Top 20 Richest Bodybuilders In USA 2021/2022

Top 20 Richest Bodybuilders In USA

We bring to you the list of the top 20 richest bodybuilders in USA as of 2021/2022, and their current net worth.

A bodybuilder is someone who competes in bodybuilding by using nutrition and exercise to achieve an attractively strong physique.

Bodybuilders are huge, strong, and well-known for doing incredible feats such as weightlifting. They’re known as macho dudes.

Bodybuilding is a relatively uncommon discipline, and as a result, bodybuilders are not compensated as well as other people in the sports and entertainment industries.

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The top 20 wealthiest bodybuilders are listed below, from least to most wealthy. This ranking is based on their net wealth and accomplishments.

List of Top 20 Richest Bodybuilders In USA 2021/2022

Here you go!


Jeff Seid is an American professional IFBB and the youngest on this list of the top 20 richest bodybuilders in the USA and the world.

He is just 23 years old but is so famous in the bodybuilding world.

He started working out when he was of a very young age, having his teen transformation video viewed on YouTube by millions.

As the youngest and richest bodybuilder in the United States, he has a net worth of $1.5 million.


Leslie Kai Greene, often known as Kai Greene or Kai L., is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder who was born on July 12, 1975.

Greene is an actor, a personal trainer, and an artist. He came in second place in 2012, 2013, and 2014 Mr. Olympia contests.

Kai Greene has won numerous events, including Mr. Olympia, the Arnold Classic six times, the IFBB, and many others.

He is ranked 19th among the top 20 richest bodybuilders in the United States.


Steve Cook nicknamed ‘Cookie’, has won many NPC titles in the last decade and he is known as a ladies’ man.

Steve Cook was born on December 10, 1984, in Boise, Idaho, USA. He was involved in the fitness industry from an early age.

Since elementary school, he had started developing his muscles. His father took him to the gym and directed him in the first steps in bodybuilding.

Presently, Steve Cook is an American IFBB professional physique competitor who has won various IFBB and NPC competitions in the past 7 years.

He has a net worth of $1.9 million making him one of the richest bodybuilders in USA.


Michael Robert Chang Jr. is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. He is a renowned actor and Fitness Enthusiast.

He is the founder of Six Pack Shortcuts. He has a very large channel on YouTube where he releases new workout videos.

Mike Chang has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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Christian Guzman, born on February 20, 1993, is the owner of Alphalete Athletics UP energy drinks and the owner of the Alphalete gym in Texas.

He is an American amateur bodybuilder, a YouTube vlogger, motivational speaker, and fitness entrepreneur.

He is listed among the list of the richest bodybuilders because of his current net worth which is estimated to be $2 million.


Mike Rashid is an American bodybuilder who owns the “Iron Addicts Gym” in Miami, Florida, he is also the CEO of IMSOALPHA.

He is an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast. His journey started at age 12 as an amateur boxer.

He owns a YouTube channel that is extremely popular and receives millions of views.

Currently, Mike Rashid has an estimated net worth of $2.1 million.


Flex Wheeler, nicknamed “The Sultan of Symmetry”, is a famous and one of the richest bodybuilders in USA, born on August 23, 1965.

He is a retired IFBB professional bodybuilder notable for being one of the greatest in the history of Bodybuilding athletic after winning the Arnold Classic five times.

He has made an estimated net worth of $2.2 million from his primary career as a Bodybuilder.


Mike O’Hearn is not just a bodybuilder, he is a trainer, model, and actor too.

He owns Power Building, a firm whose sole aim is to manage and train bodybuilding athletes, and others who just what to body build.

Here’s more information about Mike O’Hearn: O’Hearn is a 7-time Fitness Model winner, 4-time Mr. Natural Universe winner and many more.

Mike O’Hearn has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million which makes him the 13th on the list of the top 20 richest bodybuilders in the USA.


Tony Atlas is an American professional bodybuilder, wrestler, and powerlifter, born on April 23, 1954, in Roanoke, Virginia, USA.

He won Mr. USA three times and was nicknamed after that title and then was inducted into the World Bodybuilding Guild Hall of Fame in 2007.

Tony Atlas is one of the richest bodybuilders in USA with an estimated net worth of $3 million.


The Hodge Twins are best known for their YouTube bodybuilding videos, which earned them the title of the comic and, of course, a large following.

Fans frequently send them emails with queries about their workouts, nutrition, supplements, dating, and other topics. They make videos in which they respond to these questions.

They’ve amassed a significant fortune as a result of their celebrity.

