55 Notable Sadio Mane Quotes About Soccer

Sadio Mane quotes

Yes! We bring to you over 55 notable Sadio Mane quotes and sayings about life and football.

Sadio Mane is one of the greatest African footballers in the world. He is a Senegalese professional footballer who plays as a winger for Premier League club Liverpool and the Senegal national team.

Sadio Mane began his international career as a part of the Senegal team at the 2012 Olympic tournament.

He played quite well and led the team to the quarter-finals, where they were eventually eliminated by Mexico. Since then, Sadio Mane Net worth had started to grow, and now, he is a super star.

How could someone who grew up in a small village in Bambali, endured an impoverished childhood become something today? He harbored big dreams for the future.

In this collection of Sadio Mane quotes and sayings about life and soccer, you’ll come to learn more about his ideologies about life and how it has displayed throughout his career.

55 Sadio Mane Quotes About Life & Soccer

1. “I am more focused on the games; things like contracts I leave with my agent.” – Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane quotes about focus

2. “Officials are human beings, and sometimes we all make mistakes.” – Sadio Mane

3. “I prefer Liverpool. The way we play is good for all of our players.” – Sadio Mane

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4. “I would prefer to play for and against an attacking team, but I am now used to playing against defensive teams.” – Sadio Mane quotes

5. “The people in Senegal like me, so I am happy.” – Sadio Mane

6. “The best thing you can do is remember your home town.” – Sadio Mane

7. “Since I was two or three years old, I remember always being with the ball. I would see kids playing on the street, and would join them.” – Sadio Mane

8. “It makes it easy for a player when you’ve got really good teammates and when everyone wants the same thing.” – Sadio Mane quotes

9. “I’m someone who likes to listen, who likes to watch, and who likes to learn.” – Sadio Mane

10. “A good thing for footballers is not to think too much, especially when you’ve got to move to a big team like Liverpool because that’s when you start to confuse your mind.” – Sadio Mane

Words by Mane about team transfer

11. “I really don’t like not being able to help my teammates.” – Sadio Mane

12. “I am different as soon as I am on the pitch, because I had to fight so much and work so hard to become a professional footballer, so I have to give everything that I can.” – Sadio Mane

13. “When I finish games, I want to have the feeling that I helped my team as much as I could, and the fans saw I was determined to win.” – Sadio Mane quotes

14. “If you want to be successful when you play, you have to be free in your mind, and that happens if you know that everything is taken care of – you just focus on the football.” – Sadio Mane

15. “Honestly, I don’t know the word ‘pressure,’ because football is my job. I always enjoy it.” – Sadio Mane

16. “The wrong team wanted me, by the way – of course, United. I spoke with Van Gaal, and they even made an offer, but for me, it was not the right club and not the right moment.” – Sadio Mane

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17. “It is very exciting to be playing in the Champions League because it is the dream of every player in the world.” – Sadio Mane

18. “I think everything is possible.” – Sadio Mane

19. “I didn’t dream about becoming a professional: I dreamed about becoming the best in the world.” – Sadio Mane quotes

20. “When you see the rival make a certain pass, you don’t need to look behind you. You know 100 percent that all your teammates will go with you.” – Sadio Mane

Quotes by Sadio Mané

21. “It’s the rival that gives you the tempo depending on who is on the ball or who a pass is played to. That is the little secret.” – Sadio Mane

22. “Football was always my dream. I started playing at the age of five, and I’m still playing now.” – Sadio Mane

23. “I was born in a village where there had never been a footballer who’d made it in the major championships.” – Sadio Mane

24. “I was a very good dribbler as a young player, but now that I’ve got more experience, there are some useless things that I don’t do anymore.” – Sadio Mane quotes

25. “It was a normal childhood, like the childhoods of all children my age: going to school, playing in the street with friends, spending time at home with my family.” – Sadio Mane

26. “Religion is very important to me. I respect the rules of Islam, and I pray five times a day, always.” – Sadio Mane

27. “I won’t touch alcohol.” – Sadio Mane

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28. “It was a bit difficult in England at first with the weather and the rain, but I love the football culture in this country.” – Sadio Mane

29. “I was brought up correctly and in the right way, and my parents are very proud of the fact that I am a professional footballer.” – Sadio Mane

30. “Jurgen Klopp is like my father.” – Sadio Mane

31. “All I can do is do my best: score goals, give assists, and do my best for my team.” – Sadio Mane

32. “Sometimes it is difficult to play against teams who just drop back and try to defend.” – Sadio Mane quotes

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33. “I never doubted how I could help the team, and I never stopped working hard every day in training.” – Sadio Mane

34. “Everyone likes Klopp. He is one of the best in the world, and for us to have the chance to have him as a coach makes us all happy.

