Top 10 Richest Musicians In South Africa

We bring to you the latest list of the top 15 richest musicians in South Africa 2021.

The entertainment industry has over the years provided many who are involved in it, the luxury, wealth, and everything that money can possibly buy, including fame.

The entertainment industry spans TV reality shows, music, movies, etc which diverts from the normal tradition and cultural pattern.

In the world of entertainment, especially music, Africa has been at the forefront as it has produced several musicians who have represented on the world stage, and among these African countries, South Africa is one of them.

Nigeria has really produced top musicians who have even competed globally, and that’s why you should check our list of the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria today.

South Africa on the other hand has also produced top musicians who are doing very great in music, earning great fortunes and fame.

The life of luxury musicians is wallowing in, will make you yearn to become a musician, but then again it is one thing to compose a song, it is another thing to make it capture the heart of listeners.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the top 15 richest musicians in South Africa.

Some of these musicians are no longer in the industry while some are still hitting the ball rolling with their musical talents. Some of them are have attained global recognition while some are popular within Africa and their country of Birth.

The richest South African musicians in this article have over the years, built their wealth and fame through endorsement, several recordings which have recorded tons of views streams, and recognition, winning them several awards and nominations.

So if you are eager to know who makes up the list of the top 15 richest musicians in South Africa, then this article has got you covered.

Top 15 Richest Musicians In South Africa

RankRichest Musicians In South AfricaCurrent Net Worth
#15Khuli Chana$167,000
#13Jack Parow$900,000
#12Da L.E.S$1.2 million
#11DJ SBU$1.9 million
#10Oskido$2 million
#09Nasty C$2 million
#08DJ Euphonik$2.1 million
#07Kasper Nyovest$3 million
#06Juanita Du Plesis$5 million
#05Die Antwoord$10 million
#04Rebecca Malokpe$12 million
#03Aka$12 million
#02Steve Hofmeyr$18 million
#01Black Coffee$60 million
Richest Musicians in South Africa - Khuli Chana

15. Khuli Chana – $167,000

Khuli Chana is a very popular South African Motswako rapper whose real name is Khulane Morule.

He has worked with several top musicians in Africa like Sarkodie, Wizkid, MI Abaga, Ice Prince, etc. Khuli Chana originates from Mmabatho, North West, South Africa, and was born on August 27, 1982.

Khuki Chana began singing in 1992 and you can say he has achieved greatness in his 29 years of being in the music industry. He has released three studio albums so far.

14. Emtee – $300,000

Emtee is a South African rapper who first rose to prominence after the release of his debut hit single, “Roll Up”.

The South African Hip Hop Awards and Metro FM Music Awards winner Emtee, whose real name is Mthembeni Ndevu, has worked with several notable acts such as Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Nasty C, etc.

Emtee has so far released five studio albums in his music career.

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13. Jack Parow – $900,000

Jack Parow is also one of the richest musicians in South Africa who has attained some level of fame and wealth.

Born as Zander Tyler in Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa Jack Parow has so far released four studio albums after he became popular through the release of his first hit track Cooler as Ekke.

12. Da L. E. S. – $1.2 million

Da L. E. S is a South African record producer and rapper who was born and bred in Washington DC, United States Of America on July 26, 1985. He rose to prominence after the release of his hit single “Heaven c which he released in 2013.

He began his music career with his band Jozi and achieved many successes with his band. He has so far released seven albums that feature hit singles, earning him wide recognition both in South Africa and abroad. Da L. E. S is currently listed among the richest and most influential musicians in South Africa.

Richest musicians in South Africa - DJ S.B.U

11. DJ SBU – $1.9 million

DJ SBU is a prominent radio and South African television personality who has made an impact in the Broadcasting Corporation of South Africa.

He is also a DJ and has also co-directed different television series such as “It Rained Last Night” and “Generations” which is a South African soap opera.

DJ SBU whose real name is Sibusiso Leope has established himself as a very distinguished business person and an Entertainer which has fetched him a ton of money along with fame and recognition.

10. Oskido – $2 million

Oskido is one of the oldest South African record producers and business Tycoons, as well as Djs in the South African music industry. He has 26byears of experience as an entertainer. Oskido is also the CEO of Kalawa Jamzee records which houses prominent acts such as Mafikizolo, Bongo Maffin.

