Top 10 Richest Comedians In Ghana 2023

Top 10 Richest Comedians In Ghana

The top 10 richest comedians in Ghana as of 2023 are listed below along with their net worth.

During the course of its existence, the comedy industry has experienced tremendous growth, in large part due to the abundance of outstanding comic talent.

The comedy industry has produced more talents than ever before, and evidence of this trend can be found in the fact that many of these talents are well-recognized and valued in addition to receiving fair compensation for their work.

The comedy sector in Ghana is expanding and is predicted to keep expanding.

The music sector, for instance, has also grown tremendously as we have some richest musicians in Ghana making their fortune through music.

Africa is not left out, since it is responsible for producing a large number of talented comedians who have gone on to perform in other industrialized countries such as London.

Even though the richest comedians in Nigeria have been in the driver’s seat when it comes to portraying Africa with its excellent comedy abilities, other African countries are not being left behind.

Despite never having been interested in comedy, Ghana is suddenly producing incredible comics who can make you laugh till your ribs hurt with their hilarious jokes. This demonstrates how far humor has come in other African nations.

Despite the fact that the country has not yet reached the maximum level of involvement in comedy, Ghana has been able to produce funny comedians who have also had the opportunity to travel to other areas of Africa like Nigeria and play in entertainment shows with positive and exceptional evaluations.

They have been able to attain a level of fame and have made a name for themselves as a result of their consistency and hard work, both of which have resulted in them getting paid heavily for their services, making them the richest comedians in Ghana. 

As a result of the success recorded by these, many in Ghana have developed the interest to venture into comedy and some of them have succeeded while some have failed to make a mark in the comedy industry.

In this article, we bring you the top 10 richest comedians in Ghana. This compilation dwells on their respective net worth, their visibility in the market, and their achievements in the comedy industry.

The 10 Richest Comedians In Ghana 2022

RankRichest Comedians In Ghana 2022Estimated Net Worth
#1Michael Blackson $2.1 million
#2Clemeto Suarez$100,000
#3JackLine Mensah $70,000
#4Made in Ghana $70,000
#5Jacinta Ocansey $67,000
#6Comedian Waris $63,000
#7Teacher Kwado $55,000
#8Mj The Comedian $35,000
#9Ebenezer Forson $35,000
#10Holics $30,000

10. Holics – $30,000

Holics is one of the rising stars in the Ghana comedy industry. From the top 10 list, He is the tenth richest comedian in Ghana.

He is known for his online hilarious comedy skits which viewers can relate with.

His style of comedy content has to do with the collection of trending events and then makes hilarious content out of them.

He has over 60 thousand followers on Instagram.

9. Ebenezer Forson – $35,000

Another internet comedian is Ebenezer Forson who is known for uploading videos in which he tries to mimic songs of celebrities and tries to make them funny and thrilling.

He is sometimes paid by some Ghanaian musicians to upload their songs and make them interesting, he is paid heavily for that.

8. Mj The Comedian – $35,000

Mj The Comedian is a hilarious Ghana comedian who is known for his ribs cracking jokes.

His real name is Timothy Musah Junior Abaaddu. He has his own comedy show called The Laugh Kitchen and has performed on various comedy shows in Ghana such as Laughlin, Comedy Fiesta, etc. 

Mj The Comedian is also the brain behind “Dahsiki Walk”, the biggest Ghana carnival held once a year. He also hosted his first-ever show captioned “My missing tooth gap” in 2020.

He also makes his money from his hilarious comedy skits which have fetched him thousands of followers and views.

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7. Teacher Kwado – $55,000

Teacher Kwado is one of the most sought comedians in Ghana.

This owes to the fact that his short hilarious comedy videos have captured the hearts of Ghanaians.

Initially, he used to upload comedy videos for fun, until his fan base began growing, then he decided to go into comedy full time.

Kwado’s talent saw him bag an endorsement deal with Huawei company, which saw him travel to Dubai to finalize the deal.

He is also the brand ambassador of Homechow and UTV.

6. Comedian Waris – $63,000

Richest Comedians In Ghana  - Comedian Waris
Comedian Waris

Comedian Waris is another popular comedian who has done so well for himself. He previously worked as a stand-up comedian and personal adviser to DKB at ecstasy entertainment.