35. “Whenever I play, I know I have the support to help me.” – Sadio Mane

36. “This is something you have to accept in football. Someone will say you are overpriced, but I did not think about it. Maybe I was overpriced, but I believe in my quality and want to get better. If you know what you can do for your team, it becomes no problem, and you don’t even think about it.” – Sadio Mane

37. “I remember that when I was little, my parents felt that I should study to become a teacher. They thought football was a waste of time and I’d never succeed at it.” – Sadio Mane

38. “If you have Real to face, you have to think about them – they are one of the best teams in the world.” – Sadio Mane

39. “We are Liverpool, we are strong, and we can beat any team in the world.” – Sadio Mane quotes

40. “It was a tough moment for me when I was in Senegal, especially when I was young. I was born in a village, I grew up there, and they don’t like football.” – Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane quotes about hustle

41. “I knew I was going to be a football player; I just didn’t know-how. It was the only thing I was doing, the only thing that I knew. Always training, training, training, training.” – Sadio Mane

42. “When I was three or four, only football was in my head. I went 10 years, and nothing changed – only football, football, football. The strange thing is, nobody played football in my family before.” – Sadio Mane

43. “When I was in school, we would always have running races. I was good at it. Always sprinting. I can run long distances, too.

44. “I work in the gym; twice a week, I do abdominals. It is very, very important. I do quick sessions, as I don’t want to get big.

45. “I have a chef who cooks for me. I like to eat healthily.” – Sadio Mane quotes

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46. “You can’t say when you are 25 years old that you know everything. You don’t.” – Sadio Mane

47. “I am a lucky boy.” – Sadio Mane

48. “The power of Liverpool Football Club is the collective. We always do everything together; this is our power.” – Sadio Mane

49. “Diouf was one of the best players in the whole history of Senegal. He did a lot for the national team, and everybody knows and respects him for that.” – Sadio Mane

50. “I just try to work harder and harder every day to improve and get better and better.

51. “Even when I was injured, I was always working hard.” – Sadio Mane

52. “You have to believe in yourself and believe in what you are doing all the time.” – Sadio Mane

53. “There was interest from a lot of clubs, not just Manchester United, but as soon as I knew Liverpool were interested, I just felt it was the right club with the right coach. It was right for me to come here.” – Sadio Mane

54. “Liverpool is a massive club with a big history that has won many trophies over the years, and as soon as I was told of the possibility to come here, and I knew the manager wanted me, I said yes.” – Sadio Mane quotes

55. “I was a Barcelona fan. My favorite player was Ronaldinho. But I watched a lot of English football and admired lots of English teams.

56. “I think it’s a personal pride to hear everyone talking about me.” – Sadio Mane

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57. “The first time I watched a World Cup game was in 2002. That was the first time Senegal had ever qualified for the World Cup, and it was a great moment that I will never forget in my life. I was ten years old at the time, and that experience of watching my country in a World Cup is what inspired me to become a footballer.” – Sadio Mane

58. “I’ve kept all of my shirts that wore in the World Cup games, and I’ll be giving them to my family to keep.” – Sadio Mane

59. “Ever since I started playing football, I’ve always taken the number 10 shirt.” – Sadio Mane

Summary of Sadio Mane Quotes

Thanks for checking out our collection of sayings and quotes by Sadio Mane. You’ll agree that working hard and trying to do his best has always been his thing.

From a young boy of a small village to a super star known worldwide, Sadio Mane is an inspiration to anyone who can dream and work hard to make that dream come through.

So, tell us, what did you think of our collection of Sadio Mane quotes and sayings about football and life? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

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