Top 5 Good Prediction Site For Real Football Prediction 2021

Football predict

Every bettor tries to get the maximum profit, and a variety of means are used for this.

For example, players use betting strategies, analyze statistics and make predictions themselves.

Someone prefers to check their assumptions with the opinion of recognized experts in a particular sport. Most often these are media persons (journalists or commentators) or former athletes and coaches.

However, there are also specialized sites where you can find predictions from professionals, as well as recommendations from the resource team, based on a thorough analysis of statistics and other data.

In this article, will tell you about such portals for real football predictions.


Here you can find information on dozens of sports, but we will focus on football. The site is different in that it has predictions not only for well-known leagues but also for unpopular competitions.

The information is updated in live mode, so you will be able to find the best bets.

It is possible to find predictions for a wide range of events in the match: totals, exact score, handicap, and a number of cards. The odds are also indicated at the same time.

Portal analysts base their predictions on a variety of indicators. These are the latest results of the teams, the condition of individual athletes, and weather conditions.

The site gained popularity thanks to its forum. Here, experienced bettors share secrets, give advice and discuss upcoming competitions.

The resource will be good for beginners, but using the predictions of this site for a long time, you are unlikely to seriously increase your budget.

Its popularity is due to the presence of a team of experienced analysts with a good reputation and the fact that all predictions are free.

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This resource supports only the English language. It offers both paid and free football predictions.

The odds and the probability of winning vary, so both those who like to take risks and bettors who prefer reliable bets, albeit with not very high odds, can find an option to their liking.

When sorting predictions, it is based on the amount you would win by betting £10 on the proposed outcome if the system prediction comes true.

The great thing about the site is the sheer number of betting options. There are parlay bets on the number of events from 2 to 5, as well as individual bets on statistics for teams and players. The list of championships offered is also huge.


According to statistics, this prediction service is one of the most popular: 6 million people use it. It has been in operation for quite a long time.

The main role is assigned to football, and free predictions can be found for a wide range of events in matches.

This site also contains analytical information and links to bookmakers that offer the best odds for a particular outcome.

Interestingly, the staff employs analysts specializing in a variety of championships, but you will not find any predictions for the Champions League (the most popular and prestigious football tournament).

Besides football, attention is paid to basketball, hockey, boxing, golf. This makes the site more versatile. Moreover, all information is updated very quickly. 

The disadvantage of the resource is annoying advertising.


The name speaks for itself as the site specializes only in football. It offers information on dozens of matches every day for free.

The site’s experts, according to them, make predictions based on statistics, dynamics of the latest team results, mathematical algorithms, the latest club news and their ratings.

Such a careful approach to the analysis made the resource popular in a short time. The peculiarity of the site is that analysts give all their predictions, both for the victory of one of the teams and for totals, as a percentage.

It will also be a plus that here you will find not only sports predictions, but also highlights of matches of top clubs, as well as live broadcasts of some games.

One of the advantages of the site is that it focuses not only on major championships, but also on less significant tournaments, so betting options can be found every day.

The disadvantage is that predictions are offered only for the outcome of the match (victory of one of the teams and a draw), for the total of goals scored and for who will score more goals per round, the hosts or the guests.


An original resource with seven supported languages ​​and free content that will be of interest to fans and useful to bettors. It specializes only in football.

Here you can find a huge amount of statistical information about entire leagues, as well as about individual teams and even players.

Detailed reviews of the upcoming matches of the leading national championships and international tournaments constantly appear in the news feed.

In these previews, you can find information about possible line-ups, injured and suspended players as well as statistics about head-to-head encounters and current trends.

Predictions are given in the form of exact match scores, based on which a multitude of lucrative betting options are offered. All this makes an indispensable assistant for the bettor.

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