Top 10 Richest Actors in Nigeria

We bring to you the list of the top 10 richest actors in Nigeria 2021!

I guess we could put some effort into recognizing the man who made the first impact in the ‘acting’ sands of time, Thespis, else we might be listening to more songs and making use of our imaginations till we’re tired and watch more damsels dance.

We might not have the list of richest actors in Nigeria in a hierarchy. Back then in the early Middle Ages, actors were considered lowly in society and deemed dangerous, immoral, and unworthy. It was so bad that the church refused them burial when they go beyond.

Evolving through centuries, this negative reputation of these talented beings has been greatly reversed and the profession is treated with honor, even accredited in schools, and given a high social status.

We’ve written about the top 10 richest Nigerian musicians and their net worth, you may want to do some comparison with the net worth of actors on this list.

The persistence of subsequent actors and circumstances is largely responsible for this achievement.

Top 10 Richest Actors In Nigeria 2021

RankRichest Actors In Nigeria 2021Estimated Net Worth
#1Desmond Elliot4.1 Billion Naira
#2Richard Mofedamijo2.9 Billion Naira
#3Jim Iyke2.1 Billion Naira
#4Ramsey Nouah1.8 Billion Naira
#5Mr Ibu1.7 Billion Naira
#6Nkem Owoh1.6 Billion Naira
#7Pete Edochie1.6 Billion Naira
#8Chinedu Ikedieze1.4 Billion Naira
#9Osita Iheme1.2 Billion Naira
#10Kenneth Okonkwo1.2 Billion Naira

Below is a quick detail about each of the top ten richest Nigerian actors in the year 2021. Please come on this entertaining tour with me.

Richest Actors in Nigeria - Kenneth Okonkwo

10. KENNETH OKONKWO – N1.2 Million [$3 Million]

He is rated as one of the pioneers of Nollywood while considering his role in the movie ‘living in bondage’.

He has featured in over 200 movies and has won several awards among which include the most prominent actor, best actor, etc.

He is one of the top 10 richest actors in Nigeria and will not be the last Nigerian actor to have political ambitions.

9. OSITA IHEME – N1.2 Billion [$3 Million]

The twin in the famous mischievous and popular duo from Aki na Ukwa movie is not excluded from the list of richest actors in Nigeria 2021.

Pawpaw is the founder of the Inspired Movement Africa, a movement that inspires the minds of youth in the country. He is the new generation ambassador for rotary international district 9110.

He has featured in quite a number of movies and is one of the famous celebrities in the country, and famous memes on our phones.

Osita Iheme cars collection:

  • Toyota Harrier.
  • Land Rover LR3.
  • Honda NSX Sport car.

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Richest Nigerian Actors - CHINEDU IKEDIEZE

8. CHINEDU IKEDIEZE – N1.4 Billion [$3.5 Million]

The Nollywood-born twin has had 2 years of acting experience before publicly known as Aki of ‘Aki na ukwa’ movie, as the role of a kid most times.

Aki was said to be honored as a distinguished visitor to Miami in Florida, USA; shortly after been honored as a member of the order of the federal republic of Nigeria by former president Goodluck Jonathan.

Chinedu Ikedieze cars collection:

  • Hummer Stretch Limousine.
  • Infiniti Jeep FX.
  • Toyota Camry.
  • Porsche Ccarrera 911.
  • Mercedes Benz E300.

7. PETE EDOCHIE – N1.6 Billion [$3.8 Million]

The custodian and teller of many African parables, the dreaded and fearsome role we can never forget thanks to Chinua Achebe and his book: things fall apart; is one of the richest actors in Nigeria with a name that has been imprinted in the history of Nollywood as Pete Edochie.

By 2005, Pete Edochie was considered an A-list actor along with 7 others. The famous G8 was placed on a year ban by the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria.

The veteran actor and chief is an award-winning actor with vast experience in the industry.

6. NKEM OWOH – N1.6 Million [$3.9 Million]

Veteran Actor - Nkem Owoh

Osuofia is a comedy film actor, musician, and movie producer of the movie titled ‘stronger than pain’. Nkem Owoh Nwabuoku acting days started from his university days.

He has featured in over 200 movies which include ‘things fall apart’, ‘ukwa’, ‘Osuofia in London’, ‘lionheart’, and many more.

