Salon in Oklahoma hosts a holiday party at their salon. It allows them to integrate with the community, get to know their clients by face, and promote their services effortlessly.

4. Send out festive emails

Direct marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your existing customers. Make sure to use the off-season to curate your email list. You can do that in some of the following ways:

  • Ask customers who come into your salon to fill out a sign-up sheet
  • Ask people to sign up for exclusive offers or a newsletter on your website and social media
  • Collect emails during door to door flyer distribution

Once you have a well-crafted email list, send out promotional emails about twice a week, starting from a week before the season starts. Your emails should look festive so make sure to add graphics and images. You can even repurpose your flyer design and add it as the email body.

Your emails should always add value to your clients’ lives and not look too spammy. So make sure to mention that you’re offering exclusive packages and discounts to your email recipients.

Final thoughts

You can use a collection of online and offline strategies to effectively promote your seasonal packages.

The trick is to be creative and consistent. As long as you do that, you’ll see a huge spike in foot traffic in your salon.

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