Top 10 Richest Footballers In Kenya In 2023 [Upated!]

Top 10 Richest Footballers In Kenya

Hello, audience! Here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 richest footballers in Kenya in 2023 with data on their weekly salaries, current teams, and more.

Football is widely regarded as one of, if not the best, spectator sports on the planet. Although soccer is fun to watch, it has made millions of dollars for its players. On the flip side, it has generated revenue for fans who use the top betting sites to place wagers before games.

Soccer is a popular sport in many nations nowadays and Kenya is no exception. In the dynamic world of professional football, success on the pitch often translates into immense wealth off it. As we delve into the second-half of the year 2023, Kenya’s football scene is brimming with talented athletes who have not only dazzled fans with their skills but also amassed substantial fortunes.

In this exclusive article, we will unveil the crème de la crème of Kenyan football, the top 10 richest footballers in Kenya who have secured their place in the realms of opulence through their prowess and lucrative endorsement deals.

From seasoned veterans to emerging stars, these players have not only made their mark on the pitch but have also secured their financial futures through endorsements, contracts, and business ventures. Let’s delve into their stories of triumph and wealth.

I guarantee you won’t guess who the wealthiest footballer in Kenya is until you read on to find out the top ten.

Top 10 Richest Footballers In Kenya 2023

RankRichest Kenyan Footballers
#1Victor Wanyama
#2Macdonald Mariga
#3Michael Olunga
#4Patrick Osiako
#5Jamal Mohammed
#6Arnold Origi
#7Lawrence Olum
#8David Ochieng
#9Ismael Athuman
#10Ayube Timbe Masika

10. Ayube Timbe Masika: The Winger with Global Appeal

Richest Footballers In Kenya - Ayube Timbe Masika

As one of the wealthiest footballers in Kenya at the moment, Ayube is a Kenyan professional footballer who recently moved to Reading Fc from Beijing Renche FC.

Ayube is an electrifying winger whose talent has taken him to various leagues across the globe. Masika’s explosive speed and technical skills have caught the attention of scouts and secured him contracts in China, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. Alongside his on-field accomplishments, Masika’s business ventures and endorsements have contributed to his wealth, making him a prominent figure among Kenya’s richest footballers.

A replacement against South Africa in 2012 marked his first international appearance. The dazzling winger has already played in 24 games for Kenya’s national side, scoring four times.

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9. Ismael Athuman: The Rising Star on a Financial Trajectory

Richest Footballers In Kenya - Ismael Athuman

Ismael Athuman who happens to be one of the amazing, as well as one of the richest footballers in Kenya; was born in Maspalomas, Las Palmas though he is from a Keyan root.

He is currently playing for Las Palmas B. The center back is valued at €56,000 ($65,906.96) with a weekly wage of €606 ($713.21).

His first international debut came in 2016 when Kenya played against Sudan in the African cup of nations qualifiers.

Because of his fine form during the preseason, Ismael Athuman was later promoted from Las Palma B to Las Palmas’ first team in the Segunda Division.

8. David Ochieng: The Rock at the Heart of Defense

Richest Football players In Kenya - David Ochieng

Currently playing for Al-Ansar in the Saudi-Arabian league as a center back, David Ochieng is earning millions for himself, earning him a spot in the list of top richest footballers in Kenya.

David started off his football career in Nairobi, his hometown; where he played for Nairobi Stima before leaving to play New York Cosmos in 2016.

David Ochieng further moved to Sweden to play briefly Brommaopojkarna before finally signing for Saudi-Arabian side Al-Ansar for an undisclosed amount.

Without any doubt, the 28-year-old center back is earning a fortune in his current club; so it is no surprise that he is among the richest footballers Kenya has produced. He earns  $20,235.35 monthly.

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7. Lawrence Olum: From Strength to Success

Lawrence Olum

Lawrence Olum is a multi-talented footballer who has represented Kenya at the international level.

During the 2019 season, he earned a mouthwatering $70,250 playing for Minnesota United. He has since signed with Miami Fc of the MLS in the United States in preparation for the 2020 season.

Lawrence, far past his athletic prime, continues to play football and doesn’t let his age slow him down.

He has spent time with MLS’s Sporting Kansas City, MLS’s Orland City, and MLS’s Minnesota United Fc, among others in the United States.

Lawrence is one of the most well-compensated and successful players in Kenyan soccer according to his club salary.

6. Arnold Origi: The Safe Hands of Success

Richest Kenyan Soccer players - Arnold Origi

Our next mention on the list of the richest footballers in Kenya is Anorld Origi. As a veteran of 33 international appearances, he has represented Kenya on numerous occasions. His present HIFK salary is $27,589.72.

Arnold Origi, the cousin of Liverpool star Divock Origi, has made 239 total appearances in his professional career since 2007.

Goalkeepers often go unnoticed in discussions about wealth in football, but Arnold Origi defies this notion. This talented shot-stopper, with a wealth of experience in both local and European leagues, has established himself as one of Kenya’s most successful footballers.

Origi’s skill between the posts has garnered him significant contracts, while his investments in real estate and other ventures have fortified his financial position.

5. Jamal Mohammed: The Midfield Maestro with a Golden Touch

Jamal Mohammed happens to be one of the most skillful midfield maestro Kenya has ever produced.

