Nashville, The Capital of Tennessee – 20 Interesting Facts

Nashville city - the capital of Tennessee

Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee state and it was founded in 1779.

Nashville has a total population of 694,144 people as it is the most populous city in Tennessee. Nashville is also ranked the 23rd most populous city in the United States.

The capital city is situated along the Cumberland River in Tennessee, United States of America.

Nashville has a total area size of 525.94 square miles and a water area of 21.91 square miles.

When it comes to music, the city is listed among the top cities in the United States as it is popularly regarded as the music city or the country’s music capital.

Some of Nashville’s nicknames are; Country music capital, Athens of the south, and the Music City.

The city was named after a patriot general called Francis Nash who was killed during the American Civil War.

The four nearest cities to the capital of Tennessee are; Louisville, Kentucky, Birmingham, Alabama, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky, and Memphis, Tennessee.

It is enough to know that Nashville is a state capital and a consolidated city-county. It belongs to the county of Davidson.

Population: 644,144 People.

  • Landmass: 529.94 square miles.
  • Area code: 615 or 629.
  • Popular Celebrities: William Morrison (Dentist and inventor of cotton candy), Alfred Bartle (Composer of Jazz/Classical crossover music).

Below are the 20 interesting facts about the capital of Tennessee in the United States.

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20 Interesting Facts About Nashville – The Capital of Tennessee

Fact 1

The capital of Tennessee is home to the world’s largest songwriter’s festival.

Fact 2

The popular Christmas song called “Jingle Bell Rock” was recorded in Nashville.

Fact 3

The first city in the United States to be granted an FM- broadcasting license was Nashville and it was called WSM.

Fact 4

Nashville was named after a man called Francis Nash, a patriot general who was killed during the American Civil War.

Fact 5

Nashville was regarded as a “music city” in the 1950s for the first time by David Cobb.

Fact 6

The world’s longest-running live music radio show “The Grand Ole Opry” originally called “WSM Barn Dance” occurred in Nashville.

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Fact 7

The popular Goo-goo cluster originated in Nashville in 1901. This candy consists of milk, caramel, chocolate, peanuts and marshmallow.

Fact 8

The tallest skyscraper in Tennessee State is located it it’s capital city. The AT & T is the tallest building in Tennessee State.

Fact 9

Have you heard of a building nicknamed the Batman building? The AT & T which is located in Nashville has the nickname “The Batman Building” as it has the shape of Batman’s mask on its façade.

Fact 10                                                      

In 1837, a Nashville resident called “William Driver”, who as a sea captain was credited with giving the American Flag the nickname called “Old Glory”.

Fact 11

The Kurdish community of Nashville is the largest community in North America with about 11,000 people.

Fact 12

The popular Oprah Winfrey became the first African-American News Anchor at WLAC-TV, Nashville.

Fact 13

The United Records Pressing was founded in 1949 in, Nashville and it is one of the only four companies in the United States that is still producing Vinyl records in this modern age of Digital Music.

Fact 14

The Ryman Auditorium located in the state capital of Tennessee is regarded as the “Mother Church of Country Music”.

Fact 15

Nashville is the fourth city to become the state capital city of Tennessee after Knoxville, Kingston, and Murfreesboro.

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Fact 16

The captal of Tennessee is the 23rd most populous city in the United States and the most populous city in Tennessee State.

Fact 17

The famous thoroughbred horse called “Iroquois” was the first American thoroughbred horse to win the English Derby and it spent the rest of its life Nashville.

Fact 18

The first southern city in the United States to desegregate public establishments was Nashville city. This occurred when several movements were formed along with the aim of ending racial segregation in the south.

Fact 19

The very first African-American to have a solo Art exhibition in the United States was native to Nashville and the exhibition occurred at the Museum of Modern Art.

Fact 20

Nashville is home to the full-scale replica of the Greek Parthenon and it is popularly known as the Nashville Parthenon located at the Centennial Park, Nashville.

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