Oxlade Net Worth and Biography

Oxlade net worth and biography

How much is Oxlade net worth today?

Oxlade Net Worth:$192,000
Full Name:Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman
Born:April 22, 1997
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Education:Lagos State University
Source of Wealth:Music, Songwriting
1st Hit Project:“Away” (2020)

Oxlade is one of the most talented, fast rising music artists in the Nigerian entertainment industry today.

Right from the onset of his career, it was already obvious that he is going to build a successful career in his name. And that exactly what he is doing, which is why you are here to know about Oxlade net worth.

To be factual, Oxalade is far from being on the list of the top 10 richest music artistes in Nigeria, and nobody would really have cared about Oxlade net worth if he isn’t having such an exceptional music career already.

Despite still being so young in the music industry, Oxlade’s style of music has earned him a lot of fans across every region in Nigeria.

He has also been influential in many ways to many Nigerian youths due to his activist duties during the #endsars protest which ravaged the nation.

Today, he is one of the most popular upcoming talents in the music industry today.

In this article, we will have a critical look at Oxlade’s net worth, his career so far, and other facts which you may find interesting about the talented young man.

Oxlade Net Worth and Highlights

As it stands today, it is estimated that Oxlade is worth … Here are some of his current career highlights below:


Since he is still quite young in the music industry, it can be far-fetching to expect him to have lots of accolades to his name. That being said, Oxlade was nominated for the Headies Next Rated 2020 award.

How Oxlade Spends His Money

Usually, most upcoming artists keep a major part of their life private until they have reached a certain huge level where they can be seen as an icon.

This is the case with Oxlade also, as he still lives the much-reserved life where there isn’t much information about where he lives, what car he drives, and other things he might possibly spend money on.

However, Oxlade net worth guarantees he lives quite the comfortable lifestyle.

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Oxlade’s Biography

Oxlade was born in Lagos State, and has spent the most part of his life there. He lost his mother at a tender age and was raised by his grandmother and father.

He gained admission to Lagos State University to study History and International Studies but dropped out two years after.

Of course, this didn’t sit well with his father who in turn stopped catering for Oxlade’s basic needs.

Oxlade’s decision to drop out of school and go into secular music wrought several challenges for him.

He was abandoned by his father and got backlashes from his uncles who thought it was absurd for him to sing hip-hop instead of ‘gospel-style music.

Oxlade’s Career

Ever since his secondary school days, Oxlade has been well invested in music, often spending his leisure time working on songs.

According to him, his father never approved of his attention to music rather than his academics achievements at the time. He however moved ahead with his plans, as opposed to what his father felt was best for him at the time.

After gaining admission into the History and International Studies department of the Lagos state university, Oxlade focused more on his music rather than his studies.

It was during his time at the tertiary institution that he met the talented videographer, Nava effects who would also become a success much later after school.

Due to the disagreement of his family towards his affiliation with music, he was regularly cautioned to stop his music and focus on school.

He, however, never listened as he was well engrossed in doing what he loves most. Tragedy hit when he had to drop out of school after spending only two sessions in his academic career.

He made the decision so as to focus fully on music and do away with any distractions which will hinder him from making good songs like he is doing today.

His decision led to a backlash from his father who promised to never care for his needs from then on. Oxlade was so brave and fixated on his music that he never compromised, despite the dire situation it will lead him to.

After all the storm passed, Oxlade put his full focus on music, never to be deterred in his way.

Despite his determination to succeed and make it big through music, he was unable to make enough earnings. At this point, Oxlade net worth was insufficient to continue in his music path.

After almost quitting music, he found the breakthrough that his music career so needed when he met Blaqbonez who is listed as one of the best rappers in Nigeria, who had invited him over after listening to his tune titled ‘Sour’.

After making a collaboration with him, he came alive again. He also got more motivation to continue his music after Davido reached out to him on social media to commend his work. This was after Davido listened to a few of his works and was impressed by his budding talents.

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Oxlade and Blaqbonez released the hit track titled ‘Mamiwota’ in their collaboration. The song has so far garnered over 280,000 views on YouTube, and is expected to hit an all-time high in the nearest future.

He has also featured YBNL singer, Fireboy DML in a single, ‘Sing’. Oxlade net worth spiked even more through the success recorded by these songs.

On March 2020, Oxlade dropped a six-track EP that was produced mainly by Spax the Producer. One of the tracks in the EP, ‘Tables Turn’, features British Nigerian artist Moelogo.

Other great songs on the EP include ‘Hold On’, ‘Weakness’, ‘O2’, ‘Kokose’ and ‘Away’ which has so far garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube. The EP was followed by the release of an album titled ‘Oxygen’.

Some of the hit songs which Oxlade has produced since his breakthrough includes:

  • Causing Trouble
  • Angelina
  • Hold on
  • Brixton Boy
  • Tables Turn
  • Away
  • Flora
  • Craze
  • See Heaven
  • O2
  • Teaching You

Visit any of these top 10 Nigerian music download sites to listen and download his songs.

Through his numerous, successful songs and EP, Oxlade net worth is valued at an estimated $192,000.

Favorite Quotes From Oxlade

How much is Oxlade net worth
  • Believe in what you pray for
  • Ghetto youth will always prevail
  • Tough times don’t last …..tough people do
  • Gospel music is undefeated
  • Destiny can only be delayed, not denied
  • God is real .  God exists .  God is good
  • People are afraid of what they don’t understand
  • Say a prayer for your enemies.

Life Lessons

  • Pursue what you are passionate about. Believe in your abilities to be the best in it. This is simply the case in Oxlade’s situation. Despite much opposition from his family against pursuing music, Oxlade took a big bet on his music career, and it is paying off big time.
  • Strive to always be the best in whatever you do. Not necessarily music, anywhere or anything you put your hand into, ensure you do your absolute best.
  • Try not to please the world but yourself. Living the fake life would have seen Oxlade spiraling down, but yet, he knew what he wanted and went for it.

Summary of Oxlade Net Worth

Oxlade net worth of a whopping $192,000 is clearly impressive if we factor in the fact that he is still quite an upcoming artist who is finding his ground in the industry.

With the giant strides which he’s been able to pull off, he clearly will become such a big bang come next decade.

It is clear to see how hard Oxlade has worked to reach this level. Certainly, I wouldn’t bet against an exponential increase in Oxlade worth in the nearest future.

What did you think? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

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