Top 15 Richest Djs In Nigeria 2022 [Latest!]

Richest DJs In Nigeria

We are pleased to present to you the most recent ranking of the top 10 richest DJs in Nigeria, as well as their estimated net worth in 2022.

Is it true that there are some Disc Jockeys (DJs) in Nigeria who have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry? Did you know that this is true?

Gone are the days when being a Disc Jockey was considered a low-status occupation.

Now, just as the list of the wealthiest musicians in Nigeria is fascinating, so is the list of the wealthiest DJs in Nigeria, which is equally fascinating.

DJs are currently the most popular entertainers in Nigeria, according to industry statistics.

Consider the following scenario: you are planning a show or an event and you do not hire a DJ to spice things up with cool mixtapes. The event will be extremely boring for those who have been invited to the event or show.

The reason why some Nigerian DJs are achieving significant success in the Nigerian entertainment industry is explained by this.

To a certain extent, there are some DJs who are wealthier than the vast majority of Nigerian musicians.

The ability to create mixtapes that will achieve enormous commercial success is the result of years of hard work and refinement of skills.

There are numerous successful DJs in Nigeria who command high fees for their services; how many of them can you name off the top of your head?

Well, in this article, you will be delighted to learn who made the cut on the list of the 15 richest DJs in Nigeria

For example, some of the DJs who have achieved success in the Nigerian entertainment industry have done so as a result of the record label with which they have signed their contract.

Some of the DJs on this list are signed to some of the most well-known record labels in the world, which has provided them with the opportunity to showcase their talents to the rest of the world.

Some of these DJs have even collaborated on several projects with foreign musicians, including performances in foreign countries, and are compensated handsomely for their efforts.

Without further ado, let us move on to the top 15 richest DJs in Nigeria. I am confident that you will be surprised to learn who makes up this elite group.

Top 15 Richest DJs In Nigeria 2022

RankRichest DJs In Nigeria 2022Estimated Net Worth
#1DJ Xclusive Net Worth $2.1M
#2DJ Coublon Net Worth$2M
#3DJ Cuppy Net Worth $1.7M
#4DJ ECOOL Net Worth $1.2M
#5DJ Neptune Net Worth$1.1M
#6DJ Humility Net Worth $900,000
#7DJ Spinall Net Worth $850,000
#8DJ Kaywise Net Worth $740,000
#9DJ Jimmy Jatt Net Worth$700,000
#10DJ Caise Net Worth $550,000
#11DJ Lambo Net Worth $500,000 
#12DJ Sose Net Worth $500,000
#13Dj Consequence$400,000
#14DJ Enimoney $350,000
#15DJ Big N$250,000

15. DJ Big N – $250,000

DJ Big N whose birth name is Nonso Temisan Ajufo is a popular Nigerian Hip-hop, R&B, and Afrobeats Disc Jockey who hails from Lagos  State, Nigeria. 

Big N is the in house DJ of Marvin’s records who began his Disc Jockey career in the UK where he used to perform at local clubs in the West Midlands prior to performing at the Palms Club in Coventry as a guest DJ and also as a guest DJ at Club “Release”. 

He has produced several mixtapes for Mavins records including the label’s theme song titled  “Mavin All-Stars”, “Energy Mixtape” and so on. 

Big N has also been on tours with some of the top artists in the record label including supporting Tiwa Savage on her first American Tour. 

He is currently one of the most successful and richest Djs in Nigeria with a net worth of $250,000. 

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14. DJ Enimoney – $350,000

Richest DJs In Nigeria - DJ Enimoney
DJ Enimoney

Making it to the list is the famous produce and DJ, DJ Enimoney happens to be the younger brother to one of the most successful and richest Nigerian musicians, Olamide Baddo. 

Enimoney, whose birth name is Eniola Olamilekan Adedeji, is the official DJ of his brother Olamide’s owned record label, YBNL.

Although formally a DJ, Enimoney also knows how to handle the mic, as he has released his own songs where he has featured several notable artists such as Olamide (his brother), Tiwa Savage, Reakado Banks etc. 

Some of his hit singles are “People Talk Alot (P.T.A)”,  Diet, Ogede(his new release), Wapka, and many others.

He has also been nominated severally and was the recipient of the City People Music Award in 2018, for Best Collaboration of the Year through the song “Diet”.

Being one of the richest DJs in Nigeria currently, DJ Enimoney currently has a net worth of $350,000.

13. Dj Consequence – $400,000

DJ Consequence is also one of the most prominent Djs in Nigeria who has been making wave in the music industry.

