Top 10 Richest Musicians In Uganda 2023 [NEW!]

Richest Musicians In Uganda

2023 is here, and you’ll definitely be on the look out for the top 10 richest musicians in Uganda, right?

The majority of West African nations, such as Nigeria and South Africa, have been at the vanguard, creating outstanding musicians who have worked with other foreign musicians and represented Africa internationally. 

We have some of our articles talking in-depth on the top ten richest musicians in Nigeria, you can read to know more about them.

Uganda, a nation in East Africa, has now joined the list of successful African nations in the music business.

Uganda, the third-ranked African nation in terms of its contribution to the continent’s entertainment industry, has produced a number of well-known musicians, such Eddy Kenzo and Bebe Cool, who have performed abroad on behalf of Uganda, EAST Africa, and Africa as a whole.

Some of these Ugandan musicians are well-known abroad, have worked with other musicians from other countries, and have given live performances in many other nations.

The top 10 richest musicians in Uganda are included in this article.

The successes of these Ugandan musicians are a result of hard work, dedication, and focus.

Most of the musicians listed in this article have had their fair share of failure while journeying through their music career but today they are among the richest and most prominent musicians in Uganda and in Africa at large. 

Noteworthy too, is the fact that some of the richest musicians in this article have acquired their wealth not only from music alone but from other ventures apart from music. 

Without any further ado, we present to you the top ten richest musicians in Uganda. 

The 10 Richest Musicians In Uganda 2023

RankRichest Musicians In Uganda 2023Estimated Net Worth
#1Bobi Wine $7.3 million
#2Jose Chameleone $6 million
#3Ragga Dee $4 million
#4Bebe Cool $2.6 million
#5Mesach Semakula $560,000
#6Ronald Mayinja $554,000
#7Eddy Kenzo $350,000
#8Geoffrey Lutaaya $350,000
#9Grace Nakimera$320,000 
#10Haruna Mubiru$290,000

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10. Haruna Mubiru – $290,000

Richest Musicians In Uganda - Haruna Mubiru
Haruna Mubiru

Making it to the number ten on our list is one of the most talented musicians in Uganda, Haruna Mubiru, the owner and founder of Kream Production. 

Formerly a member of Eagles Production, Haruna Mubiru has released over 30 songs that have recorded tremendous commercial success. 

He is also into real estate, another business he adds to his music career which adds to his net worth of $290,000.

Haruna leads a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, with his fleet of exotic cars scattered around his mansion. 

9. Grace Nakimera – $320,000 

Currently, the richest female musician in Uganda, Grace Nakimera happens to rank among the top richest musicians in Uganda with a net worth of $320,000. She is also one of the richest female artists in Uganda.

She rose to prominence after releasing her hit track titled “Ani Akumanyi” in 2004.

Being a music producer, she also produces most of her songs along with her brother DJ Junior. 

She is also a show stopper and stage performer who charges heavily for her services.

She also owns a salon in Kampala which also fetches her money apart from what she earns from music. 

She also owns various landed properties all over Kampala along with the wealth she inherited having been born into a wealthy family which adds to her net worth of $320,000.

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8. Geoffrey Lutaaya – $350,000 

Geoffrey attended Mitti Ebiri Primary School and Mbuye Primary School then went to Kololo High School.

He didn’t take his O’Level exams because he dared to play music.

The singer only passed his O ’Level exams in 2018 and his A’ Level in 2019.

In 1997, the artist was initially part of Bakayimbira Dramaactors.

Here he met Ronald Mayinja and the two founded the Gebris-Band.

He later switched to Diamond Production and then founded Eagles Production together with Mesach Ssemakula, Ronald Mayinja, and Fred Mayiso.

The musician is now co-owner of the band De New Eagles with his wife Irene Namatovu.

His net worth is estimated at $ 350,000.

In addition to music, he works in the hospitality industry and owns several properties, including two motels, a hotel, and a club.

He also owns several properties and a magnificent house in Munyonyo.

7. Eddy Kenzo – $350,000

Eddy Kenzo whose real name is Rema Namakula, is one of the most successful artists from Uganda.

Just like other top artists, he has represented Uganda at the international level, even becoming the first artist from Uganda to win the Bet award in 2015.

Over the course of his music career, Kenzo has released four albums that have received international recognition and awards.

He rose to prominence after releasing his hit single “Sitya Loss” which won him several accolades across Africa. 

With the amount he earns from the sale of his albums and stage performances, Eddy Kenzo has made it to the list of the top ten richest musicians in Uganda with a net worth of $350,000.

He also owns a jaw-dropping mansion in Uganda, Kampala to be precise, which is worth 500 million Ugandan along with various exotic cars parked in his garage. 

His prominence in the music industry has attracted several companies such as the Ministry of Tourism and the Airtel telecommunication network which he serves as a brand ambassador. 

Eddy Kenzo has also been involved in some charity works such as providing financial supports to nursing mothers and children who are stricken with HIV, as well as families that are incapable of catering to their children’s education. 

