60 Olivier Giroud Quotes & Sayings About Soccer & Life

Olivier Giroud quotes about life and football

In this article, you’ll find over 60 remarkable Olivier Giroud quotes and sayings about football, life, determination, and success.

Olivier Giroud is a French professional football player who was born on 30 September 1986 in Chambéry, France.

Currently, Giroud plays for French national team as well as Chelsea FC and his main role in the team is of a centre-forward.

He is a hard-working striker who is also capable of playing in several other offensive positions. Known for his goal-scoring rate and heading accuracy, Giroud can also hold up the ball for a long way to the goalpost.

Olivier Giroud net worth is proof that he is a successful footballer with series of awards to his name.

How did he come this far? What kept him motivated? How did he handle his shortcomings and failure? In this collection of Olivier Giroud quotes and sayings, you’ll learn more about his ideologies.

60 Notable Olivier Giroud Quotes & Sayings About Soccer and Life

1. “You have to have faith in your own qualities; that is part of being a footballer: being strong in your head. That is more than half of the quality you need to be a football player.

2. “David Beckham is a top man. I love the guy and what he can show in terms of style as well. He’s really classy, an icon.

3. “I don’t want to big myself up, but goals like mine leave a mark on history because they’re rare.

4. “As for myself, in sport you have to question yourself every week and be ready in your head, and you have to be at 100% of determination if you want to keep going and win games; you cannot afford to be at 80% or 90%.” – Olivier Giroud quotes

Olivier Giroud quotes about determination

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5. “Football, if I can say, is an everlasting new beginning. You always question yourself, but you have to be ready not just mentally but physically as well. You have to be fit and take care of your body.” – Olivier Giroud

6. “It takes time to adapt to become an Arsenal player.” – Olivier Giroud

7. “I don’t have an inferiority complex.” – Olivier Giroud

8. “When you are a striker like me, you always play for the teammates.” – Olivier Giroud

9. “It was frustrating at Arsenal, obviously. For a year and a half, it went from bad to worse. I could no longer continue like that. I could not bring myself to spend another year at Arsenal and remain a reserve, even a second reserve.” – Olivier Giroud quotes

10. “I have a very good contract at Chelsea, but Dortmund really wanted me.” – Olivier Giroud

11. “It’s a massive club, and I am proud to sign for Chelsea, and I’m looking forward to playing.” – Olivier Giroud

12. “I have certain values. I know where I come from. I am a hard worker. I’m conscious of my luck.” – Olivier Giroud

13. “I have certain values. I know where I come from. I am a hard worker. I’m conscious of my luck.” – Olivier Giroud quotes

14. “You have to communicate – you have to click – to find automatic reactions with your teammates.” – Olivier Giroud

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15. “We don’t have the money of the Manchester clubs or Chelsea. Arsenal builds its team through training, through recruiting players who can become something. Arsenal has less money than some other clubs, so we have to fight with other values.” – Olivier Giroud

16. “When I was young, I looked up to Andriy Shevchenko. He was so elegant, and on the pitch as well.” – Olivier Giroud

17. “I have never been in a cage fighting UFC. It would be nice to try.” – Olivier Giroud quotes

18. “After an injury, I think you have to be strong mentally.” – Olivier Giroud

19. “It is really nice to play in the Champions League, because we play against the best teams and the best competition in Europe.

20. “You need to have a great way of life – you have to eat well, to sleep well.” – Olivier Giroud

21. “I am here to win trophies, you know, to help the team to reach our targets. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to bring my small thing to the big machine. You know, for Chelsea.” – Olivier Giroud

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23. “Fortunately, I’m OK with my body. I try to take care of it. I played a lot of games over a season for several years, so, touch wood, 24. “I will stay fit and healthy.” – Olivier Giroud quotes

25. “Even if we don’t play fantastically, with good passing and precision and finesse, the most important thing is to win.” – Olivier Giroud

26. “Second seasons are always better. In the first year, I felt a little bit of pressure. Maybe sometimes I didn’t play naturally. I didn’t feel relaxed on the pitch when I was ready to try something. It’s complicated to explain.” – Olivier Giroud