A native of Ondo state, though grew up in Lagos State, Akeredolu Precious Pelumi whose career name is DJ Consequence has released over 30 songs and mixtapes with two albums titled, Vibes from the Future and VIBES – The Mixtape. 

He started performing at local clubs, parties, and events in Lagos State.

Through hard work and dedication, the popular DJ who was the recipient of the City People Music Award for DJ of the Year (Male) has been ranked among the richest Djs in Nigeria.

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12. DJ Sose Net Worth – $500,000

In the entertainment industry, particularly music, every artist or Entertainer always try to come up with his own style to make him distinct and unique. 

Thomas Amar-Aigbe who is popularly known as DJ Sose is one of such entertainers.

Even if you may not know him by name, you would definitely know him in person, as he is the only DJ in Nigeria and Africa who has a facial tattoo. 

When asked why he tattooed his face this was his response “My face tattoo is my trademark– a marketing strategy to make me stand out. … You can forget my name but you can never forget my face.”

The 2011 recipient of the FAB Awards DJ Of The Year nominee and Nigerian Radio Awards Best DJ Nominee, is signed to Gray Tiger Entertainment where he has been making his present felt in the Nigerian music industry.

He is worth $500,000 ranking him among the most successful and wealthiest Djs in Nigeria.

11. DJ Lambo Net Worth – $500,000 

The second female DJ to make it to the list is award winning DJ, DJ Lambo.

Born Olawunmi Okerayi, DJ Lambo is the CEO of Chocolate City imprint record label, Choi Boy Nation (CBN) 

As far as entertainment in Nigeria is concerned, DJ Lambo is one of the forces to reckon with as she has performed live at Nigeria’s popular show, The BigBrother Naija (BBN), three consecutive times.

The City People Entertainment Awards for DJ of the Year award winner, released her personal album titled A Tale of Two Cities and was listed among the top five Djs to watch out for in 2015, by Nigerian Entertainment Today.

Lambo has worked with several prominent artists including Ice Prince, M.I, Jessy Jagz, Cynthia Morgan etc.

She charges heavily for her services and her current net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

10. DJ Caise Net Worth – $550,000

Richest DJs In Nigeria - DJ Caise
DJ Caise

DJ Caise is another successful DJ in the Nigerian music industry.

Born Derin Phillips, DJ Caise may not be very familiar to many, but one thing is for sure, he is making it big time in the industry.

Signed to Chocolate city, DJ Caise who has an estimated net worth of $550,000, has produced various mixtapes which span various genres of music such as, Old School, Hip hop, Funky House, House music, and Afro beats.

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9. DJ Jimmy Jatt Net Worth – $700,000

Formerly the richest DJ in Nigeria, DJ Jimmy Jatt who had worked closely with P-Square still maintains his spot, this time not as the number one among the richest DJs in Nigeria, but as the number nine on the list.

He is among the few DJs in Nigeria that made Disc Jockeying a profession to be held in high esteem.

Highly regarded as one of the three pioneer hip hop Djs in Nigeria, the 55-year-old award-winning DJ who started off as a rapper, is famous for his Jimmy’s Jump Off concert which began in 2008.

Today, Jimmy’s Jump Off concert is one of the most attended shows in Nigeria.

Despite the fact that he is not really active as before, DJ Jimmy Jatt is making his millions from other businesses and endorsements, as well as from his concert.

Jimmy was presented with the Hip Hop World Hall of Fame award for his contributions to hip hop on Nigeria, in 2006.

He currently has a net worth of $700,000.

8. DJ Kaywise Net Worth – $740,000

Another prominent DJ on this list is the CEO of KayWise Entertainment, is DJ Kaywise.

He stepped into the spotlight in 2010 after his debut mixtape stormed the Alaba market. 

He has released several hit songs and mixtapes, also featuring notable artists like Olamide, Ice Prince, Patorankin, etc. 

Kaywise who has a twin has won several awards including the City People Entertainment Awards for DJ of the Year, 2015.

He also won the Nigerian Entertainment Awards for DJ of the Year, that same year.

His net worth is estimated to be around $740,000.

7. DJ Spinall Net Worth – $850,000

Though not among the top five richest DJs in Nigeria, the name DJ Spinall is one of the names that come to mind when talking about popular DJs, due to his style of play and his signature dressing.

He is the only DJ known for his unique dressing that requires him to wear a native or Ankara hat with any type of dressing. 

He has worked with several top record labels like TheCAP Music, Atlantic Records UK, and Warner Chappell Music UK.

