Why Use NairaBet Mobile Lite? All You Need to Know

Nairabet mobile lite version

Ever used the NairaBet mobile lite?

Sports betting in Nigeria has experienced a rapid increase in users and bettors more than anyone could ever imagine.

This is invariably due to the increase in viable options for players to stake on, these options resulted in the upsurge of bettors in Nigeria.

This is why online betting sites in Nigeria have opted in creating an easy and user-friendly platform through their betting apps.

One of these online betting platforms is Nairabet which enables its users to be able to stake games through the Nairabet mobile website version.

Regardless if there are no real-time sports events going on, you still have a chance to play on the virtual sports games available through the Nairabet mobile site.

Making money through sports betting has never been easier than it is today.

However, Before you are able to stake games through the Nairabet Mobile site, there is vital information we’d like to share with you, to give you a better knowledge about the app.

We’ll also share with you all its features and how you might be able to win big through the betting app. Just come with us as we explore the Nairabet mobile version and you will definitely be glad you did.

Who Is the Owner of NairBet

While you may think how knowing the owner of the Nairabet mobile site may help you in making your dream cash through the app, it’s worth noting that a lot of people don’t pay attention to the owners.

Aren’t you a little curious about the owners of the Nairabet?


The NaijaBet mobile app is owned by none other than Otunba Akin Alabi (born 31 March 1977). Just like the owner of Bet9ja mobile app, he is a Nigerian politician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

He is the author of the business and marketing book, Small Business Big Money, and also the founder of NairaBET.com, Nigeria’s first sports bookmaking company. Akin Alabi is the Mogaji (Head) of the Ajiwogbo compound in Ibadan.

Why NairaBet Has a Competitive Edge

Nairabet has a lot of features it offers its bettors that can’t be found on any other bet platforms in Nigeria. It is licensed and regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

One of the goodies on offer for bettors through the Nairabet mobile site is a weekly 10% bonus on deposits made into your bet account every Monday.

This is one of the best features that will never be found on any other online betting sites in Nigeria.

This feature provides you with more funds with which to stake a game and get more winnings than ever.

Another feature of the betting app is that you still get paid if one game ruins your ticket. It can be really demoralizing to anyone if all the predictions on your tickets are successful except one.

It can be so painful that some bettors even quit playing for a while after an incident like that depending on the amount involved.

However, as a Nairabet customer, if you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, you will still get paid.

You can also be able to edit your tickets even after you might have placed your bets. Through the Nairabet mobile version, you can still remove or add some games on your ticket.

Funding Your NairaBet Account

Making a deposit into your bet account has never been made easier through the betting app.

You can fund your bet account through a USSD Code or transfer the amount directly from your bank account using your ATM cards.

For users of the GTBank account, you can use the code *737*50*Amount*88# on your phone (the one linked to your GTB account), and your NairaBET account will be funded.

With a NairaBET account, you can have funds deposited into your account from a friend’s NairaBET account – another easy funding method not found on any other bet platform in Nigeria.

What this means is that you don’t necessarily have to make the deposit from your bank account. All you need to do is simply call/text a friend, make the transfer, place the bet and make your millions.

One of the most enticing features for bettors on the Nairabet platform is the fact that users of the MTN Telecommunications network can browse free of charge while utilizing the Nairabet mobile lite.

This means you can place bets, make deposits and see your winnings without wasting a KB of your data.

Lastly, if you intend to bet on the games on your accumulator that hasn’t started or been played, you don’t necessarily have to start selecting the games one by one as this might waste precious time. That is why the rebet feature is available for you.

NairaBet Registration – How Do I Register For NairaBet?

Are you new to sports betting or a ready-made professional, the only way to access all the awesome features the Nairabet mobile lite offers is to register with them free of charge?

To do that, you have to follow our step by step guidelines which are listed below:

Visit NairaBET.com

Open the browser of your mobile phone or computer or tablet or any internet-enabled device you have and enter www.nairabet.com into the address bar.

 Click “Register”

To open an account on NairaBET, look for the “REGISTER” icon on the top right corner of the web page. Click “Register” and a new page will open where you are required to fill your details into the registration form.

Ensure you input the correct information for a hitch-free registration process like usernames, easy-to-remember password, address, and email address, and all the information should be accurate.

Create an account

When you’re through with inputting all the necessary fields and attest to the fact that you are over 18 years of age, and also accept terms and conditions, you can then create a new account.

If all information entered in all the fields are correct, then you have a successful registration.

A congratulation page will open up, and Voila! You are a certified user of the Nairabet mobile lite. You will also receive a confirmation email which is a personal message from the CEO.

Nairabet personnel will also call you within a day of successful registration to welcome you and give you every necessary information – and also assist you with any issues or inquiries you might have.

Does NairaBet Pay Cut One?

As mentioned earlier in this article, one of the features that give the Nairabet mobile version a competitive edge over other betting apps in Nigeria is the fact that if a game ruins your ticket after all other predictions have been successful, You will still be paid. This feature is very unique to Nairabet.

How Fast Is NairaBet Payout?

To make a successful payout, login to your NairaBet account www.nairabet.com and click on “My Account”, select ‘’withdraw’’.

If your bank account has been verified by NairaBet, kindly proceed to fill in the amount to withdraw by navigating to “Withdraw funds” then click make a withdrawal to complete the transaction.

Unlike SportyBet platform which takes seconds, NairaBet takes a maximum of one (1) working day for the payout to reflect in your bank account. Kindly note that you can ONLY withdraw your winnings.

Does NairaBet Pay On Weekends?

We can assure you at the time of writing of this article that Nairabet pay on weekends, however the payment might not be as fast as weekdays which is usually within 24 hours of withdrawal.

How Do I Fund My NairaBet Account With USSD?

Unlike the Access Bet platform, you can easily fund your Nairabet account using the USSD code only if you are a GTBank account user.

Funding with USSD is not yet available for other banks in Nigeria yet.

If you are a GTBank user, easily dial *737*50*amount# through your mobile phone connected to your bank account and your Nairabet account will funded as quickly as possible. It’s that simple.

Key Features of NairaBet Mobile Lite and Use

  • Weekly 10% bonus on deposits made into your bet account on Mondays
  • Cut one permutation which allows you to be paid even if one game ruins your ticket
  • Easy deposit of funds into your bet account which can be done through your ATM card or through the USSD code for GTBank account users.
  • Rebet option which allows you bet on games that haven’t started already on your accumulator.
  • Cashout option allows you to terminate your ticket midway in the fear that the Remaining games might ruin your ticket.
  • Edit your bet options which allow you to remove games you have mistakenly added to your ticket, even after you have placed the bet.

What Is the Maximum Winning on NairaBet?

The minimum stake on Nairabet is N50,000 and the maximum winning on the Nairabet mobile lite is N200,000, 000.

What Is the Minimum Withdrawals On NairaBet?

The minimum amount you can withdraw on the Nairabet platform is N1000 and the maximum daily withdrawal is N500, 000.

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Summary Notes on NairaBet Mobile Lite

Through the Nairabet mobile, there are numerous betting options for you to make money. These options definitely make it easier for bettors to stake bets and allows them to be potential millionaires.

The Nairabet mobile lite has unique features that make the app stand out among other betting apps in Nigeria. All these unique features have been listed in this article for your exploitation while the offer lasts.

Nairabet is the first and the oldest betting platform in Nigeria, this makes them more trusted and their service to customers is always top-notch. Why don’t you give them a try?

If this article is helpful in any way to you, you can share the post on your different social media pages online and you can also get back to us through the comments section.

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