With providers’ needs constantly changing, it’s important for device manufacturers to think strategically about what tools to source, where to source them from, and the potential ROI of bulk purchases. Small, non-powered carts designed to hold just one medical device, commonly known as roll stands, truly deliver when it comes to providing medical manufacturers with the equipment they need for their medical devices. Roll stands continue to gain popularity within all types of healthcare facilities because of their reliability, flexibility, and relatively low cost compared to larger, powered carts and stands. For medical manufacturers, roll stands represent a lucrative opportunity for high-volume sales into hospitals and other facilities in nearly every specialty—many of which will be looking to purchase multiple units at once(sources from

The iTD elo-cart roll stand is a compact mobile cart that excels in numerous aspects, making it an excellent option for both device manufacturers and end-users looking to purchase multiple mobile solutions at once. Their versatility enables them to hold and easily transport numerous device types, including patient monitors, ECGs, ultrasounds, single-use endoscopy, ventilation machines, and much more through busy hallways and crowded patient rooms. These simple, yet strong, carts are easy to ship and assemble, requiring little maintenance and allowing your customers to get them into rotation quickly and efficiently.

iTD elo-cart roll stand offer additional caregiver-friendly benefits to enhance user experiences while making patient interactions more meaningful. High-quality and balanced cart construction ensures that weight is evenly distributed, so carts roll easily from place to place without concern for tipping. The height of these carts can be easily adjusted to create more ergonomic work environments especially when space is tight. And the elo-cart is built on a modular system, so they easily accommodate different components to suit the specific care requirements of your customers. Optional multi-functional trays or bins hold accessories of varying sizes in a way that’s functional and comfortable for all users. In addition, iTD roll stands are specifically designed and approved as medical devices class 1. They’re also easy to keep clean complying with the industry’s strictest regulations for use in medical settings(quotes from itd).

When your customers are seeking a quick and effortless way to mobilize essential equipment, iTD’s elo-cart ´roll stand offers a dependable and versatile alternative to larger multi-device carts. For device manufacturers, these extremely versatile and reliable carts offer entry into a growing market for high-volume distribution of small, non-powered medical devices. For more information on the elo-cart or other mobile solutions from iTD, please contact us today.

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