Paris Olympics Special Series | Towards 2024: Sports Changing Lives, Exploring Ways to Reshape the World


2024 marks the first major sporting event in the post-pandemic era, undoubtedly emphasizing the importance of sports marketing. Among all the sports events next year, the position of the Paris Olympics is naturally unshakable, with unique advantages in terms of value potential, influence, and the richness of activation methods.

The Paris Olympics is destined to be a unique event, as the International Olympic Committee President Bach stated, “The Paris Olympics will be the Olympics of a new era.” As 2023 comes to a close, Yutang Sports launches a special series, reviewing the bidding and preparation journey of the Paris Olympics. In this process, we are both observers and participants, presenting the unique and multi-dimensional values of the Paris Olympics from different perspectives.

Paris olympics 2024

After winning the hosting rights for the 2024 Olympics, Paris did not stop but rather intensified the promotion of its Olympic ideals through international channels, aiming to attract more people to turn their attention to Paris in the summer of 2024 and witness a groundbreaking Olympics.

A Different Paris Olympics

In May 2019, the 17th SportAccord World Sport and Business Summit was held in the Gold Coast City of Queensland, Australia. Yutang Sports, as the chief media partner of this summit, provided comprehensive coverage. At this summit, Etienne Thobois, CEO of the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee, delivered a keynote speech, sparking strong interest and positive feedback from the audience.

Thobois elaborated on the vision of the Paris Olympics from three dimensions: belief, goals, and core values.

The Paris Olympics believes that “Sports changes lives,” indicating its broad audience, including the younger generation. Thobois stated, “We hope to awaken the ‘athlete spirit’ in everyone’s heart, allowing each of us to prove that we can make a difference, think differently, and constantly challenge ourselves.” The core concept of involving everyone in the Olympics is crucial to their success.

On the goal level, the Paris Organizing Committee aims to host an Olympics that is innovative, spectacular, and sustainable. Spectacular scenes do not just involve investing significant money in decorations; it means taking sports events out of the venues to embrace Paris, connecting sports events with the city’s education, innovation, and culture. Thobois also emphasized the need for the Olympics to adhere to a sustainable development direction, both in environmental protection and responsible use of funds, to establish a positive Olympic image and city impression.

Thobois concluded by highlighting the three core values of the Paris Olympics: innovation, excellence, and sharing. Continuous innovation, relentless pursuit of excellence, and a spirit of sharing are essential for success, just as in sports where constant effort is required.

Social Values of the Olympics

In early February 2021, with the strong support of French President Emmanuel Macron and UNESCO, the second edition of the Global Sports Week in France returned in a new format. Yutang Sports, as the official media partner, provided insights into the new future of the sports industry.

At a time when the global sports industry was grappling with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, acknowledged the significant role this summit played in reshaping the sports industry in difficult times. She emphasized the key role of sports events, especially the Olympics, in promoting sustainable urban development. Hidalgo called for cities to unite and work towards the future of the sports industry.

Hidalgo welcomed the initiatives of the Global Sports Week, believing that it strengthened the connections between different Olympic host cities, promoting unity. She stated, “We all believe that sports must be at the core of our lives and cities.” The French Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, highlighted the important role of sports in social innovation.

The transformation of the sports industry and the promotion of the Paris Olympics’ ideals have consistently held significant positions in the past Global Sports Weeks. The Paris Organizing Committee has emphasized that the 2024 Paris Olympics, with the slogan “Made for sharing,” will aim for a celebration, participation, and Olympic legacy, presenting a sustainable and environmentally friendly sports event to the world. As Tony Estanguet, President of the Paris Organizing Committee, stated in the 2022 third edition of the Global Sports Week, “Sports must be sustainable, and we have a responsibility to explore effective ways to reshape the world.”

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