Some of his songs are listed below ;

  • “No Sorrow” (feat. Pheelz) (2015)
  • “Package” (feat. Davido and Del B) (2016)
  • “Baba” (feat. Kiss Daniel) (2018)
  • “Omoge” (feat. Dotman) (2018)
  • “Ohema” (feat. Mr Eazi) (2016)
  • “Pepe Dem” (feat. Yemi Alade) 2017 

6. DJ Humility Net Worth – $900,000

DJ Humility is one DJ that is quietly making his money without blowing his trumpet, he rather allows his talents and what he knows how to do best, to do the talking.

DJ Humility who has spent over two decades in the entertainment industry as a Disc Jockey, is the founder H.Records.

He currently works as an in-house DJ of Rhythm 93.7 FM Lagos and the pioneer of the released annual Disc Jockeying event; Classic DJs.

He has also released three albums that have won him several awards such as Best World DJ NEA, and FAB Magazine’s DJ of the year.

He makes his fortune also from other ventures.

5. DJ Neptune Net Worth – $1.1 M

DJ Neptune is a popular DJ in the Nigerian music industry. He’s no doubt one of the richest Djs in Nigeria.

He has worked with several top musicians in Nigeria like Burnaboy, Olamide, Joeboy, Phyno, and many others.

He is the CEO of Neptune Entertainment.

He also has eight awards for his name and has also released eight songs.

He is one of the richest and most successful Djs in Nigeria. 

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4. DJ ECOOL Net Worth – $1.2 M

The DJ with a touch of gold dye on one part of his hair, DJ Ecool is a popular DJ, Signed to DMW (Davido Music Worldwide). 

Ecool has released over 13 mixtapes with more than five hit singles one of them being “ADA”.

The hit track “ADA” which was released in 2017, where DJ Ecool featured his boss Davido, recorded great commercial success and had over 2 million views in less than a month. 

Most of his mixtapes feature some foreign artists as well as Nigerian artists. 

3. DJ Cuppy Net Worth – $1.7 million

Richest DJs In Nigeria - DJ Cuppy
DJ Cuppy

The second female DJ on the list and also one of the richest Djs in Nigeria, DJ Cuppy is not an unfamiliar personality in the Nigerian music industry and in Nigeria as a whole. 

One of the four daughters born to Nigeria’s business mogul and oil magnate, Femi Otedola, DJ Cuppy is a very successful Nigeria DJ who has released over 12 albums that features some notable actists including foreign artists like Wyclef Jean.

The pink hair DJ is the richest female DJ and one of the richest DJs currently, with a ground-shaking net worth of $1.7million.

2. DJ Coublon Net Worth – $2m

DJ Coublon may not be a trending name in the music industry, but one undeniable fact is that he is the second richest DJ In Nigeria. 

DJ coublon has over the years, worked with many prominent musicians in Nigeria, including Kiss Daniel, Iyanya, Yemi Alade, Tekno Miles, Patoranking, and so on. 

DJ Coublon also has two awards to his name. 

1. DJ Xclusive Net Worth – $2.1 M

The Richest DJ In Nigeria - DJ Xclusive
DJ Xclusive

Taking the number one spot on the top ten richest Djs in Nigeria’s list is the award-winning DJ Xclusive.

DJ Xclusive began his Disc Jockeying career in 2003.

Since then, he has shown no signs of slowing down. 

He has released over 17 hit singles with commercial success.

His unique style of play attracted several record labels including Banky W owned E.M.E, (Empire Mates Entertainment) who signed him in 2012.

Since then, he has grown to become the richest DJ, with a net worth of $2.1 million. 

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Richest DJs In Nigeria (Summary)

Counting many years back, the work of a DJ was always looked down upon, in fact, it was one of the professions that many refused to indulge in. 

After considering the 15 richest Djs in Nigeria by their net worth, you would agree with me that these Djs have done great for themselves, thereby Making Disc Jockey a well-paying job and also one of the successful professions in the entertainment industry. 

Below is a recap of the top 15 richest Nigerian Djs;

  1. DJ Xclusive Net Worth $2.1 M
  2. DJ Coublon Net Worth $2m
  3. DJ Cuppy Net Worth $1.7 million
  4. DJ ECOOL Net Worth $1.2 M
  5. DJ Neptune Net Worth $1.1 M
  6. DJ Spinall Net Worth $850,000
  7. DJ Humility Net Worth: $900,000
  8. DJ Kaywise Net Worth $740,000
  9. DJ Jimmy Jatt Net Worth $700,000
  10. DJ Caise Net Worth $550,000
  11. DJ Lambo Net Worth $ 500,000 
  12. DJ Sose Net Worth $500,000
  13. Dj Consequence $400,000
  14. DJ Enimoney $350,000
  15. DJ Big N $250,000

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