Richest Footballers In Kenya - Jamal Mohammed

Although he’s not one of the top 20 best dribblers in the world of football now, you can call him the showman because he knows how to perform magic with his quick feet when he handles the ball.

Jamal Mohammed who happens to be one of the richest footballers in Kenya started playing for some of the Kenya clubs

Jamal Mohammed, now one of Kenya’s wealthiest footballers, began his career with a few local teams.

He is known by his nickname, “Jamal Malo,” and has played for a number football clubs, the most notable being Al-Nassr S. C. S. C, when he signed a $80,000 deal.

He helped Kazma SC win the Kuwait Emir Cup in 2011, and later he helped Al-Nassr win the Oman Professional League Cup in 2015.

In 2008, he made his first national team appearance, then in 2010, in round 2 of FIFA World Cup qualifying matches, he scored his first international goal in a 1-0 victory over Namibia.

He was also instrumental in Kenya’s qualification for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations. Fifth on the list of the highest paid footballers in Kenya is Jamal Malo, whose annual salary of $32,188.01 places him in the upper middle class.

4. Patrick Osiako: The Midfield Dynamo

Patrick Osiako

Patrick Osiako started his career at the age of 16 where he played for Coast Stars before switching to Tuskers in 2005, making a total appearance of 15, and recording 3 goals for the club.

Patrick Osiako’s career has been a journey of perseverance and determination. Known for his versatility and technical skills in midfield, Osiako has carved a niche for himself in both local and international football. His stints with clubs in Kenya, Germany, and Finland have contributed to his financial well-being. Furthermore, Osiako’s business ventures, including real estate and sports investments, have played a pivotal role in securing his place among Kenya’s wealthiest footballers.

Currently one of the richest football players in Kenya; the central midfielder who is over 33 years old earns a whopping sum of  $45,000, is number four on the list of richest Kenyan footballers.

He has played for a couple of teams including FC Linkoping City. He has a total of 201 club career appearances and 12 international appearances for Kenya.

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3. Michael Olunga: A Striker’s Scoring Sensation

The hat-trick hero as I would love to call him, Michael Olunga who is a prolific forward has established himself both locally and internally, he knows how to make his presence felt anytime he is on the pitch with his goal scoring ability.

Richest Footballers In Kenya - Michael Olunga

He has made a lot of history in the course of his football career, being the first Kenyan Footballer and Girona player to ever score a Hat-trick in LA Liga.  

Michael Olunga who is currently playing for Kashiwa Reysol in the Japanese second division  helped his side to gain promotion to the first division of the Japanese (J1) league, scoring eight (8) goals in a single match, which helped him to finish the second division has the top scorer with 27 goals.

You would be surprised to know that the Kenyan goal machine scored another hat-trick on July 2020 during his side thumping win over Vegalta Sendai in the J1 league; so it is not surprising that the club had to pay heavily for his services.

Olunga whose international debut came in 2015, takes home a wouth a watering sum of $137,931.03, making him the third richest Footballers in Kenya.

In 2019, Michael Olunga scored a brace at the African Cup of Nation’s where his side came from a one-goal down to win Tanzania two goals to one, courtesy of his brace.

2. Macdonald Mariga: The Trailblazing Midfield Maestro

Macdonald  Mariga

Macdonald who earned $1.3 million yearly happens to be the first Kenyan player to feature one the UEFA champions league after he signed for Internationale DE Milan in 2010. He is no doubt one of the richest footballers in Kenya for quite some reasons.

The trailblazing Macdonald Mariga’s net worth is $7 million. Known for his elegance and vision in midfield, Mariga enjoyed a stellar career that included a stint with Inter Milan, where he became the first Kenyan to win the UEFA Champions League.

With successful spells at various clubs across Europe, including Parma and Real Oviedo, Mariga’s on-field achievements have translated into significant financial success. Sponsorships and business ventures have bolstered his wealth, establishing him as one of Kenya’s most affluent footballers.

1. Victor Wanyama

Victor Wanyama is currently the most successful and the richest Footballer in Kenya 2023.

He has played for several clubs in the highest paying league in the world, the premier league, one of the best football leagues in the world.

Richest Footballers In Kenya - Victor Wanyama

He played for Southampton for three years form 2013 to 2016 appearing 85 times for the Saints.

He was later signed by Tottenham Hotspur in 2016, where he featured 69 times before being released to the MLS side, Montreal Impact in 2020.

Victor is also the current captain of the Kenya international team. He is also the first Kenyan footballer to score in the UEFA champions in 2012, for Celtic, in a 2:1 win over Barcelona, one of the richest soccer clubs, in 2012.

This formidable midfielder has gained international recognition for his skills and tenacity on the field. After making waves with Celtic FC and Southampton in the English Premier League, Wanyama secured a lucrative move to Montreal Impact in Major League Soccer (MLS). His impressive performances and endorsement deals have catapulted his net worth to unprecedented heights, cementing his status as Kenya’s football icon.

His net worth is $13.9 million

Summary of the Richest Footballers In Kenya

From our latest rankings, here’s a quick recap of the richest footballers in Kenya;

  1. Victor Wanyama
  2. Macdonald Mariga
  3. Michael Olunga
  4. Patrick Osiako
  5. Jamal Mohammed
  6. Arnold Origi
  7. Lawrence Olum
  8. David Ochieng
  9. Ismael Athuman
  10. Ayube Timbe Masika

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