He was also awarded the lifetime achievement award at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Nkem Owoh cars collection:

  • Mitsubishi Montero SUV.
  • Mercedes Benz 4matic.

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Talk about Nigerian comedy and Mr Ibu’s face comes to mind. John Ikechukwu Okafor is one of the top 10 richest actors in Nigeria that brings the laughter; yea include guffaws, with his presence in a movie. We can almost label him our Nigerian version of Kevin Hart.

Mr Ibu is said to be one of the highest-paid comic characters in Nigeria by Wikipedia with a current net worth of $4.2 million, who would argue that?

Mr Ibu Car Collection:

  • Mercedes Benz GLE
  • 2015 Mercedes Benz C class
  • Lexus LX 570
  • BMW X6

4. RAMSEY NOUAH –  N1.8 Billion [$4.5 Million]


Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah makes it the fourth actor on the list of the richest actors in Nigeria with a net worth of $4.5 million.

Asides from being an actor that has actively appeared in more than 100 films, the mixed-blood is a film director and one of his works includes ‘Living in bondage’, and ‘Breaking Free’.

One of the Nigerian actor quotes says ‘knowing our history is our only hope of learning and retracing our steps. It is hard to know where you need to go if you do not even know where you have been ’.

Ramsey Nouah cars collection:

  • 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville.
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom.
  • Aston Martin DBS superleggera.
  • Tesla Model X.
  • Range Rover Vogue 2012
  • Hummer H2 Stretch Limo.

3. JIM IYKE – N2.1 Billion [$5 million]

The Nigerian actor, popularly known as Jim Iyke and revered as bad and sexy guy in almost every movie, scratch that when has he been ugly?

It can be said with assurance that he amassed his wealth not only using his superb acting prowess, which is ever complemented by his good looks but also running a water bottling company called Burgeon Table Water [I am still wondering why it is not called untamed table water?].

The unrepentant entrepreneur has a movie production company called untamed productions that was founded in the year 2007; and a record label registered as untamed records founded in the year 2009.

James Ikechukwu Esomugha is also the founder of the Jim Iyke Foundation that aids children with special disabilities. His walls are also not void of the numerous awards he has won on the entertainment platform in previous years.

Today, he is the third on the list of the richest actors in Nigeria.

Jim Iyke cars collection:

  • Chevrolet Camaro.
  • Mercedes G Wagon.
  • Dodge Challenger.
  • Range Rover Sports.

2. RICHARD MOFE-DAMIJO – N2.9 Billion [$7 Million]

The second richest actor in Nigeria currently is Richard Mofe-Damijo. A writer, UNIBEN certified theatre artist, movie producer, UNILAG certified but not a practicing lawyer, and above all what made the public aware of his existence, and an actor by profession.

The award-winning actor won the lifetime achievement award at the 12th Africa Movie Academy Awards in the year 2016. He is popularly known as RMD. 

Today, the former commissioner for culture and tourism in Delta state is celebrated as the second richest actor in Nigeria. The veteran actor is also the brand ambassador for LG electronics.

Richard Mofe-Damijo cars collection:

  • 2014 Toyota High Lander.
  • 2016 Range Rover sports.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • BMW 4 series coupe.
  • Lexus LX 570.
  • Mercedes – Benz GLE.

1. DESMOND ELLIOT – N4.1 Billion [$10 Million]

The Richest Actor In Nigeria - Desmond Elliot

The ‘most called out’ 47-year-old politician and celebrity, following the end SARS protest that ended in the tragic loss of unarmed youths at the Lekki tollgate in Lagos; is currently the richest actor in Nigeria today.

Oluwashola Desmond Elliot has his name in the main cast of many soap operas and Nigerian films.

He has also received a number of awards commending his acts in some of them.

Desmond Elliot cars collection:

  • Toyota HiAce 2019.
  • Toyota 4runner.
  • Toyota Camry 2010.
  • Range Rover Evoque.
  • Ford Explorer 2020.
  • Nissan Versa.
  • Vintage Mercedes Benz.

Richest Actors in Nigeria (Summary)

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 richest actors in Nigeria:

  1. Desmond Elliot.
  2. Richard Mofe-Damijo.
  3. Jim Iyke.
  4. Ramsey Nouah.
  5. Mr Ibu.
  6. Pete Edochie.

Did your favorite actor appear on this list? Leave a comment below.

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