War is known popularly for his rib-cracking comedy skits such as “fear women”, “Adventures of Waris”, “journey to Benin” and many more. He has a ton of followers and subscribers to his channel.

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5. Jacinta Ocansey – $67,000

Jacinta Ocansey is a popular female comedian in Ghana who is competing with the male folks in the comedy industry.

She has been dubbed the Queen of Ghana comedy due to her funny and humorous content.

Jacinta has won several awards for her outstanding contributions to the growth of Ghana comedy.

One of the awards is the Ghana Tertiary Awards.

She has also performed live in various comedy shows, both in Ghana and Nigeria.

These shows include Lord if the Ribs (Ghana), Easter Comedy Show, Shakara and the Gang (Lagos), Comedy Express, etc.

4. Made in Ghana – $70,000

Made in Ghana is another prominent and influential comedian from Ghana.

He became more popular after featuring Nigerian famous comedian Broda Shaggi in one of his comedy videos.

He spent his time producing and uploading comedy skits that usually leave his fans and viewers laughing their hearts out.

Made in Ghana is also known for its impression of celebrities and the most notable of the music stars he loves mimicking is Shatta Wale.

He has been doing this for years, and this has made him very popular in Africa.

3. JackLine Mensah – $70,000

Richest Comedians In Ghana - JackLine Mensah
JackLine Mensah

Being the number 3 in the top 10 richest comedians in Ghana, Jackline Mensah is yet another prominent female comedian who is famous for her hilarious Tik Tok short videos in which she is seen mimicking various celebrities. 

She is the first Ghanaian comedy to be verified on Tik Tok and since then, she has been storming the Ghana comedy industry with her rib-cracking contents. 

JackLine has more than 700 thousand followers on Tik Tok and over 200 thousand followers on Instagram, little wonder she is crowned the Queen of Tik Tok by Ghanaians.

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2. Clemeto Suarez – $100,000

Clemento Suarez is currently the second richest and most popular Ghanaian comedian.

Being the second richest comedian in Ghana, He has been in the comedy industry for more than a decade and has acquired great fame during this time.

He has collaborated with other creative acts like Latif Abubakar and has also starred in the Ghanaian Tv show Keietia Vs Makola.

Clemento Suarez has five awards to his name; GH Comedy Awards, Fashion & Lifestyle Ghana, GH Entertainment Awards USA, GH Actors & Entertainers Awards, EMY Awards.

1. Michael Blackson – $2.1 million

The Richest Comedian In Ghana - Michael Blackson
Michael Blackson

Michael Blackson is the richest comedian in Ghana.

If you have seen the movie “Coming to America 2” then you should be family with the funny-looking comedy star Michael Blackson. 

Blackson is a Ghanaian-American comedian who has achieved immense success since he ventured into comedy. He worked with several notable foreign acts in America. 

Michael Blackson has starred in the TV series titled  “30 Rock”, “P. Diddy Presents The Bad Boys of Comedy on HBO” etc.

He has been featured in some of Akon’s music videos like “Wakonda”. All these have added up to his immense wealth, thereby making him the richest comedian in Ghana.

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Richest Comedians In Ghana (Summary)

Here is a quick outline of Richest Comedians In Ghana

  1. Michael Blackson
  2. Clemeto Suarez
  3. JackLine Mensah
  4. Made in Ghana
  5. Jacinta Ocansey
  6. Comedian Waris
  7. Teacher Kwado
  8. Mj The Comedian
  9. Ebenezer Forson
  10. Holics

Despite the fact that Ghana is yet to reach the top, it is obvious that it is on the right track as we have seen how well the top ten comedians, presented in this article, have faired.

With the right support and continuous improvements in their craft, you can be sure that these Ghanaian comedians will take the Ghana comedy industry to the entire world. 

Looking back on where Ghana comedy was, no doubt there has been tremendous progress in the Ghana comedy industry and although some of the richest comedians listed in this article are still young in the industry, they have already amazing great fame and wealth, it is only a matter of time that they start performing at the world stage.

We will like to hear your discussion on the top 10 list of the richest comedians in Ghana below.

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