Top 10 Richest Actors In the World

Who are the richest actors in the world?

Since the beginning of time, movie stars have always been one of the most popular and influential people around the world.

Whichever country you find yourself, actors always command attention, which is most likely to the excellent way they play out their roles in our favorite movies.

They pretty much show us the real world, they make us happy, laugh, sad and some to some extent, make us cry.

The fact that actors keep wowing us with their top drama skills makes them have fans who definitely want to know the richest actors in the world.

Still, the earning of these actors can’t stand a chance when compared with the net worth of the top 20 richest people in the world.

Many of the movies we see today are shot in high-class buildings, luxury locations, grand hotel, and other movies have expensive pieces of jewelry on show.

Seeing all these, we cannot blame fans who get curious about the net worth of the world’s richest actors.

Top 10 Richest Actors In The World

Let’s give you the opportunity to satisfy that curiosity by giving a list of the top ten richest actors in the world. Though it contains many known star actors you know, we’d like you to expect a few surprises.

10. Sylvester Stallone (Net Worth: $400 Million)

The fact that the net worth of the 10 richest actors in the word starts at an estimated $400 Million dollars shows how incredibly lucrative the movie industry is.

Reaching this figure definitely takes years of hard work, dedication and consistency.

Though Sylvester Stallone is a renowned star today for his work in the movie industry, trust me, the beginning of his career was not so rosy according to him.

Though he made most of his money from acting roles in movies, he is also making more from screenwriting, directing, and production works.

I feel there is no much need to list his discography of movies but we’ll suggest to you his most successful movies like Rocky Balboa, Creed, and Rambo.

If you’ve never seen any of those, you are definitely missing out from one of his masterpieces.

We’ve recently written about the top 20 richest actresses in the world, you should check that out as well.

9. Adam Sandler (Net Worth: $420 Million)

To be sincere, I personally never thought Adam Sandler would ever make top ten of the richest actors around the world.

This is because he mostly appears in low budget movies but that doesn’t take away the quality of talent he offers viewers. I guess it backs up the proverb of not judging a book by its cover.

One thing that will surprise you is that aside from being a comedian and actor, he is also popular outside the movie industry. He is a singer and songwriter.

If you are a huge fan of his, then you should check out some of the songs he wrote and performed. You will be surprised by how good he is.

Some of his most spectacular movies are Just Go With It, Grown Ups, and Funny People. He has many other amazing movies to his name and you can check them out.

8. Mel Gibson (Net Worth: $425 Million)

This name might sound quite strange to many reading this article on the richest actors in the world but his works are not.

Movie fans today might not know much about him, largely because he holds a directing role in most movies today.

Before then, he was an actor who was successful in many of his movies which were shot in the 90’s and early 2000.

His most recent appearance on the movie scene was in 2019 when he had a role as a buddy in the television series, Lethal Weapon.

Some of his notable works include Mad Max, Romeo and Juliet, Gallipoli and Hacksaw Ridge.

7. Johnny Depp (Net Worth: $450 Million)

Personally, Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors and I believe he would have been way up on this list of richest actors in the world if not for his many lawsuits which he settled in court.

In 2018, Johnny had a net worth of $650 million and unfortunately, much of it has gone to case settlement in court.

Johnny Depp is one of the most talented actors to ever grace our television screen. His versatility is second to none as he perfectly plays a different kinds of roles assigned to him.

His quality is there for all to see in the movie series Pirates of the Caribbean, Fantastic beasts, Alice in the Wonderland, and many others.

His obvious talents won him so many awards, and in 2012 he was the highest-paid actor in the world. Expect some more scintillating performances from him in the coming movie, Where to Find Them 3.

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6. George Clooney (Net Worth: $500 Million)

This is another veteran actor who most of his works are not so recognized by today’s audience.

He made his debut in the movie industry came in 1978 in a medical series and has since appeared in over 20 top movies.

To recognize his contributions to the movie industry, he received the AFI Lifetime Achievement award in 2018 and was also listed in Forbes’s top 100 most influential people in the world in 2009. Some of his notable works involve Oceans Eleven, Dusk Till Dawn, and Argo.

5. Robert De Niro (Net Worth: $510 Million)

The next actor on the list of richest actors in the world is Robert De Niro.

He is one very funny actor, so funny he became the master of ceremony to the most prominent award nites in the United States. Fans who know Robert are accustomed to his roles in many crime films and thrillers.

Robert has a lot of awards to his name through his long, successful career in movies.

A very notable achievement for him is when he received the Medal of Freedom from the President of the United States in 2016. Some of his best works are Silver linings Playbook, Joker, and Heat.

4. Tom Cruise Net Worth: $570 Million

This is one exceptional actor that thrills both his audience and fans alike with not just his outstanding acting talent but also his looks.

He is one of the highest paid actors in the world and he is well positioned on this list of richest actors in the world.

He introduced himself to the world as an actor in 1980 and had an almost immediate breakthrough in Risky Business in 1983.

He then continued thrilling the world with his fantastic talent in movies like Mission Impossible, Magnolla, and A Few Good Men.

Tom Cruise is so popular that David Beckham, one of the richest footballers in the world said he his quote that “Tom Cruise, he’s a lot more famous than me.” – David Beckham

3. Tyler Perry (Net Worth: $600 Million)

This is the first man of color on this list of richest actors in the world and looking at his net worth, we can proudly say he has represented the Black American society well.

Tyler is a multi talented actor whose skills and roles played are unimaginable.

Aside his acting skills, it’s safe to say Tyler is a very smart individual due to the fact that most of his movies are low budget but he manages to rake in so much from each one of them.

He made over $130 million in 2011 alone. Isn’t that incredible? You can check out some of his movies like Boo! Halloween, Gone Girl, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

2. Shah Rukh Khan (Net Worth: $620 Million)

If you are not a bollywood fan and you don’t watch Indian movies once in a while, you most likely won’t know who Khan is.

He is one of the best actors in bollywood with top appearances in plenty movies in the movie industry in India.

Though he makes most of his wealth through acting, he also makes smart investments that yield huge profits for him owning a top cricket team in India.

Some of his best movie appearances include Chennai express, Happy new year and Dilwale and many others.

1. Jerry Seinfeld (Net Worth: $950 Million)

Top of the list of richest actors in the world is Jerome Allen Seinfeld who can pretty much hold any role across the industry.

His talent in acting and comedy earned him the award for the 12th greatest stand up comedian of all time by comedy central.

He is definitely an inspiration to many upcoming actors in the entertainment industry. He is notably one of the best actor in sitcoms.

Aside from that, he has personal works that he wrote and played a role in Bee movie and the marriage ref. You definitely need to see some of these sitcoms and trust that you will laugh your heart out.

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Richest Actors In The World (Summary)

The richest actors included in this list have a net worth that is understandably intimidating, especially if you are a potential actor yourself.

One thing to know is that they all have one thing In common that contributed to their huge success and that is work dedication.

These actors play acting all their life, giving it everything they got, just to portray roles perfectly.

With time, there’s will be changes in this list and we promise to give you the latest update.

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