15 RunTown Quotes & Sayings About Life & Success

Runtown Quotes and Sayings

We bring to you 15 interesting RunTown quotes and sayings about life, hustle, and success.

Douglas Jack Agu, better known by his stage name Runtown, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer.

Runtown was born on 19 August 1989 in Enugu but grew up partly in Abuja and Lagos, where he finished his primary education. After the death of his father, he moved to Abuja with his mother.

RunTown net worth is proof that he’s a successful musician, and with several awards, he’s won he took his career from the bottom to the top.

How did he make his mark? What are the things he once said that shows where he’s coming from, and kept him motivated? See these Runtown quotes and sayings about life, hustle, music, and success.

15 Runtown Quotes About Life and Success

1. “Stop sleeping. Secure the bag, so that the bag can secure you.” – Runtown

2. “… Leadership is a service, and citizens need to embrace each other and collectively decide our future in love.” – Runtown

3. “The duty of a father is one that is beyond providing food and shelter for the family. A father is amongst many other things, a model of character and symbol of strength.” – Runtown

4. “Any military man that enables a degree of injustice in his own household, is by every means, a threat to the larger society.” – Runtown

5. “The position of power comes with a lot of responsibility.” – Runtown

6. “Over time, we have been blessed with the talent and wisdom to apply it to use. It’s time we take it a step higher, and carry the sound and the message to where it belongs; the top.” – Runtown

7. “Saving up enough money to leave the country has become the new Nigerian dream.” – Runtown

8. “Entertainment continues to offer temporary escape from our alarming reality.” – Runtown

9. “Banning sniper only takes HOW people commit suicide not WHY people commit suicide. To truly curb this epidemic, we must focus on the reason WHY people do it.”- Runtown

10. “The path you’re on was specifically designed for you and no one else” – Runtown

11. “No man can take my joy away” – Runtown

12. “Let’s keep our spirits up” – Runtown

13. “Every superwoman needs a superman” – Runtown

14. “We don’t appreciate negative vibes around here. Move along.” – Runtown

Summary of RunTown Quotes & Sayings

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