5 Favorite Mr P Quotes About Life & Hustle

Mr P Quotes about life and hustle

We’re here again with Mr P Quotes about life and hustle.

Peter Okoye (Mr P.) isn’t just one of the most successful musical artists of the past decade; he’s one of the most successful artists in Nigeria.

He has made with his twin brother while they were together, and 7 singles that have topped the Nigerian music charts and songs that have sold worldwide.

The Anambra-born singer has seen highs and lows barely any musicians have or will have seen.

Mr P. is an international superstar with some of the biggest singles in the history of Nigeria and international music charts.

He has profited from his esteemed pop career. You can learn more about Mr’s Biography and net worth. for more details about his early life and music career.

At just 38 years of age, Mr P is as of now one of the richest musicians in the music industry with no signs of stopping.

So far, in his music, interviews, and conversations, he’s got some wise sayings about life and hustle, and we bring to you Mr P Quotes in this post.

5 Favorite Mr P Quotes About Life & Hustle

1. “There are pains and gains of stardom but for now, the gains are more than the pains.” – Mr. P

Mr P Quotes about winning

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2. “There’s no blood thicker than the one of my children” – Mr. P

Mr P Quotes about family

3. “Money can’t buy happiness. But somehow, it’s much more comfortable to cry in a Bentley than on a Bicycle” – Mr. P

Quotes about money from Mr P

4. “Life is too short to waste hating on other people.” – Mr. P

Peter Okoye Quotes about time

5. “Don’t worry about what I’m doing. Worry about why you are worried about what I’m doing“. – Mr. P

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