Top 10 Richest Comedians In South Africa 2021

Richest Comedians In South Africa

Today, we bring to you the top 10 richest comedians in South Africa.

South Africa is undoubtedly the second African country with large entertainment industry. When it comes to entertainment in all categories, South Africa ranks number two behind Nigeria.

Over the years, amazing talents keep been given birth to in the south African entertainment industry, in the different facets of life, be it music, acting, comedy, football, and so on.

As people from South Africa emerges as best in different sphere of entertainment, we have some that had really succeeded in their profession, for instance, the richest footballers in South Africa and the top richest in other facets of life.

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Needless to say that South Africa has done marvelously great in her comedy, as she keeps raising amazing comedy talents who are excelling and representing South Africa in the comedy category both in Africa and abroad.

Although not all the Comedians in South Africa are able to leave their audience cracking their ribs with laughter, then again, there are others who have mastered their crafts and are making it big in the comedy industry.

Coming up with a joke that will make your audience shed tears as a result of laughter, is not always easy but yet, some of the Comedians in South Africa are doing a great job in this regard and some of them are ranked in the list of richest Comedians in Africa and in the world. 

In this article, we will bring you the top ten richest Comedians IN South Africa. This compilation is based on their respective net worth and other ventures they engage in.

Top 10 Richest Comedians In South Africa 2021

RankRichest Comedians In South AfricaEstimated Net Worth
#1 Trevor Noah $40 million
#2 Barry Hilton $7 million
#3 Tumi Morake $5 million
#4 Deep Fried Man $5 million
#5 David Kau $1.5 million
#6 Skhumba Hlophe $1 million
#7 Marc Lottering $700,000
#8 Mpho Popp $500 000
#9 Riaad Moosa $400,000
#10 Tats Nkonzo $200,000

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10. Tats Nkonzo – $200,000 

Richest Comedians In South Africa - Tats Nkonzo
Tats Nkonzo

Tats Nkonzo is another South African comedian who is making it big in the comedy industry.

The top 24 finalist of the M-reality Net’s show idols seasons 3, is famous for his role in the eNCA’s satirical show Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola. 

Tats Nkonzo rose to prominence after making it to the  Top 8 of the SABC1 reality show, “So You Think You’re Funny” Nkonzo was given the opportunity of touring with the Top 3 finalists of the show after it ended. 

Nkonzo has also featured in several shows such as The Baxter Theatre, Peter Torien, Market Theatre.


9. Riaad Moosa – $400,000

Moosa has recorded immense success so much in his comedian career. In January and February 2013 he performed at the Baxter Theater with a show called “What’s Next”.

Moosa was also known for being a doctor and an actor. He has also toured South Africa, Africa, and the UK.

In March 2011 Moosa received the Comics Choice Award at the first annual South African Comic’s Choice Awards. He was also one of the nominees for the Comic’s Choice Awards. 

For his role in a film, he was named best actor at the 2013 South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA’s), which was also named best film.

8. Mpho Popp – $500 000

Mpho was one of the contestants on the show “So You Think You Funny”. In 2015 he started a one-man show Exhibit A at the Lyric Theater in Gold Reef City, and he also took part in the dance show on SABC 3, “Strictly Come Dancing.”

Mpho Popp has performed alongside other prominent Comedians such as Trevor Noah. 

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7. Marc Lottering – $700,000

Marc Lottering is one of the most admired and respected Comedians in South Africa. The winner of the Vuta Award for BEST Actor in a comedy film, Marc Lottering’s career began in 1997 and he was featured in a show Bafunny Bafunny at the Royal Albert Hall. 

He also has four Fleur du Cap Awards to his name. Lottering’s first show when he went into comedy, was “AFTER THE BEEP” in 1997. 

6. Skhumba Hlophe – $1 million 

Skhumba Hlophe is another influential South African comedian, radio presenter, and actor who has established himself as one of the funniest and wealthy Comedians in South Africa. 

Hlope has organized about four breathe taking shows in the past four years, and this feat has earned him more popularity and wealth as his fan base keeps increasing as the day goes by. 