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6. Ronald Mayinja – $554,000 

Ronald Mayinja is a singer, business mogul, songwriter, husband, father, and politician.

He was born on November 9, 1978, in Mpenja, Gomba District.

He rose to prominence after releasing his hit track Funayo Akadde. 

Ronald is happily married to Aisha Nakyeyune and has three children together.

Ronald owns the Roma Hotel, Roma Hardware, two houses in Lukuli Nanganda, and several properties.

He also owns trucks that are rented to carry cargo. 

His net worth is $ 554,000.

Rumor has it that he is currently in serious debt and he is on the verge of losing part of his properties to his creditors. 

5. Mesach Semakula – $560,000

Richest Musicians In Uganda - Mesach Semakula
Mesach Semakula

Mesach is a godly afro-pop musician and businessman. He is one of the richest musicians in Uganda, as of 2023.

He was born in 1976 in Buwaate Village, Wakisio District. He began singing in 1993 while he was still in high school. 

He went for several auditions including Umar Katumba but failed.

Today, he is a force to reckon with in the Ugandan music industry.  

Mesach has released more than 50 recordings with over 6 albums.

He established his own recording studio called Kann Studio while serving as a music director at Golden Studio. 

Outside business, Mesach is also into real estate and owns several apartments, hotels, and landed properties which he rents out for use. 

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4. Bebe Cool – $2.6 million

Fourth on the list is the CEO of Gagamel Record Label, Moses Ssali, who is popularly known by his stage name Bebe Cool. 

Bebe Cool is a very successful Ugandan music artist whose style of music comprises reggae and Afro-pop. He began his music career in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1997. 

The 44-year-old who has won over nine Pearl awards, and fourteen Hippo awards, performed for the Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Tribute in Hyde Park, London, in 2008. 

Bebe Cool has also been involved in some philanthropic movements.

In 2018, during the Golden Heart concert which he also performed, Bebe Cool made a huge cash donation to sponsor five children who were battling heart diseases for them to receive medical treatment in India. 

His contributions to humanity saw him named one of the 46664 African ambassadors by Nelson Mandela. 

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3. Ragga Dee – $4 million

Popularly known by his stage name Regga Dee, Daniel Kazibwe is one of the richest and most successful Ugandan musicians. 

A politician and also a business tycoon, Regga Dee owns a beach at the shore of Lake Victoria along with his real estate investments.

He is a proud husband to Marian Kazibwe his wife, and father of four children. 

Regga Dee is also a car dealer and also owns a record label known as Bughie Empire.

2. Jose Chameleone – $6 million

Worthy of mention on our list of the richest musicians in Uganda is Jose Chameleone who was born Joseph Mayanjaon on April 39, 1979 in Uganda, an Afro Beat artist who sings in various languages such as Swahili, Luanda, English, etc. 

Chameleone is also the CEO of the popular record label in Uganda known as Leone Island Records.

His music career began in the 1990s where he was signed to a Kenyan record label before leaving to establish his own record label.

He performed to the largest audience at the Lugogo Cricket Oval Stadium in Kampala.

He has also released several record-breaking albums such as Bageya, Shida za Dunia, Njo Karibu, Mama Mia, etc.

Jose Chameleone has performed at the international level.

He has performed in several countries such as the UK, Belgium, United States, South Africa, Malaysia, China, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

He makes his money from live performances and the sales of his albums. 

1. Bobi Wine – $7.3 million

The Richest Musician In Uganda - Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine

The number 1 Ranking top on the list of top ten richest musicians in Uganda is none other than the award-winning superstar, Bobo Wine.

Bobi Wine is a Ugandan musician, politician, and actor who previously served as a Member of Parliament for Kyadondo County East constituency in Wakiso District, in Uganda’s Central Region.

He has recorded over 70 songs in the past 15 years he has been in the music industry and has several awards to his name including one MTV Africa Music Awards and four Pearl of Africa Music Awards among others.

Part of Bobi Wine’s wealth is gotten from the sale of his songs while part is from is involved in politics.

Richest Musicians In East Africa 2023

East African countries include Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, and many others, including Uganda itself, but who are the richest musicians in East Africa?

The richest singer in East Africa currently is Diamond Platnumz. He currently boasts a net worth of 7,000,000 US dollars ($7 million). His source of income is mostly music, endorsements, and owning a record label called the Wasafi Records.

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Richest Musicians in Uganda (Summary) 

We bring this article of the richest musicians in Uganda to a successful conclusion.

As we have seen in this article, most of the musicians did not only amass wealth from music alone but their source of wealth can be linked to other businesses which they have ventured into. 

Here is a recap of the richest musicians in Uganda

  1. Bobi Wine
  2. Jose Chameleone 
  3. Ragga Dee
  4. Bebe Cool
  5. Mesach Semakula
  6. Ronald Mayinja
  7. Eddy Kenzo
  8. Geoffrey Lutaaya
  9. Grace Nakimera
  10. Haruna Mubiru

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