Oskido is also one of the pioneering artists that made the Kwaito genre of music famous and also took it outside of the townships of South Africa to other parts of the Continent.

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9. Nasty C – $2 million

Nasty C is one of the young, richest, and influential music sensations in South Africa.

At the tender age of 24, Nasty C has already made his presence felt in the music industry and has also received several awards for his amazing recordings which have received wide recognition and plaudits.

Nasty C has received several accolades and awards within the short period of time he has been on the music scene including the BET awards, South African Hip Hop Awards, etc.

8. DJ Euphonik – $2.1 million

DJ Euphonik is a music producer, radio presenter, and DJ from South Africa who is famous for playing house music using his career name Euphonik, with his birth name being Themba.

He is a native of Mpumalanga, South Africa born on December 6, 1983, and has been producing songs for various artists for seven years now.

DJ Euphonik has over the years, produced six studio albums and nine mixed albums.

He also invests in properties, owning a total of fourteen properties in South Africa, Johannesburg to be precise. With his contributions in promoting South African music, Euphonik has been listed in the Mail & Guardian’s 300 Young South Africans.

7. Casper Nyovest – $3 million

Casper Nyovest is also one of the richest and most successful musicians in South Africa.

Born in Montshiwa, Mafikeng, North West in December 1990, the CEO of a Family Tree record label has won several awards including seven South African Hip Hop Awards, Metro FM Awards, three Channel O Music Video Awards, and a South African Music Award.

He has worked with several notable acts like Davido, Kwesta, and Nasty C.

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6. Juanita Du Plessis – $5 million

Juanita Du Plessis is one of the most highly esteemed female musicians in South Africa, with over 30 albums in her name. She is a recipient of several awards in the course of her music career.

She has been rocking the music industry for 2 decades and has recorded more than 3 million sales of her recordings.

Juanita was also awarded the South African Music Awards for Best Afrikaans DVD including the Huisgenoot’s Tempo Awards for the most popular female artist for the seventh consecutive year.

She owns her record label, which she calls Juanita Records.

5. Die Antwoord – $10 million

Die Antwoord is a hip-hop group that was established in Cape Town, South Africa in 2008. The group is comprised of rappers Watkin Tudor ‘Ninja’ Jones and Anri ‘Yolandi Visser’.

Die Antwoord has been privileged to perform at the Coachella Music Festival, one of the biggest music concerts in the world. The music duo has won the Myspace Best Music Video award.

Die Antwoord songs have been featured in some video games such as “far Cry” and “Far Cry New Dawn”.

4. Rebecca Malokpe – $4.5 million

Rebecca Malokpe is known as the “queen of gospel”. She has achieved immense commercial success, selling more than 10 million copies of her songs globally which have put her in the list of the best-selling gospel artists in history.

Of the 36 albums that she has released, most of them have peaked at the multi-platinum status.

Rebecca Malokpe has received several awards including the OKTV Awards Best Female Artists, Coca-Cola Full Blast Music Show: Best Established Local Artist, etc.

3. Aka – $12 million

AKA is a South African rap star, songwriter, and singer, record producer, and entrepreneur.

A native of Western Cape IN South Africa, AKA rose to prominence after he released his hit single “Victory Lap”. He has also released several hit songs which have both added to his fame.

AKA has also received several awards such as Channel O Africa Music Video Awards, MTV Africa Music Awards, etc.

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2. Steve Hofmeyr – $18 million

Steve Hofmeyr is a South African actor, Entertainer, writer, and TV presenter who has become very popular in South Africa. He has hosted several TV shows and has featured in several movies.

His achievements and recognition along with several endorsement deals have added to his wealth which earns him the second spot on the list of the top 15 richest musicians in South Africa.

DJ black coffe - the richest south african musician

1. Black Coffee – $60 million

DJ Black coffee happens to be the richest South African musician on this list. He has represented South Africa and Africa as a whole, far and wide.

Black Coffee has was the recipient of the Bet awards, DJ awards, and SAMA awards has worked with foreign music acts such as Drake and also performed live in one of the biggest music festivals in the world, the Coachella.

Black Coffee also has seven music albums to his name, all of which have recorded great commercial success.

Summary of The Richest Musicians In South Africa

Having taken a look at the top 15 richest musicians in South Africa, you can agree that these people have made it in the music industry as their respective net worth shows.

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