The Hodge twins have a combined net worth of 3.7 million dollars in the United States.


Phil Heath is an American bodybuilder who has won the same amount of Mr. Olympia competitions as Arnold Schwarzenegger. For the seventh time in his career, he has won the Mr. Olympia competition.

Phil Heath has a net worth of $5 million, which seems insignificant given his association with Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, the fact that Arnold owns many enterprises has a significant impact on his net worth.

However, Phil Heath is certainly doing well for himself, as seen by his inclusion in the top 20 richest bodybuilders in the United States.


Lee Hanney is also one of the wealthiest bodybuilders in the USA who has a net worth of $5.5 million.

He is an American former IFBB professional bodybuilder and also a Bodybuilder Hall of Famer.

He shares the record for most Mr. Olympia wins of all time with Ronnie Coleman.

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Lou Ferrigno was born on November 9, 1951.

Lou Ferrigno is an American actor, fitness trainer, fitness consultant, and retired professional bodybuilder.

Lou Ferrigno is certainly multi-talented and famous on many grounds. He is also the lead actor of the popular Marvel Character “The Incredible Hulk”.

Some of Ferrigno’s awards include 2 times Mr. Universe, Mr. America, 3 times IFBB winner, and many others.

Truly, these achievements have paid off for Lou Ferrigno financially as he lives in a comfortable abode.

He has an estimated net worth of $6 million making him to be among the top richest bodybuilders in the USA.


Dexter Jackson is a professional bodybuilder who has had a lot of success. He has won the most bodybuilding competitions in history, more than any other competitor. That’s fantastic!

In addition, he competed in eight bodybuilding events in 2002 and over 85 professional competitions over the course of his career. He puts in a lot of effort.

Dexter Jackson has a net worth of $7 million, making him the seventh richest bodybuilder in the United States.


Bob Paris is an American professional bodybuilder, actor, and motivational speaker who won the IFBB Mr. Universe contest in 1983.

He has won quite a meaningful number of awards in his bodybuilding career which has helped his fame and achievement in the professional ranks.

He has a net worth estimated at $8 million.


Gary Strydom was a professional bodybuilder between the 1980s and the early 1990s on the WBF scene.

He was a dedicated competitor and as a result, he has gained acclaim among his professional bodybuilding peers winning so many competitions along the way.

In 2006, Gary Strydom contested in the bodybuilding competition in his final competition and the first competition since the last one ended in 1996.

Gary Strydom has an estimated net worth of $8 million.


Ronnie Coleman is also a retired American IFBB professional and he is very rich.

Over the years, he has acquired a “bad boy” reputation and even his colleagues say this but maybe it is due to the fact that he has been extremely successful in winning a professional winning national competition eight times consecutively.

Undoubtedly, Ronnie Coleman is undisputedly one of the most renowned and successful bodybuilders in, not just America, but in the world and of all times too.

His net worth is proof enough and also of his success financially. He has a net worth of $10 million.


The third on this list of the top richest bodybuilders in the USA is Jay Cutler.

He is not just a bodybuilder but also a renowned American IFBB  professional, and former Mr. Olympia which he won an incredible four times during his career.

He has a net worth that can support a flamboyant lifestyle, so money isn’t really Jay Culter’s problem.

His net worth is estimated at $30 million.


Rich Gaspari is an IFBB Hall of Famer and an American bodybuilder who has retired on the professional scene.

He is still involved in the fitness business with experience and a career spanning more than 30 years in the industry.

This places him just below Arnold Schwarzenegger as the second richest bodybuilder in America.

Presently, Rich Gaspari has an estimated net worth of $90 million.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently the richest bodybuilder in the United SStates

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a well-known actor and former California Governor. He is the world’s most famous and well-known bodybuilder and champion.

He’s also a film actor who’s been in a number of films, including Commando, The Terminator, Predator, True Lies, The Expendables, The Incredible Hulk, and others.

Despite the fact that Arnold has stepped away from the spotlight, he has amassed enough wealth to rank top among America’s wealthiest bodybuilders.

He is a brand ambassador for a number of firms and has a number of investments, making him a savvy businessman.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example, has a net worth of $300 million.

The Richest Body Builders In USA

Unarguably, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most legendary and richest bodybuilding icon of all time. Although, most of the richest bodybuilders’ net worth didn’t only come from bodybuilding but also from other sources.

There you have the list of the top 20 richest bodybuilders in USA ranked according to their net worth.

What do you think about this list of the top 20 richest bodybuilders? Kindly leave a comment and don’t forget to like and share.

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