Top 5 Most Interesting Matches at the 2022 UEFA Nations League


With only just a few days to go before UEFA Nations League kicks off, most football fans from around the world are eager to know which teams are going to make it big and the ones that aren’t.

The teams that usually perform well, such as France, the defending champions, are well known. But this year sets an even more challenging prospect with 55 nations competing in the league.

The betting odds are endless. However, it is better to analyze your bets properly before placing one.

Want to have a go at a live bet? Let us take a look at the top 5 most exciting matches to look forward to this year.

Spain vs. Portugal, 3rd June

All set for a big roar and rumble, Spain takes on Portugal in their first fight to move ahead towards the cup. Both teams have performed highly well in the last few years. Playing against one another is probably some of their best games.

Bets likely placed on a draw would stand a higher chance of winning.

Hungary vs. England, 4th June

With consistent performance from England in their last 9 matches and relatively poor performance from Hungary in their last few matches, the odds are likely in England’s favor to win their first match of this season against Hungary.

Given the current differences between the two nations on the football front, though, we might see this as an opportunity for the Three Lions to pay back for the humiliation suffered during the Match of the Century…

Germany vs. Italy, 15th June

Both giant teams take on each other as they attempt to get hold of the championship title. The two teams have 4 FIFA titles each.

Germany holds an upper hand with more wins in their favor in terms of recent scores and wins. However, Italy reached the semi-finals of the championship last year and has their home ground to start with in their favor.

Betting odds are for a win for Italy in their first match.

Italy vs. England, 23rd September

The two finalists of Euro 2020 come together to play against each other after England’s loss to Italy in the previous Euro Cup finals. This will be a great game to watch as both teams will play their best to win.

Although Italy managed to win the Euro Cup against England, they have also played inconsistently in the latest past matches. They also failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The betting odds in this match would probably be a draw.

England vs. Germany, 26th September

Both teams have a high chance of winning the title. However, only one will be going ahead. With Germany lagging behind England in terms of the latest wins and losing the last two matches against England, they will have to play their A-game in order to win the match.

Bets are in favor of a win for England.

What’s Your Favorite Match to Look Forward to?

It’s time for the whistles to start blowing, and football fans around the world are all pumped for the matches ahead.

Bets are in order, and the best bets are placed after a good analysis of the teams. Time to get all prepared for the world cup!

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