He is also known for his role in the South African blockbuster movie Taxi ride and Trippin.  As a result of his charisma and funny looking face, which always leave his audience cracking their ribs with laughter, Skhumba Hlophe was given the name “The Bigbang”

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5. David Kau – $1.5 million 

Richest Comedians In South Africa - David Kau
David Kau

David Kau is one of the most sorts after Comedians in South Africa, who has been rocking the comedy industry with his unique style of comedy. 

He has headlined several comedy festivals and has served as a co-host of the Comedy show Black’s Only.

He has also hosted the 3rd Channel O Music Awards. The 46664 concerts of Nelson Mandela’s concert made him more popular in Africa and abroad.

4. Deep Fried Man – $5 million 

Deep Fried Man is another popular comedian from South Africa whose style of comedy if music comedy. 

He rose to prominence after emerging the joint winner of the 2010 Comedy Showdown which was organized by JOE Parker, thereby giving him the opportunity of performing in the UN COMEDY show together with other notable Comedians from Africa and abroad. 

Deep Fried Man was named the Best Newcomer In 2011, at the maiden edition of the Annual South Africa Comic’s Choice Awards held in Teatro. 

He has become more popular with his short comedy skits which he regularly uploads on various social media platforms. 

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3. Tumi Morake – $5 million

South Africa is blessed with one of the funniest female comedy stars, Tumi Morale. She is a multi-talented personality who is not only a comedy act but also an actress, TV host, and author. 

Tumi Morake is the first African woman whose set was featured on Netflix. She became the first woman to host Comedy Central Presents in Africa. 

Tumi Morake’s style of comedy has earned her a large audience and fame, so much so that before she is called up to perform at any show, she has to be paid heavily for her services. 

The famous female comedian has starred in several TV shows and films such as High Rollers, Laugh Out Loud, Soul Buddyz, The Bantu Hour, Seriously Single, Rockville, The Queen, and Izoso Connexion. 

She has also received several awards for her contributions to the South African entertainment industry, particularly the comedy part. Some is her awards are listed below. 

  • Mboko Women in the Arts Award for Excellence in Comedy 2013
  • Winner, Best Comedian Category of the YOU Spectacular Awards
  • Winner The Free State Province’s Icons 
  • She won awarded the Savanna Comic Choice Awards as the Comic of the Year

2. Barry Hilton – $7 million 

Barry Hilton is one of the longest-serving comedians in South Africa, with over thirty years of experience. 

Barry Hilton has made a name for himself as far as comedy is concerned in South Africa. He has won several awards in addition to his TV Hosting and Motivational speaking. Hilton is a recipient of the Comics Choice Lifetime Achiever Award. 

David Kau has also served as a judge in the SABC1 reality talented show, So You Think You’re Funny.

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1. Trevor Noah – $40 million 

The Richest Comedian In South Africa - Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is no doubt the richest Comedian in South Africa and also one of the richest and most popular comedians in Africa and abroad. 

Trevor Noah is a very talented South African comedian, Producer, writer, actor, and TV host who is known to anchor The Daily Show, a satirical news program ON comedy Central. 

His ability to speak seven different languages (English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Tsonga, and some German) makes it possible for him to present his comedy in these different languages which adds more flair to his comedy. 

Trevor Noah has been a recipient of various top awards such as MTV Africa Music Awards, Primetime Emmy Award, listed among “the Most Powerful People in New York Media” by The Hollywood Reporter. 

Richest Comedians In South Africa (Summary)

Talking about the Richest Comedians In South Africa, here is a very quick sum-up of the top 10 Richest Comedians In the Country.

  • Trevor Noah – $40 million
  • Barry Hilton – $7 million
  • Tumi Morake – $5 million
  • Deep Fried Man – $5 million
  • David Kau – $1.5 million
  • Skhumba Hlophe – $1 million
  • Marc Lottering – $700,000
  • Mpho Popp – $500 000
  • Riaad Moosa – $400,000
  • Tats Nkonzo – $200,000

Indeed South Africa has done a great job in producing some talented Comedians who have represented South Africa in Africa and also the USA and other developed countries. 

From this article, we have seen some of the successful Comedians in South Africa, who have been able to master their craft and are earning a living from it (comedy). 

You can name your favorites and your thought below.

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