27. “When you are a striker, you need to give a lot of effort for the team, to keep the opponent under pressure, to press them, to win the ball fast – that’s what I try to do to help the team. After that, I try to make some goals.” – Olivier Giroud

28. “Starting games with the French national team helped me bounce back when it was getting difficult with Arsenal.” – Olivier Giroud quotes

29. “I try to be a leader on the pitch rather than off it.” – Olivier Giroud

30. “If you are good on the pitch, good in training, you will have your chance. I’m not worried about my place.” – Olivier Giroud

31. “It was the force of the ball. It made my foot bone and ankle come together and cracked. I thought I had just twisted my ankle, but it was a clear fracture.” – Olivier Giroud

32. “All of my career, I have been – how can I say this? – I have been through certain difficulties, and I have always tried to make it motivation to get better and better.” – Olivier Giroud

33. “Football is very hard, and people see only the nice part of the job.” – Olivier Giroud quotes

34. “That’s why I love the Premier League – it’s the best championship; it is very hard.” – Olivier Giroud

35. “The fact is that the coach wanted to recruit a new striker, and with Aubameyang’s signing at Arsenal, there were three top strikers, and that’s why I decided to leave.” – Olivier Giroud

35. “I wanted to stay in the Premier League, and Chelsea was a great opportunity for me.” – Olivier Giroud

36. “When people are talking about a player to come and take your place, you take it personally because it’s your position.” – Olivier Giroud

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37. “When I put my head in my hands after missing a chance, that annoys the coaches a little.” – Olivier Giroud quotes

38. “Diego Costa doesn’t show any emotion. I am more emotional. So I have learned to control my emotions.” – Olivier Giroud

39. “I think communication is massive in football and in all sports in general.” – Olivier Giroud

40. “For me the relationship you have with the coach is very important.” – Olivier Giroud

quotes by Olivier Giroud about relationship

41. “Chelsea is a strong team defensively, and they are quite an efficient upfront with great players, so I think I will enjoy it.” – Olivier Giroud

42. “I feel really good at Arsenal.” – Olivier Giroud quotes

43. “It’s important to keep improving.” – Olivier Giroud

44. “I know when I am good and when I am not good. I don’t need anyone to tell me.” – Olivier Giroud

45. “I have created a shell around me, in the good and the bad moments.” – Olivier Giroud

46. “It’s nice to be at the top, but the most difficult thing is to stay at the top.” – Olivier Giroud

47. “Why did I choose Arsenal rather than Chelsea? Because it is a club I love, and I thought it would be easier for my adaptation.” – Olivier Giroud

48. “Arsenal is a great club – the facilities are wonderful – but I feel it is a club that takes big care before signing a player, notably considering human values.” – Olivier Giroud quotes

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49. “When you make the decision to join a great club, you know there is already a great forward.” – Olivier Giroud

50. “I’ve always been lucky enough to have made the right decisions if I can say that. I’ve always felt that I’ve had the good fortune in that way.” – Olivier Giroud

51. “The Premier League is my main target.” – Olivier Giroud

52. “One thing is sure: I really enjoyed my five years at Arsenal.” – Olivier Giroud quotes

53. “The main thing is to work hard. When you work hard, you’ll be in the team. It’s as simple as that. And that’s what I’m going to do, put my head down, work hard, and see where it takes me.” – Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud quotes about hardwork

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54. “I always work on my mind and my game.” – Olivier Giroud

55. “There is always room for improvement, but I am happy with what I am doing on the pitch.” – Olivier Giroud

56. “I work hard in training to be ready.” – Olivier Giroud

57. “If I play, I try to give my best for the team.” – Olivier Giroud

58. “It’s nice to be cheered, but I’ll always have a good attitude on the pitch.” – Olivier Giroud quotes

59. “I always give everything for my team.” – Olivier Giroud

60. “I know too well how much I am going to miss football after my career for me to put up my own barriers.” – Olivier Giroud

61. “I am a competitor, and I want to win again and again.” – Olivier Giroud

62. “I love London! But the thing I love the most is the Premier League.” – Olivier Giroud

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